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March 07, 2021, 12:39:23 pm

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Author Topic: CapraKing's Cravings (NSFW - M For F) Fantasy - History - ETC (Updated 2/12/20)  (Read 517 times)

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I'm currently only looking for LONG TERM stories.

Well hey! First off, let me say thanks for checking out my thread! There probably isn't much here at the moment, as I'm just getting this set up at the moment, but there'll be more here someday, I'm sure. I'll go ahead and start things off by telling you a little bit about myself as a person, and as a writer. I've been writing for...well, pretty much forever. Not, y'know, forever forever, but my forever. I like to think that with that time, I've garnered a bit of experience. I consider myself a fairly talented writer, but, as the old saying goes, pobody's nerfect. I absolutely adore detail, and I can get carried away with extreme ease. So, if oodles and noodles, and kaboodles of details aren't your thing, I'm not sure how well we'll work together. Another thing that I enjoy, that not everyone does, is OOC chatter. I like getting to know my partners; their interests, their ideas, and just generally who they are as a person. I like to exchange songs, ideas, recipes, and just general chit chat with my partners. If this is something you're not comfortable with, no harm done.

You can learn more about me here - CapraKing's Ons/Offs - Expectations - Etcetera

Now, with all that out of the way, we can get into the good stuff. Here are some ideas, settings, and genres that I enjoy. They're in no particular order, and they can all be mixed and matched to create a scenario. Should any of them interest you, please, don't hesitate to send me a message.


  • King X Queen
  • Prince X Princess
  • Knight X Princess
  • Prince X Commoner
  • Samurai X Princess
  • Pirate X Commoner
  • Pirate X Pirate
  • Explorer X Native
  • Soldier X Citizen (Any Past War)
  • Soldier X Nurse (Any Past War)
  • Father X Daughter
  • Brother X Sister
  • Cousin X Cousin
  • Mother X Son
  • Aunt X Nephew
  • Uncle X Niece
  • Boss X Employee
  • Cult Leader X Follower
  • Criminal X Victim
  • Criminal x Cop
  • Cop X Victim
  • Soldier X Soldier
  • Soldier X Citizen
  • Cast Away X Cast Away
  • Cast Away X Native
  • Model X Photographer
  • Stripper X Client
  • Prostitute X Client
  • Father X Daughter
  • Brother X Sister
  • Cousin X Cousin
  • Mother X Son
  • Aunt X Nephew
  • Uncle X Niece
  • Astronaut X Alien
  • Astronaut X Astronaut
  • Apocalypse Survivor X Apocalypse Survivor
  • Android X Human
  • Stripper X Client
  • Prostitute X Client
  • Super Soldier X Citizen
  • Father X Daughter
  • Brother X Sister
  • Cousin X Cousin
  • Mother X Son
  • Aunt X Nephew
  • Uncle X Niece

  • Historical
  • Fantasy
  • Historical-Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Slice Of Life
  • Adventure
  • Mystery
  • Post-Apocalypse
  • And Many More!

  • Various Video Game Worlds
    • Skies Of Arcadia
    • Legend Of Zelda
    • Pokemon
    • Fire Emblem
  • Revolutionary War
  • Civil War
  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • Vietnam War
  • Medieval
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Modern Day Japan
  • Sengoku Era Japan
  • Prates
  • Ninjas
  • And Many More!

Word Bank
  • Murder
  • Love
  • Drugs
  • Crime
  • Ocean
  • Boat
  • Fire
  • Despair
  • Secrecy
  • Autumn
  • Coffee
  • King


Skies Of Arcadia - Sky Lord
Fantasy - Video Game World - Adventure - M X F - OC X OC

It's been twenty-five years since Vyse and crew crossed swords with Ramirez, effectively halting his path of destruction, and saving the world from certain destruction. The war with Ramirez sent a ripple across the skies, putting everyone on high alert, and instilling the realization that things were in desperate need of a change. Islands slowly began to work on their diplomatic relations, establishing pacts, and trade routes with one another. Cultures began to spread, and the scars left by Ramirez' hatred began to fade.

Vyse and his crew vanished almost immediately after the battle, sailing off toward the sunset, and into legend itself. As the years went on, people began to whisper, and rumors began to spread. Some said he took the Delphinus high above the clouds, settling on an uncharted island somewhere past the sun. Others said they'd gotten caught in a rogue storm, and the Delphinus had been pulled far below the deep sky. Of course, no one could prove that any of these rumors were true, and many still wondered where Vyse, his crew, and his ship had gone.

The Blue Rogues had dissipated shortly after Vyse's disappearance, but they soon reemerged as the Crescent Corsairs, a reference to their base of operations. Many expected them to go the way of the Black Pirates, falling into disgrace, but they never did. They continued to work as they always had, protecting the weak, and robbing the rich. Though, with peace throughout the skies, there wasn't a clear target in sight. They were far more careful with who they turned their cannons on, as they had no desire to attract the attention of a Royal foe.

Valua, under the leadership of it's new Emperor Enrique, began to work toward a better version of itself. The slums were leveled, and replaced with housing units similar to those found in the upper class areas. The selfish indulgence of the rich and powerful was left untouched, as their wealth was practically the core of the city. The Delphinus had proved to be a prototype flagship, and it's disappearance brought a halt to the development. But, upon Enrique's crowning, production resumed, and it only took several years for the Emperor's new flagship to reach completion. The Troundar, a ship the size of an island, bore the flag of Valua's newest Emperor, and stood as a symbol of strength. The world was at peace.

But, peace can never last long...

Skies of Arcadia! Probably my favorite video game of all time. I would love to write this world sometime after the battle with Ramirez. The above is just a basic idea of what the world could be like after the events of the game. This one is totally open for discussion!

Hell's House
Horror - Realism - Tragedy - M X F

Abandoned nearly a century ago, the house just past Summit drive stood as a symbol of sorts. What was once a beautiful structure, occupied by a family of wealth and power, now stood dilapidated, and vacant. Sections of it's roof had caved in, and the windows had long been shattered, either by the wind, or rocks thrown by unruly teens. It's long, winding driveway, which once cut through trees and bushes, had since cracked and broken, nature reclaiming it's lost territory. It's since been a popular spot for hot headed teenagers looking to prove their courage, or couples looking for a secluded spot to get hot and heavy.

But, that all changed when someone never came back. People stopped talking about the house. The family of the person moved far away, and nobody heard from them ever again. Slowly, the location of the house was lost, it's entrance becoming overgrown with bushes and vines, nature finally taking it back. Of course, that's not to say it remained untouched. Hikers would occasionally stumble across the house after straying from the trail, only to wander back into town with a dazed look on their face, mumbling incoherently.

There had always been something intriguing about the house.

I adore horror. There's something so exciting, and fun about being scared! Definitely looking to have some scary, bloody, outright paralyzing fun with this one.

Colombian Lines And American Guns
1970's - 1980's Miami - Realism - Murder - Drugs - Hotline Miami - M X F

The year is 1987, and Miami is practically a living, breathing entity. The beaches are bright, and people roar up and down the coast in cars that cost more than houses. Yachts drop anchor, and throw private parties in international waters, and drug lords find their pockets so heavy, that they need an extra belt. But good times create hard times. And those hard times come in the form of a phone call. The phone rings twice, and a lazy hand drifts over to pull it free from the receiver.

"Hello?" The phone crackles on the other end.

"Hi, is this Silverback Plumbing?"

"Nah, sorry, you've got the wrong number." He remains still, listening to the voice on the other end of the phone.

"Ah, are you sure? I have a leak that needs fixing. It's actually a few leaks. A couple floors worth of leaks, you know?" The voice on the other end continues, ignoring the man's previous statement.

"Positive." The man responds, his gaze panning toward the TV.

"That's too bad. I've got maybe eight or ten leaks that need fixing down by the docks. Big yellow house, you know the one? Just past the amphitheater. Last I checked, the leaks were just getting worse."

"Yeah, I know the place." His words came slow and lazy. "Nothin' to do with me though."

"Gotcha. And, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to catch up with Snow White later. Heard she has something she wants to tell ya."

"Listen, pal. I don't know who you are. You've got the wrong number." His eyes slid toward his cupboard. "Don't call here again." Without another word, he set the phone down on it's receiver, ending their contact.

Miami, murder, drugs, and the Russian mafia. What more could you want? Heavily inspired by Hotline Miami, but knowledge of the series isn't necessary.

Well, I think that should be about it for right now. I'll update things later, with plots and stuff like that. Once again, thank you so much for checking my thread out! If you're interested, just shoot me a message! Hope to hear from you soon.
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Added Hell's House and Sky Lord, and reworked the main body of the thread.

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Added Colombian Lines and American Guns as a plot.