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February 24, 2021, 05:00:44 pm

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Author Topic: The Good Time Girls (GM lf F)  (Read 352 times)

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Offline KitteredgeTopic starter

The Good Time Girls (GM lf F)
« on: January 06, 2020, 12:10:46 pm »
I want to concentrate this request on a particular game, although I have posted it elsewhere, and in this case specifically on GMing it. There’s a sense that multiple people can play through it, but I’d rather not – solo games, although we might interpolate them in some ways. Dunno.

Anyway, the gist:

Setting… post-apocalypse, zombie holocaust, whatever. There is a large section of a suburban city that has been hacked free of the despoiling hordes by a large and accumulating group of survivors. Including shopping malls, strip centers, bars, apartments, parks, sections of highway, this small society has formed into a hierarchy of roles as it slowly expands and finds new survivors while defending against human raiders and the dead.

Game… has an eye on the internal workings of the society rather than the mess outside. Specifically, on a group of girls and young women who have been set up as the ‘Good Time Girls.’ Through somewhat patriarchal (or very patriarchal) fiat, most or all of the young women in the area have been impressed into sexual and hospitality services. There may be other women in the society, who may or may not appreciate the set-up, but ‘for the good of the future of civilization’ these young women have been guided into their roles.

What this game isn’t… is non-consensual, or cruel. That may be a particular jump, but these things don’t interest me and actively turn me off. I’m interested in a somewhat dub-con situation where in exchange for food, comfort, security and safety YC, among others, have traded their use for an important and operative role in this society’s function. Each may find the trysts unusual, off-putting, or unappealing, but they view it as their continued duty. There may be trysts that are otherwise.

What this game is… an examination of unusual circumstances. Some of the men may be kindly, or find this awkward (if they take advantage), there may be a higher, small echelon that have their favorites, this may be an organization of power that is teetering on the brink, or… it may be working.

Things I am interested in… a mix of feelings, but the employment of sex for the greater good, the establishing of friendships among the other girls, cheerleading for each other, the development of kindly relationships with some men, otherwise with others, and the psychology of use. They are meant to bring food, medicine, be healers, keep company, but also be available. There might be systems of how this works – guard posts are hit on schedule, the girls are rotated, or there is a system of tokens where a person might ‘earn’ their right to use girls.

I am also interested in… a mix of men. Not all of them are hunky, some are ordinary survivors, some are older and run down, others aren’t, but be prepared to ‘entertain’ a wealth of humanity. That is your role. Different races, body types, and backgrounds will be included. It’d be fun if, should we advance that far, YC becomes in charge of introducing new recruits into their new lives. (If you’re keen, we can even start there.)

Parameters… Posting rate would be a couple times a week or so. I’m looking for keen psychology, a girl who remembers what the world used to be like, but has accepted the offer to do this now and is both up for it, but has problems with it at times. I’m not looking for a revolutionary who wants to bring the thing crashing down. I’m interested in the interplay of recognizing the importance of this secure society (its yards converted to farm land, its pens of livestock, its small emerging manufacturing areas) and who she now is. Attention to detail would be wonderful, too – how the girls ask for nice clothes, or help keep each other up. Things like public nudity and so on are also on the menu.

To apply… Please give me a sense of why this might appeal to you and give me an idea that you are kind of on my wavelength. It’s a particular ask, I know, but I think it can be provocative fun. Give me a sense of who your character might be, too.

I am up for playing through this, but especially interested in GM’ing. Multiple games are possible.

PM any responses.

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Offline KitteredgeTopic starter

Re: The Good Time Girls (GM lf F)
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2020, 07:14:40 pm »
Gussied this up a little.

I am also open to more of a sandbox game, where YC is trying to pick her way from one region of the country to another, perhaps with a friend/savior figure (or a series), where her body, she realizes, is a form of currency. Other above parameters apply.