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January 27, 2021, 04:30:47 AM

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Author Topic: D's Debaucherous Delights (M seeking...)  (Read 300 times)

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Offline D1112277Topic starter

D's Debaucherous Delights (M seeking...)
« on: December 21, 2019, 04:55:59 PM »
First of all, please do check my ONs & OFFs!

Where: In general, I'm looking for various tales to be played out here on the forums only.  I'm willing, and eager, to discuss a story beforehand (or as we go along) by PMs, but not to have the actual story play there.

Who: Unless otherwise specified, I'd be looking to play a male character, against a female co-character.  (There will be cases where I'm willing to consider a M/M story, and fewer cases where I'll actively be looking for one; if you think one of my suggestions would work well and would like to try it that way, I'll listen!)  I don't care what your actual gender is in real life.

When: I tend to be a fairly fact-paced poster, probably thrice a week as a dead minimum, and as frequently as every day.  I'm tolerant of a somewhat slower pace, but if you're the type to drop one post every two weeks, I'd like to at least know that up front, and would probably in all honesty pass most of the time.

What: I consider myself a pretty literate person.  I'd like my partners to be, too.  I'm not looking for publisher-worthy treatises, mind you -- just a spell check and a little care.  You'll get the same from me.  I am comfortable with anything from roughly one decent sized paragraph per post up to much more, and will work off your preferences.  We'll figure it out.

I'm quite comfortable/content with a nearly all-smut story, or to something with a much deeper plot and sense of purpose.  It'll depend on the story being told, really.

Why: To have fun, of course!
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Offline D1112277Topic starter

Re: D's Debaucherous Delights (M seeking...)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2019, 05:48:00 PM »
If you see a story below you like, and would like to talk to me about it, please drop me a PM, don't post here.  I promise to respond in a timely manner, even if only to say no.  I'd very much like to collaborate on these stories rather than be the only creative force -- so if you've got an idea that you'd like to tweak, throw it at me, I'm all ears.

Story Ideas Of Current Interest

Virtually Neighbors: (Themes: M/F, Romance, light to heavy BDSM depending on preferences)

Both of our characters are active in an online virtual world -- one with regular gaming play, but also one that's been modded by its users to have a very active red-light district where anything goes.  Anything.  We've met online and become fast friends, but never in real life.  In point of fact, we're both quite introverted, or just don't know anyone in the big city, or otherwise lonely in our own ways, and don't have much of an active social life outside the game.  On a mutual dare, we start becoming more active with each other in the online sexual world, taking things farther and farther with each other.

And then, one day in a quiet internet cafe, one of us strolls in with our laptop, about to log on for some fun -- and, to our surprise ... is that... you?

From there, kindred spirits with common interest decide to take it live -- because why not?

(This can go anywhere from a romantic/mutually sexy tale to a BDSM showcase.  If you're looking for more of the latter, that's great -- I'd prefer neither of us be the exclusively dominant party.)
The Personal Trainer: (Themes: M/F (maybe M/M?), possible blackmail/coercion, some fairly serious dub-con BDSM action, and more.)

MC is a wildly successful online poker professional living in a major city.  He's got more money than he knows what to do with, even a measure of fame... but also the kind of health scares a person in their mid-twenties simply should never have.  He's certainly not fat, but simply well out of shape, due to his lifestyle/"job" -- which also leads to him not having much in the way of social contact beyond a small circle of friends.  A doctor recommends some major lifestyle changes (no more eighteen hour days sitting in front of the basement computer eating delivery food and chugging energy drinks), including exercise.  Someone he knows from the poker tables recommends just the right thing -- a personal trainer, who can help MC get his life back on track, to "whip him into shape". 

That, naturally, is where YC comes in -- a creative partner is a necessity here!  YC will whip him into shape, alright -- building stamina and endurance with a very unique, and highly XXX-rated, regimen that gives the sexually inexperienced MC far more than he bargained for.  Naturally, YC is quite expensive and keeps a very exclusive clientele, of which they demand total secrecy -- and severe penalties for withdrawing early from the contract.  Fortunately, YC sees MC as "just their type"  -- at least potentially.  The training sessions start off normal enough, but quickly develop into something much more sinister, as YC molds every aspect of MC's body and mind with their increasingly controlling training. 

This can be played either as a dark, possessive tale (which I'd prefer, I think) -- or for something much more comedic. 

Wheel!  Of!   Misfortune!: (Themes: smut, BDSM, humiliation, voyeurism, comedy, M/F or maybe M/M)

MC and YC are college buddies, who get signed up for a new game show by a prankster friend.  Not quite knowing what we're getting into, we agree -- only to find out (far too late to withdraw) that the show is basically the equivalent of a highly sexualized Fear Factor or the like.  All manner of horrible nightmares await both our characters as our limits are tested, laughed at, and stomped on by the host and their cabal of assistants (who we will each need to collaborate on for the other).  All, of course, before a live studio audience and millions of viewers at home.

Basically, let's be honest, this is a smutty tale, and largely an excuse to inflict (hopefully mutually enjoyable) punishment on each other.  I'd probably consider this as a one-shot.