One Shot, BBC Intelligent Jock seeking Tiny White Princess (Male for Female )

Started by MikeS69, December 23, 2019, 06:48:44 PM

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I am going to keep this short and simple...

     The story takes place in a college somewhere in the USA, could be New York, could be California, or it could be freaking Alaska. The basic is a hook up and mutual sexual need that the two share. Both of them think they are 'freaks' as James (whom I will be playing) and Miss X (whom I am asking someone else to write). Both want the same thing..

James - Big Black Professional College athlete, that also is intelligent and working on a medical degree in 'sports' rehab just in case.
     When I say big I mean tall, seven foot. Lean 220 Lbs of firm muscle. He has that mocha color skin tone and last but not least 12 or 13 inch thick cock and huge balls.

Now for the Tiny White Princess - I am talking a snowflake, spinner type. You can make her how you feel all save her size..
     For a tiny snowflake she will have that pale white perfect skin, sensitive to the touch, perk small breasts with nipples that need lots of attention and can make her cream her panties (if she wears any) , OH yeah you want an idea of height and weight. I am thinking Anya Olsen or Naomi Woods thus 5 foot 4 or so and 105 Lbs max.

      The idea is Little Miss Princess likes to have big things in both holes and has practiced until she could find the real deal, James has always been attracted to small petite white girls but because of his size and girth he has NEVER been able to find one  YET.

Yes there can be story but this is basically a fetish one shot, and yeah it's based off some porn movies you can find on the internet.

BUT now we need to see if any of the ladies out there want to write with me there own version of this fantasy?