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April 16, 2021, 05:58:46 pm

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Author Topic: Hound’s Chosen: Looking for sub-F for perverse puppy play [closed for now]  (Read 295 times)

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Offline BitterSweetTopic starter

The Kingdom of Saris is known for their Hounds, grand, massive beasts fabled for their intelligence, will, loyalty and bravery.  They stand at the heels of the royal family, are faithful companions to the noblest of knights, have defend queens and kings since the founding of the kingdom.  Without them, the Saris would not be who and what they are.  The hidden price are the daughters of the noblest families in the land. 

When the women of the noble families in Saris reach maturity, each must spend a night in contemplation in the oldest Temple in the kingdom, built to commemorate the founding Queen of the Saris royal house.  After this night, they face the choosing and, if chosen, they leave behind all the wealth and riches, the beauty and pageantry, to take up their true duty to throne and kingdom.  They are taken to the royal kennels, where they leave behind the world they once knew and submit themselves to their new masters, and mates; the Sarian hounds.

And ... there’s our background for this RP!  It's set in an undefined fantasy world with some magical elements that won't come to play in the story, likely.  Your character would be a young woman of noble blood who has been chosen.  At the kennels, you’ll be trained to submit to your new life as a breeding bitch for the Sarian dogs.  I see the story as dubious consent; what happens to the occasional girl that disappears after her choosing is an unspoken secret and no girl expects it to happen to them.  But it is a tragic duty that cannot be refused.

I’m not planning on an in-depth or complex story, it’ll be pretty much all set in the kennels where your character will learn to behave like a dog, be bred to dogs, and whelp puppies.  I’ll play the dog(s) and the kennel master and his staff, as needed.  The emphasis here is on puppy play and bestiality, you have to be into both of those things, there will probably be sex with the kennel master as well (at least, cocksucking).  The dogs are smart but still dogs, they don’t have human level intelligence.

I generally write 2 or more paragraphs, post a couple of times a week, and prefer literate, engaged writers who are descriptive in their character’s experiences and feelings.  Your sex, gender, preferences, politics, etc are unimportant to me.  I have been out of E for a couple of years, due to Real Lifetm and I'm hoping for something perverse and kinky but not to complicated, to get me back in the swing of things.  Forum, gmail and gdocs are all fine as locations for play and please reply in PM to this add.

puppy play, bestiality, breeding, leashes, collars, training, cages, knotting, large cocks, public nudity and sex, humiliation and degradation, games of fetch and other fun doggy things.  Learning to love being a dog, and the company of other dogs. We can go into somewhat detailed birthing or not, depending on our preferences.  I would like to have your character have at least a few scenes of nursing puppies here and there.  Other kinks can be discussed and are likely welcome.

Not interested in: screaming horror non-con.  Your character may not have wanted this, may have hoped it would never happen (or be slightly spoiled and assumed that it couldn’t happen to her), but not the kind of constant fighting rebellion.  The non-con in this story is definitely the fantasy sort; no,no,no,yes,yes,yes and not realistic.  No gore, mutilation or that sort of thing.
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