Putting the SMASH in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! (Lighthearted Smut. LF F Chars!)

Started by Irilinquent, December 28, 2019, 10:36:07 AM

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We're all busy people, so I'm going to cut right to the chase!

Anyone who even clicks on this thread is probably a fan of the SSB series! I'm not gonna pretend I'm a long-time fan as I've gotten only my first taste of the series when I purchased my Switch recently.

One thing anyone is bound to notice in the large roster of characters is the sheer amount of babes, and with it the potential for fun!

So what I want is to create some sort of "middle-ground" setting. Lets say we call it Smash Island, where all members of the roster are invited to relax and mingle between tournaments round.

I'm not looking for anyone to be an expert on any of the character's lore or pull off their personality perfectly. Surface-level details will do!

How we do this could be extremely varied. We could select a pair that we love and focus the story on them, a sweet romance, unlikely lovers, etc. Alternatively we could focus on a different pair or group with each completed scene and keep it fresh and interesting.

On my end, I'd  be down to play male or shemale characters, looking for female characters. OC are welcome.

If you're keen, PM me with the characters you want involved and what sort of story you might want to do! I'm all ears!