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May 23, 2022, 09:23:20 pm

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Author Topic: Traitors and Lovers (Fantasy Based | FxF | Seeking Submissive Butch Character)  (Read 537 times)

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My Character:

Caladwen is the only daughter of the deceased King and Queen. She is not yet old enough to take the throne -- by custom, she must be 22 years old (She's 20 at the time of our story) to become Queen -- and so her oldest uncle, a villainous old Duke, currently rules the palace. The princess is charming and charismatic; she is well read; and she is immensely loyal to her country and her people. She does not, however, possess any real combat or survival skills, and her military knowledge is non-existent. Whenever she's ventured outside the safety of the palace, she's had your character by her side. This will continue throughout the story.


A submissive female character to play the military captain (or some other role that fits) who will aid my princess! She must be rugged and butch. This doesn't necessarily mean short hair, but I do prefer it. She does, however, need to be relatively tall, built like a soldier, and able to handle herself in any physical confrontation. I'd like her to be in the 25-40 age-range. She's been a member of the royal guard her entire life and is particularly loyal to my character.


European-style fantasy world. If you're familiar with them, imagine the world of Robin Hobb's Farseer books. Magic exists, but non-human civilizations, if they exist at all, are relatively unknown. The climate is temperate -- cold winters, warm summers -- and our major city is built on a cliff overlooking the coast. Our characters live in feudal society, though mine is a princess and yours has sworn fealty to the royal family. 


Foreign invaders have been raiding settlements along the coastline of the northern borders of our characters' kingdom. So far, they've been little more than a nuisance, but their attacks are growing increasingly brutal and severe. The northern Duchy has mostly been dealing with the raids on their own, but their ability to do so is quickly deteriorating: they're running short of food as the invaders raid farming and fishing villages; they're soldiers are dying faster than they can be replaced, while the raiders' numbers seemingly know no limit. And so, the northern Duchy has requested urgent aid from the palace.

At the present, the capital is ruled by a Duke -- my character's uncle -- and his power hungry wife. The true Queen died shortly after giving birth, and the King was killed in battle some years ago. Until such time as my character is old enough to inherit the crown (by custom, she either needs to be 22 years old or must receive a letter of fealty signed by all the Duke's and Duchesses' of the kingdom agreeing to her rule), the oldest sibling of the King or Queen will sit the vacant throne.


Our story begins with your character returning from the north with dire news regarding the severity of the situation there. She reports to the royal Duke and Duchess (the one's ruling until my character is old enough), who decide nothing needs to be done, despite the desperate urging of your character to the contrary. When the refuse to listen, your character becomes frustrated and angry. Reckless and forever loyal to the kingdom, she fully intends to ride alone into battle. It is my character, the princess, who stops her. My character has a plan. She intends to travel out to all the other Duchies, seeking their signatures of fealty. If they all sign, and if she can convince them that her uncle, the royal Duke, is a traitor to the throne, she will be able to take the crown that is rightfully hers. With that done, she can unite all the armies of the various Duchies, along with the royal army, to defend their coast against the foreign invaders.

The princess, along with your character, sneak out of the castle during the night on horseback (perhaps along with a few soldiers loyal to their Captain) and head for nearest Duchy. Soon, however, our princess and her captain will discover that the treachery runs far deeper than just the princess' uncle. They will have their allies, of course, but they will also have far more enemies in the midst of their own kingdom than they ever expected! Action, adventure, and romance will ensue!


Along with the plot (the details of which we can discuss together!), I want there to be a heavy dose of romance, kink, and D/s. Your character will be submissive to mine. However, this will develop as the story goes on. That is, though our characters do know each other quite well, they are not romantically involved and they absolutely do not engage in any sort of sexual or kinky activities. Once the D/s starts, expect there to be a lot of discipline-style spanking (it's my favourite kink), some leash and collar play, maybe a bit of humiliation, and all sorts of other things. I want them to develop a romance as well that will only grower stronger and stronger as they progress through their adventures together.