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May 16, 2022, 01:45:33 pm

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Author Topic: The Sorcerer of Tides -Little Mermaid fandom- (F for son of Ursula)  (Read 406 times)

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Since the title since have enough room, I do not care what gender my partner is or how they identify, your talent is all that matters to me. Some prefer one way or the other, so I figured to save time wondering, I'd say right off the bat that I have no preference.

Next thing to cover, that I usually specify in order to make sure partners know what to expect from me and not get surprises later on. I require my partners to be able to give me as good as I give them, posts that fall below at least three good size paragraphs (exempting speech dominated or in game situation scenes preventing one from doing so) tend to lose my interest fairly quickly. I hate sounding like a literary snob, but that lovely detail and description is something I just need, I love being able to feel as if I can see it all happening before my eyes.

That's not to insinuate anything about anybody else that might feel this requirement to be overwhelming, this is just what I personally need for myself in order to remain engaged and immersed in a story.

Moving on now to the pitch:

This will take place six years after the events of The Little Mermaid 2, Melody will be 18 by this point.

Melody's life has gotten significantly better over the last six years since the forced separation of Melody and the denizens of the sea was lifted... but there is still one thing missing in the young princess's life... she's eighteen years old and never once felt that twinge in her heart that happens when someone awakens romantic love from within you.

She looks at her mother and father and longs to make that kind of deep profound connection with someone that at the end of the day, wins out over at obstacles that get thrown your way. Melody wishes to know what it feels like to experience something so beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Ursul, son of the late sea witch Ursula... he fled to the deepest parts of the ocean after his mother met her defeat at the merciless Prince Eric and King Triton's bitch daughter Ariel... he's angry, so very angry... he's been so alone over the last two decades and it's all their fault! It's only fair that after his stupid Aunt Morgana failed in avenging her, that he should get his own chance... and he's been working very hard at harnessing the dark magic of his mother, perhaps even surpassing her own magical prowess.

The time had come. Revenge was going to be sweet.

However... what Ursul did not account for, was what would happen when he took to spying on the royal family for information... when laying eyes on Eric and Ariel's daughter, the Princess Melody, would stir feelings other than rage and hate in his heart for the first time in a very, very long time...

This gives him a great idea... a delightfully wretched horrible great idea...

He'd take Melody away for himself, he'd make certain Eric and Ariel never saw their daughter ever again... they would know the deep agonizing pain they've caused him all these years...

I'm down to plotting deeper if my partner has ideas to add :)