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Author Topic: CapraKing's Cravings (NSFW - M For F) Modern - Horror - Drama (Updated 6/15/21)  (Read 862 times)

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My name is CapraKing, and it's an absolute pleasure to meet you; and if we've already met in the past, it's good to see you again. Please, come in, take a seat, and make yourself comfortable while I introduce you to the man I call Cap. Most of what's written below is long-winded, boring, and unimportant. You can skip over it if you'd like, but if you were to read it, that would make me happy. Think of this as an "About The Author" section, if you will. Enjoy a little mood music while you read the nonsensical drivel I've written. See you on the other side.

I've been writing for just over a decade and a half by this point. Writing has always been part of who I am, even before I was able to truly understand the words I was putting to paper. My entire life has involved some form of creative writing at one point or another; whether it was poorly written tales of knights and dragons, or dark, obscure stories about people living in small towns, going nowhere, doing nothing, wasting away. Whether it was pages upon pages of detailed storytelling, or a half page glimpse into a vague, passing thought. No matter the subject matter, the basis, or the details, I've always been writing. It's part of who I am. That's a lot of words to say that I love to write, as I'm sure that most of us do. You've probably noticed by this point that I like to be painfully wordy, often drawing things out well beyond the short, concise confines they could be kept to. We can just chalk that up to my love of writing and reading.

My muse is often my greatest enemy, and it pains me to write that. There are days where my muse is strong, and all I know how to do is write. I could sit down, and find myself clacking away until the early hours of the morning. When my muse is strong, it's strong. The adverse is true as well. When my muse is weak, or it suddenly decides to vanish, writing becomes a chore, and that's the last thing writing should ever be. When my muse is missing, I can never seem to find the words for writing, and that often includes OOC communication. You could toss me the most beautiful piece of writing that I've ever read, and I couldn't even begin to figure out what to do with it. When this sort of thing happens, I've been guilty of ghosting. Ghosting is something I've been on both ends of, and I've come to accept it's presence. When I first started writing online, I was in constant fear of being ghosted. I worried that every post would be the last, or that I would never see my partners again. I was worried that our stories would fall stagnant, and die without a resolution. And sometimes, that still happens. But what I've come to realize, is that nobody owes anyone anything. Sure, it's common courtesy to explain your reasoning, but I no longer expect it, and I don't believe it's expected of me. I don't hold a grudge against ghosters, simply because it's part of what online writing has become.

I'm a wordy person, and I tend to reflect that in my writing. My posts generally range from 5-10 paragraphs, often hitting past the upper end when there aren't dialogue heavy sections. When the story hits a back and forth, and characters are talking, the length sticks around the lower end. I'm a sucker for detail. Truly, and unapologetically, I will write details about every square inch of a room if I feel it's necessary. Detail is the lifeblood of a story. Instead of "He walked toward her." I'll write "One foot in front of the other, he stalked toward her, his eyes a hazy mixture of love and hate. His fists balled at his sides, and his lips curled into a wry smile. Floorboards creaked as he walked, brashly shattering the screaming silence that hung between them." Once again, it's a lot of words to simply say, I love detail. So, if you're someone who would prefer to keep things trimmed, and to the point, we absolutely won't work.

My posting schedule is iffy at worst, and loose at best. I can reliably write up a post once every couple days, more if the story truly has my attention. I tend to be a fast typer, but I'll often sit on a post for a little while. During that time, I'll read over it, checking for errors, inconsistencies, ideas that sounded good when the high of getting a response was there, but don't quite make sense anymore; that sort of thing. If you're someone who needs quickfire posts every hour, or you require posts once a day, we won't work. Let's keep things loose. I enjoy OOC communication and chatter, as I find it makes for a better story if I can connect with the person on the other side of the screen. If that's not your jazz, no worries. We can still create something beautiful together, I'm sure.

I'm a Daddy Dom with a strong love for sadism, and that translates to most of my main characters. When it comes to side characters, of which there are always plenty, they come in every shape, size, color, and lifestyle possible. I consider myself a brat tamer/brat breaker. I love working against brats, and seeing just what they're capable of. I love the sass, the attitude, the back and forth, everything. Brats have a very, very, very special place in my heart. I don't have an F-List anymore, so I'll go ahead and list a few things that I'm partial to. Slapping, choking, spanking, breast worship, ass worship, throatfucking, titfucking, teasing, informality, etc. etc. If you have any further questions regarding kinks, please, by all means, ask.

Anyways, enough about that.

Let's get onto the good stuff, shall we? Good things like...

As the above says, this is the section for pairings. These are all loose, often interchangeable, and entirely open for change, discussion, and interpretation.


Pilgrim X Pilgrim
Pilgrim X Native
Explorer X Native
Soldier X Civilian
King X Queen
King X Princess
Prince X Queen
Prince X Princess
Prince X Villager
Princess X Villager
Prince X Maid
Princess X Knight
Villager X Villager
Pirate X Pirate
Pirate X Villager
Master X Apprentice
Gladiator X Gladiator
Gladiator X Owner
Assassin X Target

1900 - Modern Day

Boss X Secretary
Boss X Worker
Teacher X Teacher
Teacher X Student
Student X Student
Worker X Worker
Soldier X Civilian
Celeb X Celeb
Celeb X Ordinary Person
Celeb X Security
Athlete X Athlete
Singer X Groupie
Serial Killer X Victim
Serial Killer X Serial Killer
Assassin X Target

Modern Day - The Ages Beyond

Android X Human
Android X Android
Cybersoldier X Civilian
Bodyguard X CEO
Space Merchant X Slave
Space Merchant X Employee
Space Pirate X Civilian
Space Pirate X Space Pirate
Assassin X Target

These are little ideas I've got that have no merit, or backstory. They're completely open, save for the setting, and the characters.

Convenience Store Employees - Two people, employed at the same convenience store, always end up on the night shift together, basking in one another's boredom. What shenanigans will they get up to? Will they allow boredom to give way to tension? Tension to teasing? Teasing to...more? What happens when a customer shows up?

Camping - A group of friends head out for an excursion into the woods. How this plays out is anyone's guess. Are there hints of romance? Are all of them what they claim to be? Do they get lost in the woods, eventually splitting up against their will?

Porn Star X Porn Star - When the chemistry strikes between two stars during a scene, it's a connection like no other. Whether it's love, or an understanding of the business, they want nothing more than to do scene after scene after scene with one another.

Groupies - After the concert ends, and the star heads back to their tour bus, they're met with thunderous applause, hands reaching out for a touch, an autograph, anything. So, what happens when the star reaches in, picks a lucky fan, and brings them back to their hotel room? Does it remain a one night stand? Does something deeper develop? Do either of them have ulterior motives?

A Scientist and His Apprentice - A Scientist and his apprentice work in a small underground lab, doing experiments that many would consider disturbing, or immoral. What sorts of things do they get up to? What kind of fun can they have?

Just general fandoms I enjoy. I prefer to keep the main characters as OCs, but side characters can be canon.

Fire Emblem
Harry Potter
Red Dead Redemption
Dragon Quest
Assassin's Creed
Lord Of The Rings
Mount and Blade
The Elder Scrolls
Stardew Valley
Dark Souls
Far Cry
Final Fantasy (Mostly 7-10)
Hotline Miami​

Welcome to the plot section! These are more detailed ideas that have likely been bouncing around in my head long enough to be a little more in depth.

Hitman X Trophy Wife - Gore & Violence - Drugs - 1980's Miami

Miami. 1986. Neon burns bright against sunset backdrops, and cocaine seems to fall like Canadian snow. The city of Miami has become a living, breathing entity, and the people that walk it's streets, swim it's beaches, and drive on it's roads are it's lifeblood. It's an ever changing hellscape for the wrong person, but for the right person? It's a land of opportunity. A paradise, offering endless drugs and sex. A place to reinvent yourself; to forget the person you used to be, and become someone entirely new. To the right people, Miami could be heaven on earth. And when enough of those people come together, beautiful things tend to happen.

Low class drug lords walk the streets with women under their arms, and chains of solid gold hanging from their necks, shimmering through forests of wiry chest hair. Skimpy bikinis cover sculpted bodies, leaving next to nothing to the imagination. Yachts dot the horizon, having sailed out into international waters for parties and interrogations alike. Cars roar up and down the coast, rims gleaming under the ever present sun.

But none of that would be possible without the influence of a select few. None of it could ever even hope to be without the outside touch of someone with more money, more power, more sway than the regular person could ever hope to have. None of it would be possible without Alonzo Garcia; an elderly drug lord from the slums of Cuba, turned multi mega millionaire. With a sprawling estate in in one of Miami's most sought after gated communities, he considers himself something of a socialite, constantly throwing parties, charity galas, and benefit events. His money has helped Miami become the monstrous beast that it is. But his money doesn't just go toward the welfare of others. It lines the pockets of every police force in a one hundred mile radius. It funds his cocaine manufacturies, as well as his smugglers. His money can decide innocence or guilt. Alonzo Garcia owns Miami, and Miami thanks him for it. But if there's one person that Alonzo Garcia relies on, it's his hitman.

There are few people who can say they have an on call hitman, who will do anything they ask, at any time, 24/7, 365, until the day he dies. Garcia is one such man who can say such a thing. A room, just down the hall from the master suite, houses Garcia's personal hitman. What little time his hitman spends at the estate is spent sleeping, training, or doing copious amounts of drugs. A sense of trust exists between the two. They often find themselves at one of the city's many bars, drinking themselves under the table in a private room, out on a golf course, doing lines between holes, or in a private club, once again, doing lines between holes. Garcia's wife doesn't quite approve of his behavior, but she's little more than arm candy to the druglord. Their marriage is a magazine marriage, as much as a bedroom one. But every so often, perhaps when she's feeling a little neglected, lonely, or simply frisky, she'll linger around Garcia's hitman. Her hand might remain on his shoulder a moment too long. She might lounge by the pool, turning ever so slowly when he comes into view. She has eyes for him, and he has eyes for her.

Garcia is clueless on the matter, but how long can that last?

Serial Killer X Serial Killer - Gore, Ultra Violence, Horror - 1990's/2000's

Love is difficult to find. Not the kind of love where two bodies meld into one for the night, only to go their separate ways come morning, but the kind of love where two minds, two hearts, two souls connect, and understand one another. The kind of love where you can accept someone, and understand everything they are. The kind of love that, no matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter how bad things look, you can't imagine your life without them. Even harder yet, is finding someone you can kill with.

What drew them together, they couldn't say. A glance, a smile, a poorly timed touch. They were nothing more than two degenerates that crossed paths by chance. Two young souls that shared the same ideas, the same wants, the same desires, even if society deemed them unacceptable. Two twisted beings that found a home within one another. Their relationship was that of twists and turns, back and forths, shouts and whispers. Touches shifted between gentle caresses, and kisses on the cheek, to a hand around the throat. Anger seemed as present as love, and emotions that run so hot for so long are bound to bubble over.

Their car was never far from their favorite hangout spot, a little bar tucked in an alleyway, devoid of light save for the bright red neon sign that hung overhead. The two stumbled out, sufficiently drunk, and all too eager to head back to their car, only for everything to get turned on its head. One thing lead to another, and they find themselves standing over the corpse of a would-be rapist. His face is caved in, and his throat is a myriad of bruises. The two can do little more than bask in the presence of what they've done. Blood drips from his knuckles, and her eyes are wide with a mixture of fear and excitement. As they stare at the corpse they're responsible for, only one thought comes to mind.

Who knew murder could be so beautiful?

Dream Entity X Dreamer - Psychological Horror - Modern​

Studies suggest that a dream can last anywhere from three seconds, to thirty minutes. They can be flashes of faces we once knew, places we've once been, and wishes we once had. They can be wants and needs, pulled forth from the deepest depths. They can be terrors, and horrors that we never want to relive. A dream can truly be anything when you think about it. But a dream is nothing more than a series of thoughts and ideas, melded into a false experience by the brain. At least, it should be.

Some dreams feel more real than others; as if you can feel the panic set in. As if you can feel the fear itself creeping across your skin. As if every step you take, guided by unseen hands, is pulling you toward something that simply shouldn't exist. Some dreams feel as if their horrific contents can simply reach out, and touch you. But no matter what happens, the dream ends, and you wake safely in your bed; perhaps on edge, and shaken up, but safe. After all, it was just a dream, right?


A woman begins to have a recurring nightmare. A house in the middle of a forest of gnarled, ancient trees. She walks it's nigh empty halls, unable to stop herself from walking toward the next door. Her hand finds the knob, and she turns. The mechanism clicks, and painfully slowly, the door creaks open. Yellowed light casts long shadows across every surface, occasionally causing figures to slip in and out of her peripheral vision. She doesn't fear the shadows, nor what they may contain; the true horror rests at the end of the third hall, seated in a wooden chair, in the middle of an otherwise empty room. There he sits, waiting. Waiting for her. When the two of them meet, his hands take hold of her, and the icy chill of panic takes hold. He has her, and there's nothing she can do. Her saving grace is the morning sun. She often wakes with a start, her mind and heart still racing. 'It was just a dream.' She mutters to herself. 'Just a dream.'

But what happens when the two worlds meet? When dreams begin to blend with reality? She can't help but see him everywhere she goes. Perhaps it's a passing glance. Perhaps someone holds the same look as him for a moment; the same look he has on his face when she opens his door. Perhaps she hears his voice in a crowded cafe. Perhaps she feels his icy touch from a passing stranger. It's only a matter of time before she can't tell a dream from reality. And when that time comes?

He'll be waiting for her.

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Added Hell's House and Sky Lord, and reworked the main body of the thread.

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Added Colombian Lines and American Guns as a plot.

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Complete overhaul.