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April 12, 2021, 02:58:57 pm

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Author Topic: The succubus' seduction (Super Hero)  (Read 369 times)

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Offline SovelissTopic starter

The succubus' seduction (Super Hero)
« on: December 26, 2019, 03:58:03 am »
I was one of the best at what I did. I could wrap most mortals around my finger, knowing exactly what their darkest thoughts and desires were, just stoking the fires a bit until they Fell. Many more fell to me than at the hands of the most powerful war demons. Especially with all these weird costumed people that popped out of nowhere that could fight even the oldest demon on equal terms. The Infernal General saw how our position weakened, and thus I was sent to corrupt the one the Earth knew as the best scientist on superpowers. I knew I needed to lure him into a trap. He had a son who barely started attending university. If I could seduce him, he would be the perfect bait. Things... didn't quite go as planned.

My first roadblock was how little of a grip I had on his mind. Teenage boys are certainly horny, but horny doesn't cut it. I need the darkness in their soul, their desire to hurt others, to wrap someone around my finger. When it came to this boy, it just wasn't there. But I still could use him as bait if I could seduce him the old fashioned way. As a literal sex fiend, it shouldn't be too hard to seduce a horny 18 years old boy. Things went well, at first. Going on a few dates, even having sex... And then one day he showed up with a few pastries. For me. Confused, I  asked him about it. The one time we went to a bakery while hungry in the morning, I made an off-hand mention of them being my favorite. Just an off-hand comment to pass as human. I didn't even remember. The kid did, and wanted to make me happy, so he stopped on the way to buy me a few of my favorite pastries because he remembered. No one cared enough about me to remember such small things, they cared only for what I could give to them. I was just a tool for the Infernal General, and even the humans I dealt with believed they were using me as a stepping stone for their ascension. Now coffee flavored ├ęclairs are indeed my favorite pastry.

That kid managed to seduce a centuries old succubus, and awaken her good side. Which is exactly the opposite of what was supposed to happen. Of course the Infernal General wasn't about to take this insult kindly. He sent a team after me, knowing they were better at fighting than I was. I gave a good fight protecting the kid, but I clearly didn't win it.

Remember when I talked about weird powerful costumed fighters? One of them ran into the fight and wiped the demons out. I could feel exactly his dark side, how I could use his grief at some great loss to turn him against the humans he swore to protect. It would have been easy. The old me would have repaid his selflessness with treachery like that. The new me just asked him how one became a costumed fighter.

I still am dating that teenager. I still remember what he likes. Especially if it wouldn't give me a grip on his mind. And I officially am the first succubus "Super Hero", as these costumed fighters are called. Stoking Supervillains' bad side in such a way I become their priority target, stoking their lusts to distract them. "Super Hero" or not, this was still my power set. Somehow the first human who cared about me finds it so "cool". Maybe I'll introduce the love of my life to some of the crazier but still harmless aspects of sexuality. What can I say, reformed or not, I am still a succubus.

So yeah, I'm looking for someone to play the love interest to my reformed succubus, and play the supervillains she would go against.