[All welcome] a feeder and feedee couple experience role reversal

Started by ssgirl580, December 14, 2019, 10:21:12 AM

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Looking to do a role reversal type centered around weight. We're a couple that's been together for awhile and we've both had feeder and feedee fetishes. I was the feeder and you were the feedee. When we met you were already plump at 340 pounds. However it wasn't long until you hit 400 and beyond. You enjoyed over indulging, you gave in to your appetite. As you grew bigger, your appetite grew bigger which made you grow even bigger faster. It was quite the cycle and as you grew you became more dependent and submissive to me. You were happy to make me happy and to grow as big as I wanted.

That is the prologue to the scenario idea I have. We would pick up here and could go in several different directions. All of which in one way or another leads to your character shedding her weight and giving it to me, making me the "fat one" of the relationship and your character finding a dominant streak within her that she didn't know she had but she likes how it feels to be in control and not be the helpless pig.

If you're interested in this or feel we have similar interests please feel free to DM me. I have no limit on weight so we can make the sizes bigger as bigger is always better. Hope to hear from you soon. :)