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August 20, 2022, 12:00:20 am

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Author Topic: A Witcher Story (M looking for F) [closed]  (Read 545 times)

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A Witcher Story (M looking for F) [closed]
« on: December 25, 2019, 04:34:57 pm »
Here I am. One of the many people who want to write a Witcher story after watching the TV show. I don't know if I'll have any luck finding someone, but it's worth a try!

So here's what I have in mind. Fear not, for everything I will write down here is subject to change should you have better ideas! So, you know, if it inspires you to contact me, or if it gives you ideas, please, do tell!


So, first thing that I wanna clear up is that, preferably, the timeline of this story would be somewhere past everything in The Witcher franchise, which means, past The Witcher 3 game. It's simply more convenient, because that way, we don't have to worry about strictly respecting the established current lore of the timeline, aka which king is ruling which kingdom and other such. Alternatively, we can even pretend the games do not exist, or are a separate universe, and our story takes place after the books timeline. At most, I'd be willing to put it somewhere in parallel with what's happening in the show.


I would preferably want to play an original character, another Witcher than Geralt of Rivia or really, any other of the known Witchers. I may be convinced to play Geralt, though, if you really wish.


Your character, a healer from a small village in Angren, finds a gravely wounded man lying just a few steps away from the door to her hut. At first, she knows not what he is, and takes him in, but soon realizes that he is not an ordinary man, but a Witcher. She knows her little village is not particularly fond of Witchers, and that they barely even approve of her practices, so she keeps quiet, hiding the man while she works to nurture him back to health. But a secret can remain a secret for so long, and just as the Witcher's health begins improving, the men of the small village catch wind of his presence there, which just about becomes the straw that broke the camel's back in regards to the woman whom they regard as a witch, yet whom they never fail to come should their health be in danger.

A mob quickly forms outside her door, demanding that she explain herself and her secrecy, lest she be hanged. And the Witcher? He knows that these people will not really be satisfied either way until they see the woman dead, and possibly even him. And while in better times he would not have feared for his own life, now he is yet weak, and it's hard to tell whether he could get out of it relatively unscathed. Furthermore, the woman had saved his life, and it wouldn't do to simply leave her alone to deal with the villagers, even though he very well could.

Yet the need of treatment for one of the village's elderly causes the angry mob to reconsider their stance, at the very least for a while, and to come to a tenuous peace with the woman, only so she could see to the old lady's health.

Come morning, the Witcher, awakening from sleep, finds himself alone in the woman's house, and she is nowhere to be found. In good enough condition to walk, he decides to venture outside, yet what he finds there is rather shocking: the village is dead.

Corpses strewn about, blood smeared upon the walls of houses, dismembered limbs thrown all over the place, and the healer nowhere to be found. Had she done that? Upon entering the small tavern, however, he finds her there, wounded, unconscious, but alive, surrounded by corpses. Whatever happened there, she has to know, and either way, the Witcher owes it to her to at the very least keep her from dying.


There you have it! If the idea sparks anything in you, then feel free to PM me! I am also in the market for any other idea you may have where you'd like me to play the Witcher to your... I don't know. So please, don't feel shy!
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