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August 12, 2022, 10:57:56 pm

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Author Topic: LO's Possible Pairings  (Read 578 times)

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Offline Laughing OcelotsTopic starter

LO's Possible Pairings
« on: January 10, 2020, 08:04:26 pm »
General Rules

   1. Please do not reply in this thread if you are interested in something or have an idea that you would like to play out - I would prefer a PM.
   2. I am fairly flexible in the below plot details - if there's something you're interested in changing, feel free to mention that in a PM.
   3. I prefer writing in the third person.
   4. I prefer three paragraph minimum replies.
   5. I prefer writing on the forums.
   6. While I am flexible in the story/smut ration, I do prefer that there be an actual story. I also prefer longer stories.
   7. I prefer system-based games but am open to freeform RPs. I am fine with GMing or playing.
   8. Posts every 2-4 days would be preferred, but hiatuses are understandable. I would like to be notified beforehand when possible.

Ons and Offs
   Here is a link to my Ons and Offs, and My Role Play Preferences are filled out. However, these are not requirements.


Again, these are malleable outlines that have wiggle room - if there's elements that you're interested in adding or certain elements you are not interested in, just bring these up in the PM.

Title: Letting Her Hair Down
Roles: Freedom FighterxLover
Gender: FxF
Genres: High Fantasy, Romance, SoL or Adventure

Plot line: Not everyone needs to save the day to make a difference in the world, and for one halfling, the difference she makes in fighting for the freedom of her people in neighboring nations. It's a hard, brutal job, but somebody's got to do it, and she does it with a zealous drive. But even if it's her calling, it's a stressful job and being able to come home to her lover allows this freedom fighter to relax in between missions, and it's something she always relishes. Doubly so, since she does not need to use her illusions to hide her devils' blood with her lover.

Additional Info: I'd be primarily interested in exploring the loving relationship between the two main characters, as well as some BDSM elements between them and probably size difference between the two. They may also work together, which would allow following them on missions and lend itself more towards a system-based solo game.

Title: A Less Than Willing Sacrifice
Roles: DragonxDragon's Bride
Gender: MxF or FxF
Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

Plot line: Every 300 years, as the contract dictates, The Kingdom offers up a sacrifice to the Dragon that protects and blesses The Kingdom, a maiden that has recently come of age sarcastically called the Dragon's Bride. However, the last 300 years has seen The Kingdom advance greatly in technology, and the leaders suddenly find that they might not need the Dragon any longer. So this time, the Dragon's Bride has been trained to end the ruthless Dragon's life whenever their guard is down, preferably before the Dragon consumes his provided sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the Dragon seems less dangerous than the Dragon's Bride was told, and doesn't seem to be particularly intent on eating her, either literally or metaphorically. And why would the Dragon, when to their knowledge the Dragon's Bride is exactly that - here for a loving marriage, and hopefully the loving relationship that the lonely Dragon has been missing out on for so long.

Additional Info: The sexual content is quite variable, but a lot of the story would be made up of the humorous assassination attempts, skilled killings foiled by coincidence and the Dragon's resilience, and the Dragon's misplaced and poorly carried out attempts at romancing the Dragon's Bride. It could also potentially include the Dragon's (rather small) social circle or the Dragon Bride's handlers.

Title: The Hand That Wields the Blade
Alternatively: The Lonely Bow and its Beau, The Flail and its Floozy, Sir Lance Loves a Lot
Roles: ItemxWielder
Gender: OtherxF or OtherxM
Genres: High Fantasy, Adventure

Plot line: Everyone knows of the great exploits of the great Hero, and everyone's at least heard rumors of the magical relics that have a mind of their own, but very few know that the Hero has one such item of their own. In fact, given how recent the item has obtained its sentience, the Hero might not know either, but that hardly keeps the item from watching what all its wielder does. And quickly enough, the item falls in love with its wielder, and begins making moves to confess its feelings!

Additional Info: The item is out to win over its wielder, be it slowly or through seduction! But while it's at it, it also needs to figure out a way to properly interact with its wielder, as well as make sure that its role in all the heroing isn't compromised. Another plot that lends itself well to a solo system game, and overall quite open to wierdness if the item finds an unconventional way of interacting with its wielder.

Title: No Rest for the Wicked
Roles: Monster KingxHero or HeroxMonster King
Genders: AnyxAny
Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure

Plot line: The Monster King has finally managed to complete the glorious castle at the fringes of the human land, only to suddenly have the Hero burst in and demand that it's time for the final dramatic confrontation between monsters and humans! But, the Monster King isn't interested in fighting the Hero, or conflicting with humans at all, instead hoping to simply live peacefully and keep the monsters in line. Also unfortunately, the Hero is significantly stronger as well, having prepared for a long time for this fight while the Monster King is caught totally unaware.

Additional Info: There's potential for NC content between the Hero and the Monster King (or Queen), as well as the Monster King's various underlings. Alternatively, the Hero could be throwing themselves at the Monster King in the hopes that they would be defeated and 'taken advantage of', much to the horror of the Monster King. But as the Hero and Monster King continue to spend time togetherwith their very different goals, they start appreciating the others' company.

I will continue updating this going forward.