RP 1x1 FXM Request: Star Wars [ Looking for Kylo Ren ]

Started by VideoKid, December 23, 2019, 02:24:49 AM

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I am not going to list any spoilers in this thread because I respect people who haven’t gotten to see the last episode yet. Some of my best role plays throughout the year have been Star Wars. Honestly it's how I started role playing when I was a younger teen. I was apart of a few public Star Wars forums. Then I’ve had the pleasure of having a wonderful lady on here playing Kylo Ren justice for me. I would love a few more games of getting different plots and universes with him.

I can play Rey and I also have an OC who is similar to Rey but her name is Kara. I can make it taboo or non taboo. So there is a lot of possibilities and I am open if anyone else has any Star War itches, just throw it at me.

I got quite a few request last time, Star Wars is popular. When you message me I will send you a more in depth request thread with my likes and rules and I do have samples of my writing.

I leave you all with this bad ass Star Wars remix……