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November 30, 2020, 02:14:47 PM

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Author Topic: Fall of the Superheroines [f seekin' m or whatevah]  (Read 520 times)

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Fall of the Superheroines [f seekin' m or whatevah]
« on: January 06, 2020, 09:02:13 PM »
This is how the world ends; with a whimper, and a lot of banging.

It's just plausible enough to see how, with a few pivots in intent and control, totalitarianism could rise faster than anyone could rise up to stop it.  From America to Gilead, even if it's not entirely something likely, you could at least imagine the steps that would lead to a new world order and see those who would embody the necessary cruelties to make it a reality.  But in other worlds, there's no chance of that happening; how exactly would someone go about planning the subjugation and dehumanization of all women in a universe where Wonder Woman or Supergirl exists, after all?

Well hey, let's find out!


Welcome to Earth-296.  No one was entirely sure what the catalyst was, but the birthrate has fallen to a fraction of a percent.  Fertility has become a rare commodity.  Feminine independence has been under assault by those who were still upset about ladies "gettin' the vote" for decades.  Sexism has bubbled as an undercurrent and overcurrent since time immemorial.  A confluence of expectations, fears, and machismo has all lead to one nightmare scenario for half the planet, the decision made: women needed to be controlled.  Control their money.  Control their movement.  Control their lives.  Control the ability to propagate the very species.  But no one goes gently into that good night, and hell hath no fury like .. well, you know.

Women from all corners of the world, powerful women, icons of liberty and celebrities of independence and what's right, were there to stand up for the oppressed.  To ensure that those who were born without sensational abilities or honed into nigh-supernatural strengths still had the same rights and ability to survive as anyone else.  A re-education camp to teach a woman her new place wouldn't stand for more than a day before it was reduced to rubble by a heroine who could shrug off bullets the way the ocean shrugged off the rain.  A gendered coup was only as strong as its most powerful proponents, even if the very attempt sent the planet itself into a civil war the likes of which had never been seen.  The War of the Sexes.  Armies, majority men, still could do nothing to occupy a city if even a small phalanx of Amazons came to their defense after all.  And of course, heroes who were equally as clever, trained, or empowered .. they would never turn their back on doing what was right.

Only .. who was to say what was right?

There was only one way the coup would succeed.  Only one way the birthrate itself could be saved, through cataloging and controlling the women who could ensure that there even would be a new generation to follow the current one.  Women had their champions rising to their defense, but men -- even the best of men -- had always been ready to have one another's back across the decades.  To turn a blind eye.  To help with making the world just a little better and safer for themselves.

If there was ever going to be peace again, the answer was simple; there could be no more superheroines.  There were men, and there were women.  The strong, and the weak.  Superheroines upset that balance that was going to be needed to save the world, in the eyes of some.  They had to be erased.

And the world had to know.


So, here's the simple situation, such as it is: every superheroine and supervillainess needs to be brought down.  As long as they're out there, fighting for women's rights and liberation, the chances of a rebellion remain too high for the new lords of the world.  It's a little bit Injustice, a little bit Crime Syndicate, a little bit Handmaid's Tale, all that stuff swirled together.  Superheroines have a choice; they can submit to the new world order, or they can be an example of what happens to traitors.  Those who were on the wrong side of the law to begin with, well, they don't even get that much of a choice.  And unfortunately for them, public execution is back in a big way.  And obviously, none of them (well hey, maybe there are a few gender traitors, never underestimate internalized misogyny and looking out for number one!) wants either outcome to come down upon them .. so they're going to need to be dragged into it, kicking and screaming and moaning and panting.  Maybe eventually they realize it's easier than continuing to fight and hide from the inevitable, or maybe they're just given a quick heat-vision lobotomy to make mindless submission that much easier to swallow.  Any which way, life's hard out here for a superheroine these days.

Hi!  I'm Nerdess; I'm in kind of a dark place right now?  I mean, how can you not be?  But I always work best by working through my demons by making them sexy.  To me, at least.  It's sexy to me, that's what's important!  And I'm happy to play .. danged near any superslut you might have a jonesin' for as long as I know and like them enough to play them out!  This dystopian end-of-women's-lib-figuratively-and-literally superscenario I'm cooking up can involve both characters from the Marvel universe and their distinguished competition, and in fact, I think mixing and matching some of these pairings could be an awful lot of fun!  The Punisher versus The Batgirl?  Deathstroke and Black Widow?  Thor and Power Girl?  But I'm also just as happy with sticking to their lanes, because hey, Kraven probably hasn't hunted a Spider lately, and Gwen's got a cute butt, and Bruce has always had a plan to bring down Diana if need be.  And yeah, as this whole thing kinda implies, I'm looking to go fairly dark with it all; best case scenario for each girl I play as staring down the barrel of a lifetime of sexual slavery.  Worst case scenario is getting snuffed out in front of a cheering crowd.  Like, sure, maybe the revolution comes down the line and the whole dystopian Malepocalypse doesn't actually come to pass for more than a few years butttt ..

That's not really the part I wanna focus on!  DARK, DAMNIT.  GRIMDARK LIKE THE DCU.

.. but don't worry; I still prefer playing my characters as, y'know, getting off.  Even if they really shouldn't be.  And if you prefer that if we're gonna go ALL the way dark, I'm cool with them not being into it at all either, but by default at some point or another, even if it requires some "re-education" to get to that point, the heroines will learn to love the new status quo.

So hey, message me!  Give me .. let's say, at least three options for who you might want me to play as, and who you might want to play as opposite them?  My intention at the moment is really only to do one scene with any given heroine at a time (maybe ever!) to kinda build a tapestry / quilt / etc of this f'ed up little scenario, so I'm going to try to avoid having a play going on with Wonder Woman going down on Venom while she's getting railed by Captain Cold in another thread, right?  Also, just as an aside and a personal thing?  If you're playing a generally good fella, I'd really love it if you could find a way for them to reconcile all this terrible, sexist stuff with still doing the right thing!  I mean, "Superman turns evil" is always a classic storyline, but genuinely thinking he's turning his cousin into a brainless dicksucker for the greater good is even hotter.  Just sayin'.


aka character repository?  updated as i feel like it?  in no particular order!!

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Re: Fall of the Superheroines [f seekin' m or whatevah]
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2020, 11:00:59 AM »
Lookin' once more, for one or two more.