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June 29, 2022, 05:03:19 pm

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Author Topic: Taming the Aphrodite [ F for M - Syfy ]  (Read 666 times)

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Taming the Aphrodite [ F for M - Syfy ]
« on: January 04, 2020, 11:56:44 pm »

Taming the Aphrodite
Inspired by Firefly, Mass Effect, and The Expanse

In 2500AE (After Expansion), Earth tempered its overpopulation and pollution problems by expanding to nearby planets and moons, but Aphrodite is so far the most ambitious project the UNE has taken on since expansion began. Haven is a massive luxury spacecraft bound for the new colony, Aphrodite, in the outer rim of the 'verse. A lengthy recruitment process was put into place for the project with thorough background checks and psych evals for all participants. Out of several thousand hopeful volunteers under a thousand were selected to embark on this journey estimated to take months, which for some was the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

The catch is that the program involves a match making system for a select few participants. So when our intrepid adventurers are paired up for this experiment, the decision is met with surprise - to put it mildly.

Our characters probably wouldn't have met under normal circumstances due to their conflicting lifestyles or status differences. Perhaps a slightly grizzled soldier who's a bit too quick on the trigger and a botanist who prefers studying in the quiet of a biome-sphere, or some other pair that approach this colonization project with different points of view. To spice things up, maybe one of the characters has a dark secret that puts them both in jeopardy, or the ship could be attacked by a rogue vessel on the way to the frontier, among other problems (space pirates? ship damage?). This can be a more slow burn relationship as they get to know each other during travel or a fiery relationship as their physical attraction overrides the clash of their personalities.

A Brief About-Me (for the curious)

The short and sweet version is: communication and creativity are a must. I love to regularly discuss kinks, plot outlines and future plans to make sure the story is moving in a direction we both enjoy. It should go without saying that no one wants a reactionary partner who has to be dragged through the narrative. Please respect the time we put into the RP by sending me a heads-up when you might be away for a while, or if you're experiencing writers block. A little collaboration is usually all it takes to get back on track!

Regarding writing style, I heavily favour plots that have a strong foundation of characterization and world building - even for short term stories - so you can expect 2-5 detailed paragraphs on average. Never less, sometimes more. Ideally you will have a similarly flexible style with emphasis on flowing prose and proper grammar.

Everything else you might need to know about me is conveniently located on my O/O page.

If you like this idea, send me a PM to hammer out the details and breathe life into our universe! Send me ideas you have for your character, where you see the story going, etc. Bonus points if you are willing to contribute to world building and handling NPCs when necessary. I also encourage you to check my O/O page, and don't hesitate to ask questions if I forgot to mention something important. The short-ish version is that I lean toward vanilla themes with my limits being bestiality, age play, harems, degradation and sexual pain, for the most part. What I like is a much longer list and depends on the context of our story.
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