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Started by Cerelia, December 05, 2019, 03:22:58 PM

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Hello everyone! I am returning to E after a very, very long time. To be honest, the site feels a little overwhelming and I'm not really sure how to find what I'm looking for/how to discover what it is I'm looking for in the first place. I am also nervous of poking around in the wrong forums and upsetting people by posting irrelevant things or unintentionally breaking the rules.

Is there a general guide to how the site works that I can read up on? Something like a glossary/informal etiquette guide? Haha!
If not, I am looking for some place I could find one shots or very casual one-on-one partners. Where would be the most appropriate forum to peruse? (Is this what is implied by "solo" partners? Because "solo" and "partner" together was a little confusing, not going to lie.

Thank you, general help board!


Let it be known to the public that the pinned threads did not load on my page originally, but did when I submitted this post! I'm not a complete dunce!!! Still, if anyone has any general advice for getting back into the community, please let me know! <3



Here is the one-shot classifieds. I hope that helps :) I'm also open to PMs if you need someone to just kinda help you along or ask questions to. The staff here are pretty awesome too and are really helpful if you have questions. There is also a Solo/1x1 request section in the first column. Coming back to E can be a bit daunting, I really hope you find what you're looking for!


Ah-ha! Thank you so much! I appreciate that and will definitely send you a message if I find myself a little too lost, haha.


It appears there is a game aspect to the site that is more than just storytelling? Almost in a D&D sort of way? Do you know of a link you can direct me to which explains this more in detail??


Not at all. There are *some* that are system, but I think the freeform/storytelling back and forth is still the main style of RP here. If you're wanting to learn more about system gaming then this section could help?

For the most part though you will have people that have a plot in mind, you play one character and they play one and you go back and forth in writing to create a story together :)