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May 25, 2018, 08:15:35 AM

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Author Topic: Of dreams and nightmares (M LF F or M) [UN]  (Read 645 times)

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Of dreams and nightmares (M LF F or M) [UN]
« on: February 28, 2009, 05:49:51 PM »
Hey all =)

This is my first go at making my own thread here, so be gentle if it ends up breaking conventional formatting and such =P  Anyway, let me start by getting all the boring crap out of the way:  I'm in the eastern time zone and generally around and active in the evenings on weeknights and randomly (though often) on the weekends.  I have a strong preference for messenger RP...I just like the level of interaction that it brings (especially during eRP) and I'm also happy to chat and just hang out with RP partners when not RPing, so don't be shy =)  I use YIM, MSN, and AIM regularly, and am probably willing to get whatever other crazy messenger you might use, so feel free to ask =P  As for my ons and offs, they are in my signature!

Without further ado, let me get to the actual idea =)

Of Dreams and Nightmares

I'd like to RP in a world that is largely the stuff of dreams and nightmares...that is to say some combination of the surreal and the real...though with a general theme based on who the dreamer is.  I'd like the setting to trend towards something slightly despondent, thoughts of a not completely healthy mind, though not necessarily macabre.  On that note, in addition to dreams, the mind of someone in a coma or someone that hallucinates regularly are also fine options =P  In terms of what characters I'd want to play, I'm pretty open, though I do have some ideas.  One of us could certainly play the dreamer, but that doesn't have to be the case, as we could both simply be characters in the dream, perhaps even unaware that there is any world outside of it.  That leaves open any kind of mostly humanoid races (sorry, no tentacle beasts =P) and literally, the only limit is the imagination =)

Given that I tend to like romantic stories, I'd like for our characters to eventually fall into some sort of romance (though what form that takes is open of course =P) whether they start in love or not is okay with me.  What I really want to do with this idea is explore the bounds of a world (and a relationship) where the very fabric of reality isn't fixed and changes based on the moods and thoughts of the dreamer.  Where one moment you can reside in a mansion and the next it is a dilapidated shack...and all of this seems normal to the people in the world...such things are just the way the world works.  I'm interested in seeing how the characters establish and exhibit their feelings in such a world and how they manage to cope with such potential oddities (it's okay if part of it is that they are a little crazy =P).

Now, what am I looking for in a partner you ask?  Well I have a preference for females, but males work too =)  It should be noted, however, that I myself only play male characters, just to warn you.  Really I'm just interested in finding someone that is interested in developing the characters and their relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom...I try to put a lot of depth into my character in terms of his emotions, background, etc. and while that doesn't mean I necessarily have to say it all, I like to have a partner who sees their character with a similar level of depth =P

I'll finish this post with a little RP sample, so just a little more of my rambling before then =P  Hopefully I've got the interest of a few people still, if so, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can chat more or I can answer any questions you might have!  And, if you'd like, let me know what messenger you like to use and we can exchange sns =)  And one last thing before the RP sample, I normally write in *emote* style while actually RPing (though the sample is in novel style since I find that easier when I'm just on my own =P) and refer to my character in the third person and my partner's in the second person.  If any of that bothers you, however, feel free to ask me to change it, I'm happy to accommodate!  Anyway, here goes:


Paul arose that morning to the sight of soft blue light peeking through the single window of his one room home.  With a stretch and a yawn he swung his legs off the straw bed and sat on the edge of it, blinking a few times before standing up.  As he stood, the straw began to melt, turning into a light brown liquid that slowly seeped through the cracks in the floor boards.  He yawned again, pressing his hand to the wall and removing it, a mirror forming in its place.

"Today will be a good day." He said with a soft smile, looking into the mirror and starting to brush his shoulder length brown hair.  He stood about six and a half feet tall, with blue eyes and a skin that seemed like porcelain with a soft, red tint to it.  His body was fit, though not particularly muscular and he slipped a dark blue robe over himself, tying a thick cord around his waist.  With one last glance in the mirror he ducked slightly, stepping from the door of his home into a thick forest.  The trees were somewhat old and gnarled, looking like the hands of the dying grasping desperately towards the sky, a blue glow coming from a celestial body that seemed to shine from everywhere yet nowhere.  His robes were replaced with more appropriate attire, pants and a simple shirt made from leather and linen with a dark green and brown coloring, the thick blue cord still present around his waist.  He seemed not to notice the change, his wide smile still present as he walked off, disappearing into the forest...

Offline Lindra

Re: Of dreams and nightmares (M LF F or M) [UN]
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2009, 06:16:37 PM »
This idea of yours sounds awesome. PM me if you wish. :)