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I'm rather easy to get along with OOC and really prefer to be friends with my partners.
I prefer M/M over anything else.
1-3 Para to Novella - Prefer about 3 paras, but will tend to mirror. Short RPs get dull quickly.
I work 45-50 hours a week, second shift EST but I do try to reply daily.
Best way to get a hold of me OOC is Discord: Silverpersimmon#0358
Only RP as third person past-tense.
Will never neg about replies, but if no contact for 2 weeks I'll assume the thread is dropped. I prefer a few posts a week if possible.
I love OC or canon or AU but I will not ship my canon with your OC right from the start. I'm not fan service.

Not every plot has to have smut. In fact I prefer plot over smut since constant sex just gets dull to me. All plots are open to be changed to suit both parties needs, can omit smut entirely or add in romance or anything else. Just ask.
Most of my RPs tend to be on the darker end and rarely have happy endings. I'm not into slice of life or rainbows and sunshine kind of RPs. Give me angst and drama. I'm open to near any setting, trying new fandoms and putting my muses in new situations. Above all I love mixing fandoms.
Every muse is different, so if you're looking for a certain plot or kink just ask.
I can dom/top/sub/bottom/switch depending on muse and plot.

Tadashi Saga

Name: Tadashi Saga [Astaroth - Angels may know his true name]
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless
Birthday: Before man
Race: Angel - Fallen
Height/Weight: 5'9"/180lbs
Face Claim: Nobuchika Ginoza [Psycho-Pass]
X - X - X - X

Personally: Tadashi is a kind soul that honestly wants to help humans. He sees them as interesting creatures, understanding why Father tasked angels with watching over them. While most of are kind some do need help. Darkness runs rampant in their hearts so it's an angel's job to direct them from sin. Faith has not wavered. Tadashi will do anything he must to save a human soul from eternal damnation.
The mistake he made by making a deal with a demon tainted his soul, cost him his home and his wings. Everything he does is to atone for his misdeeds. Though knowing he can never truly earn his place back in Heaven, Tadashi will continue to try.

Mannerisms: Emotions are still new to him but slowly starting to understand them. His humor is dry and comes off as stoic, though he does really try. A quick chuckle or a small smile is the most he will offer most of the time, but it's genuine. He assumes most humans are kind and even dark souls are given a chance. Nothing can deter him from giving on on someone no matter how 'evil' they may seem. Mostly at his own expense.

Abilities: The glasses he holds are the last remains of his angel powers. They allow him to see into someone's soul, be them human or otherwise. It also allows him to see what's not a human, unless they are a near god like being. With no wings, all he holds are the wounds that can never truly heal. Touching them causes great pain and immobilizes him.

Name: Tadashi Saga
Gender: Male  [Male pronouns]
Age: Young demon
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Demon
Height/Weight: 6'2"/???LBS
Face Claim: Azazel [Shingeki no Bahamut]
X - X - X - X

Personally: After a long struggle of  struggling with his faith, Tadashi succumbed to the darkness inside him. Becoming a demon out of his hate for his so called 'family' and humans. While he won't outright attack humans he tries to avoid them most of the time unless he gets board. Even then he will only torment someone of interest. Humans are his main targets and he will avoid angels or other demons as much as possible. Though he detests being alone, he holds so little trust he refuses to allow anything else. For a demon, he knows he's not like others in many ways and that makes him an outcast, or at least he believes so.

Mannerisms: He will act much more vicious than he really is mostly to get left alone. Tadashi is prone to emotional outbursts. While he isn't violent, he is quick to anger and will lash out to get away from the situation. He is demisexual, so any sexual advances are made to strike fear. He will do all he must to avoid someone getting a chance to have the upper hand on him.

Abilities: Control of ice is his main power. He can turn the water in the air to ice and change it's form into anything he desires. His powers are also tied to his emotions and can sometimes get out of control. Claiming is something he would only use in the event he actually found a human he wanted to form a bond with. A demon may claim a human by biting them, normally the neck, to inject some of their own essence into the human. By doing so, their souls become bound. Emotions are shared as well as thoughts. The demon can cut the ties and block the share of emotion, or take back the claim. Giving or taking a claim is unbearably painful to the human but in return their life span in greatly increased and they may gain some power of the demon over time.

Gin Ichimaru

Name: Gin Ichimaru
Gender: Male
Age: ~35
Birthday: September 10
Race: Human
Face Claim: Ichimaru Gin [Bleach]

Personally: Gin is a very playful man. His tone is normally a mocking formal tone with some sing-song flare and heavy accent. Life is a game to him, everyone is a player and he always wins. If someone catches his interest, he will chase them until he gets what he wants. He is relentless and patient in his hunts, Laying low until the moment to strike is perfect. In no sense of the word is Gn a stable man. Always ten steps ahead with a plan for every possible outcome. Gin is too intelligent for his own good. While he graduated from college at a young age, he never developed proper social skills. Childhood wasn't easy and he was on his own much sooner than he should have been. Turn about is fair play though and Gin enjoys the same games played on him.

Mannerisms: Truly a snake in fox clothing.

Abilities: His only true power is his charm over people. As charming as he is creepy. Gin is a self-trained dancer to add to his allure.

Other info: Gin can have his shinigami powers or not, depending on the plot if he's reborn or human. He is in no form loyal and incapable of love, no matter how well he can fake it.

Luu Hai

Name: Luu Hai
Gender: Male
Age: ~40
Birthday: June 12
Race: Human
Height/Weight: 6'1"/185LBS
Face Claim: Lieutenant [Ledgend of Korra]

Personally: A stoic, workaholic that is as suborn as he is intelligent. Loyal to a fault, Luu will never fail his higher up. Though it takes a lot to earn that respect from him, once it's earned it will never falter. There is no harder worker. Always striving to do better than expected and become stronger in order to serve his masters better. Nothing can break his dedication or distract the strong willed man. Because of it he is anti-social and sees no use for romance. It's only a distraction from work. Much of his body is covered in scars ranging from larger ones over his chest and back to smaller ones along his limbs and calloused hands.

Mannerisms: The few people that have earned his respect, he will always stand at attention when addressing them, as well as use 'mam' or 'sir'. His outlet is to create blueprints. It doesn't matter what they are, from weapons or even something as simple as a uniform, anything creative. Working out is part of his job though serves as an outlet as well. He enjoys making sure he keeps himself in shape. Everything is kept high organized. His workstation never has a thing out of place. To others it might seem more like organized chaos when he's working on something. He never allows others to see his work unfinished, unless ordered by his masters. He finds it unprofessional. The quickest way to get him riled up is to mess with his work station.

Abilities: Master strategist and technician. Able to hold his own against nearly anyone he comes in contact with, should the need arise.

Other info: Romance with Luu is no easy task. It would take a great deal of work. Though he is prone to having a deeper than normal admiration for his master/leader. Luu is also a technophile, preferring the company of androids or maybe even cyborgs to humans. Most plots with Luu are with him having military background.

Minor Muses

Slade (Teen Titans)
Thrax (Osmosis Jones)
Ryuken (Bleach)
Tesra Lindocruz (Bleach)
Kotaro (Angel) - Face claim: Basch fon Ronsenburg [FF12]
Misuke (Dragon) - Face claim: Cloud [FF7]
Genichi (Dragon - Elder) - Face claim: Loz [FF7: Advent Children]

Yes List:
Non Con/Dub Con
Oral & Anal sex
Pain & Punishment
Humiliation & Blackmail
Violence & Force
Cheating/Multiple partners

No List:
Extreme Gore
Plotless Romance
Plotless Smut
Femboys (Or anything similar)
One liners

If it's not listed, it's likely a maybe so just ask about anything really. I'm pretty open to trying new things, even better if we both get to scratch an itch.

Fandoms + Pairings

~Fandoms I RP in~
Legend of Korra

~Fandoms I'd be interested in RPing with~
Attack on Titan
Detroit: Become Human
(Not limited - Ask about others)

~Fandoms I don't PR in~
Harry Potter

Aindroid X Human/Creator
Bodyguard X Person being protected
Fallen/Angel/Demon X Priest/Angel/Demon
Citizen/PoW X Military personal
Detective X Criminal
Canon X Canon (Mixed fandoms are loved)

Plots for Tadashi:

Captured Angel -
There is someone out there seeking to capture supernatural creatures. Somehow they can track such creatures be it monster, demon or angel. A rare chance to at last capture such a creature; an angel. Better yet, one that's fallen and rejected by heaven. For what they intend to use the angel for is yet to be seen, but it would be a waste to simply kill it. Even a weaken angel though is nothing to take lightly. A hunter will have to watch their step and plan carefully knowing the few ways an angel can be captured. Though taking advantage of an angel's kindness may work out in their favor best.

-Can go in many directions and open to pretty much anything. My character would be the sub in this if such is plotted but would be feisty until trust is gained.

Power Struggle -
No demon causing trouble will be allowed to do for very long, unless they are good at it. The job of most churches is to steer people away from sin and into God's light. Demons seek to destroy that and bring people into sin for their souls. One church though has made it their job to change that. With powers unknown to the public, these priests have the ability to over power demons, to purify them and send them back to where they belong. Most see it as killing the demon, or locking it back in Hell. No matter the reason most see it as giving them what they deserve.

-Looking for a true struggle of power between characters. No one being the clear top/bottom and both fighting to keep the other under their power. Can grow to be more or something entirely different.

Plots for Gin:

Young Prince/Nobleman -
Gin is a young man growing and training to be of high stature, but he is a prankster and often cruel to the servants. Once he became of age it took on a new level, and many of the female servants are being sexual tormented, and it's quickly growing in what the young master is willing to do. It's been years of this. No one has the guts to tell someone of such high stature to stop and he knows it. Someone needs to put an end to the young master's terror and teach him a lesson.
Possible ideas: Another nobleman, male servant, hired hitman, royal family member.

Learn Some Manners -
Gin has never been a kindly person. He tends to take what he wants without care. Be that drink, bodies or blood, he never cared how it made others feel. Someone comes along and hears of a criminal on the rise thinking themselves a big shot. Time to show them what it means to cross the wrong people. Gin needs to learn some humility but he won't go down easy. Who will come out on top?
Possible ideas: Detective, mob boss, mobster, vigilante.

-Both plots are intended to turn Gin into the submissive since that is a rare thing.

Club Owner -
Being the owner, and top dancer, at his own club gives him great power. Gin is used to getting his way. He has many powerful people in his pocket. People come an go. Either they look for a job, think they can gain an upper hand or just foolish, many pass through Gin's door. None leave unscaved.

-This is Gin's main plot-line. Open to pretty much anything. Leaves an open world to explore or adapt to suit my partners plots.

Plots for Luu -

Prisoner of War -
A Lieutenant of the invading army is captured. Intel is needed but the man refuses to talk through traditional means. Someone must come up with a better idea to get the officer to talk, and betray the plans of his country. Luu Hai is a man of strong resolve and it's going to take someone stronger to get him to give the information needed.
Possible ideas: King, nobleman, general/captain.

-Can be non-con or turn into something different. Open to any ideas.

Getting back into society -
Retired from his work, it's time to settle down though it's not easy learning how to become a citizen again. Someone might need to teach him. Hopefully he could meet someone that understands life as a soldier was never an easy one. Blood stained, callous hands make it that much harder to hold someone. On top of his nature many think him incapable of such.
Possible ideas: Ex-military, citizen, former enemy.

-Can contain romance if built to it, but it won't be easy. Angst can come in many forms or turn into something much darker.

Top-secret desires -
Working for a high level secret branch of the military, their best man is tasked with creating something to give them an upper hand. After months of hard work, Luu created the human-like android. Now he must teach this new creature all it needs to know to complete its task. What the man couldn't have expected was when the day came to sent his creation out into the world and how hard it would be. Can he really let go? Or is there something more?

-Would work well mixed with D:BH.

Canon plots for Lieutenant

Plot 1: LieuMon - Possible romance
How did the two of them meet?
For all that Luu dedicated himself to Amon, there had to be a reason for sharing the desire for equality. They had secrets from everyone, and apparently each other. Luu was the only one to question the words said to him and followed Amon to discover his lies. It cut so deeply only for his loyalty to be tossed aside. Their relationship was much different then the other Equalists.
Sub plot: Years later, Amon returns. Can Luu ever forgive him? Of did Amon come back to take Lieutenant by force?

Plot 2: Captured - Lin Beifong
Luu would never go down easily, though his injuries were sever and took some time to recover in prison. With Amon gone Luu was forced to take the brunt of the blame for the Equalist movement. Lin has been tasked with getting the information out of him. Sometimes he physically resists, other times he stayed silent. It's no easy task to get the former Lieutenant to talk but if anyone can do it, Lin can.
Sub plot: Tenzin - Tenzin, being the son of the former Avatar, would find reason to confront the Lieutenant and question him himself.

Plot 3: Family Ties - Ghazan
Two men looking so similar must be related. Ghazan, the lava bender, attempted to kidnap the young avatar. His younger brother/son was also blamed for having ties despite not possessing any bending abilities. It caused a great rift in their family and started Luu on the path to wanting to rid the world of benders. Both having failed in their attempts to create their perfect worlds they have a chance to see each other again after nearly two decades. Can they make amends?

Plot 4: Another Mistake - Kuvira
Kuvira would have reason to free the Lieutenant and use his power for her own. Possibly making him a Lieutenant once again in her own army. A new cause and a new leader to dedicate himself to though he has his reservations. At least Kuvira is open about her intentions. Luu hopes for a new reason in life.
Sub plot: Hong Li - Possible romance - Hong Li, following Kuvira himself, gets sent to be trained by Lieutenant.
Sub plot: Baatar Jr - After Kuvira's defeat, Lieutenant is once again returned to prison this time in Zaofu. Baatar Jr. visiting the Lieutenant to talk to him. Betrayal being their common bond. Perhaps the Lieutenant found a friend at last. Or will he be bitter over Baatar Jr. getting off so easily?

Very odd Trigun craving

This is based on a plot that died from elsewhere. Not meant to have romance or smut, but not against plotting some in if it fits. Can give more details if interested. Looking for someone to play as Vash or Knives. If willing to play both, I am more than willing play others as well.

Lieutenant serves the Eye Of Michele, and Knives.
Vash, learning more about Knives plans, want to stop him. Only Vash's ideals will not allow him to put human lives in danger. Someone is caught in the crossfire. Not only does he have to deal with Gung-ho-Guns trying to kill him, the mad man Legato and Nicholas's lack of morality, someone else needs his his help. A servant of The Plants, a man unwilling to yield to peace and has accepted his fate once Knives wins, the Lieutenant doesn't trust Vash. Can Vash help someone who doesn't want it? Or is Knives hold too strong?
Luu is the only known person with such ability to the extent he has, thanks to The Eye's training. Hes formed a bond with many Plants on his travels and holds them in high regard. He puts their lives above his own, and other humans. Human lives mean little to him and will take a life if they stand in his way.