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October 25, 2020, 08:35:58 AM

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Author Topic: Masochist Seeking Abuse (but also wholesome roleplays)  (Read 425 times)

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Masochist Seeking Abuse (but also wholesome roleplays)
« on: December 06, 2019, 06:12:12 PM »
Note that I do not bother spending my time creating some fancy banners and sparkly formatting in this post. I like keeping things simple so that it's easy to edit later.
I am a masochist with an unrelenting desire to be demeaned, raped, beaten and tortured in various ways. I've been roleplaying for some while now (not more than a year, however), and it is my belief that I am at least somewhat competent at writing English. Regarding roleplays, I am very fond of world-building and character development, so I'd love to participate in a roleplay that would require some creativity. There are a few key points I would like to address, however:
  • Smut is amazing, but it's not everything. I find it more pleasant to see a plot develop than to see sex being thrown into the story at more than every opportunity.
  • Although I am a masochist, I have a tender side, and I enjoy abuse as much as I enjoy being cared for. This means if you do not actually enjoy inflicting pain and stress, I'm sure we could come to an agreement regarding more wholesome plots.
  • I do not do reference images. I understand that some people find it hard to enjoy a story without a visual representation, but even without an image, I try to be as descriptive as I can be in regards to the environment. However, I prefer to describe characters slowly throughout my posts, but if you'd prefer, I'm sure I can send you a list of the most notable features of a character before we start our story.
  • It is very important to note that although I, the writer, am a masochist, my characters will never be masochistic. This is because of my love for fear, and fear is thrown completely out the window when the victims enjoy the abuse brought upon them. If you turn out to be very convincing, I might make an exception to this rule.
  • I'm not very occupied with what you are and are not allowed to add to the story. I prefer letting my partners do as they please; Bring the story your direction, add a kink you like, or just surprise me with a small plot-twist. I prefer giving my partners freedom so that they do not feel as if they have to restrain themselves.
With those key points out of the way, I also have a list of a few preferences of mine:
  • I do not care much about gender pairings or what gender character I play. Thus, I'm fine with playing both female and male characters (although I think I'm a bit better at playing female characters), and I'm fine with whatever gender you choose for your own character to be.
  • I play human and human-like characters. I'm unlikely to play something that barely resembles a human, but if it's something you really want, I might just make an exception.
  • I enjoy all forms of psychological abuse. I enjoy being humiliated, verbally abused, demeaned and distressed.
  • When it comes to physical abuse, I prefer non-lethal, non-permanent harm. This means that I'm fine with being kicked, beaten, slapped, spanked, et cetera, but not dismemberment or bullet-wounds.
  • Fear. It's something that I adore, and I'm not picky about how this is included in the story.
  • Miscellaneous abuse that I love, is choking and most kinds of bondage (especially gagging).
Finally are my optional, darker desires. If you find any of this interesting, I would be happy to have it included in a story:
  • Broken bones. It's not about the pain in this case, but rather how a broken bone is a form of incapacitation, which leads me to the point below.
  • Helplessness. Not just the ordinary, like being tied up; I'm thinking more of trying to outrun someone with a broken leg, for instance.
  • Being threatened for one's life. Of course, to not contradict my earlier statement, this does not mean killing a main character.
  • Partners playing monsters, and I'm not talking about the average werewolf or vampire. I'm talking mortifying, inhuman creatures. Imagine an amorphous, blackened goop with two mouths, uncountable sharp teeth, twelve glowing eyes, and the desire to kill.
  • I hate to admit that I, like too many people, enjoy tentacles. It's mainly because of their constrictive abilities, but that doesn't mean I have anything against their usual applications. I also find that snakes have a similar feel to them, so I wouldn't mind if they were included either.
  • Playing half-monster characters. Think of mythical creatures such as harpies, centaurs, or even catgirls for that sake. I don't really know what it is about these, but I find them very enjoyable to play.
  • Size difference. Perhaps one of my favourite desires. Smaller characters tend to be physically inferior, and thus greatly adds to helplessness. Anything from a few centimeters difference to micro/macro does it for me, as long as there is a difference.
Now that everything I care to clarify has been clarified, here are a few, short writing prompts (* = Craving):
Dark plots:
  • (*) Unable to resist temptation, your character kidnaps my character to fulfil their own needs.
  • An adoptive daughter/son is living their life normally until their sole parent is unable to contain themselves any longer.
  • In a medieval fantasy world, it turns out that my character is the only person who is not capable of learning magic. When everyone else knows magic, it would be incredibly hard for them to protect themselves if they were to be assaulted.
  • Sent to investigate a recent explosion on an abandoned space base, my character is surprised to find a ruthless alien filled with carnal desire.
  • (*) Sent to investigate a recent explosion on an abandoned space base, your character stumbles across a terrified, harmless alien. In space, nobody would hear them cry.
  • You did it! You finally managed to create a lifelike, humanoid robot with its own artificial intelligence! But maybe it would be smart to test how well the program would fare during stressful situations?
Bright plots:
  • In a medieval fantasy world, it turns out that my character is the only person who is not capable of learning magic. They'd certainly need someone skilled to protect them from everyday dangers, or maybe even to show them the wonders that magic can produce.
  • (*) Sent to investigate a recent explosion on an abandoned space base, your character finds an injured, unknown alien, who had likely tripped the automated security whilst curiously searching the strange human construction. It's a first-contact situation; You are supposed to bring them back to earth and have them trapped and investigated as soon as possible, but does this poor thing truly deserve such treatment?
  • You did it! You finally managed to create a lifelike, humanoid robot with its own artificial intelligence! It's still in early testing, and lots of its emotions remain uncalibrated. It would be smart to teach it a thing or two about sadness, happiness, and most importantly, love.
Deepest, darkest plots (to go alongside my darkest desires):
  • (*) Another medieval fantasy world, but you are a monster hunter. The job is fairly simple: Find and capture monsters, dealing with any resistance that might arise. They sell for a rather high price as well. However, it wouldn't hurt to keep just one, would it? (Includes half-monster characters, helplessness, potentially broken bones and potentially threatening of a character's life).
  • Sci-fi: Humanity has mastered the art of space travel, and now they've set out to explore as many planets as possible. A human finds themselves on a planet seemingly barren, but you, the monster you are, will make sure humans get the message to never come back to your planet ever again. (Includes partners playing monsters, helplessness, threatening of a character's life, and potentially tentacles)
Deepest, brightest plots (to go alongside my darkest desires, but without all the masochism):
  • (*) In a medieval fantasy world where monsters have crossed into our dimension, your character steps up as the hero of the story, seeking to slay every monster and defeat the invasion by shutting the rift between the two dimensions. However, you soon stumble upon one monster who doesn't seem as bad as the rest. (Includes half-monster characters and helplessness).
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Re: Masochist Seeking Abuse (but also wholesome roleplays)
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 04:33:22 PM »
Just a slight bump. I've made quite a few changes since I first posted this, so hopefully, this bump is "justifiable".

Edit: Should probably mention where the changes have been, and it's mostly been additions of desires, as well as changing some formatting to make the post easier to skim.
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