Female looking for male roleplay partners (romantic/sexual roleplay)

Started by RoseT7408, December 24, 2019, 03:18:01 PM

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Hey guys! I'm looking for someone who can do like a romantic but sexual roleplay with me. It can be either long term or short term, and I want it to be based in reality. I just got out of a fantasy-related roleplay so I would like to roleplay with human characters only. My character is going to be a human heterosexual female, and I'd like if my partner is playing a male character, any sexuality other than gay, seeing as it would be a romantic and sexual roleplay between them. The setting and/or character description can be discussed and is flexible, so inbox me and we can work it out!
Also, I would prefer to roleplay on Discord, so please don't forget to mention your Discord, or just add me on mine directly to talk! My discord is @Tsubakiā„🌸#3378 (copy and paste it to search for me, and I should show up!)
Hope to find someone who works out!