A Few Ideas (mostly MxM)

Started by bandedbandit, December 03, 2019, 11:37:53 PM

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The Overview:

- Right now, I’m looking primarily for an ensemble-style roleplay, in which both writers take on multiple characters. The ideal would be one central pairing, one driving story, and a nice little web of subplots and interconnected relationships weaving around it. For me, building a world through the dynamics of multiple characters provides a richness, variety, and sense of stakes that I haven’t been able to achieve by focusing solely on two people’s experiences and development.
- For the pairings, I would prefer the primary couple to be MxM. For side pairings, anything goes, though the heteros are at the back of the line. I am also interested in poly relationships, love triangles, cheating, and really anything that involves tension between multiple parties. Three is a beautiful number.
- I prefer to play a sub/switch for the primary pairing (with the possible exception of the last plot). If there are additional secondary pairings, I am very happy to play with any dynamic.
- For post length, I bend toward flexibility, writing as much as is sensible for a particular scene, character, partner, mood. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes less really is less, but fuck it, you just want to get the plot moving. Sometimes you want to get comfortable, pull out your cigarettes and whiskey, and Edward Bulwer-Lytton the hell out of a post. Length varies widely.
- I strongly prefer posting to the forums
- Smut comes in second to plot and relationship/character development, but when it does come into the picture, kink is great. I’m interested in basically anything, so it’s easier to list the offs - mpreg, furries, unrealistic body proportions. Other than that I’m down for incorporating basically anything you can think of, and probably a few things you're wary to think of.

And now…The Plots

All of these ideas remain extremely mutable, so if you like part of something, we should talk, alter, and expand.

Ghost Town

Setting: Survival

The colonies were once impossibly dangerous. But after nearly two decades of successful settlement, the survival terrain has softened from ‘impassable’ to ‘inconvenient,’ and a more diverse assemblage of travelers are making the journey.

The passengers disembark, expecting to find the rough but thriving city the last supply vessel left behind.

Instead they find empty houses, quiet streets, and bloated corpses.

The new arrivals find themselves in an unfamiliar land with an ocean-sized barrier between them and assistance and no idea what could have wiped out an entire city. But they had better figure it out. Because whatever it was is coming for them next.

I don’t have a particular pairing in place for this one, but I can think of a lot of interesting options, and I’d love to develop something with a partner’s preferences.

The Courtship

Setting: Historical or Fantasy

Family A is on their way out. Once a powerful presence, that influence is beginning to falter without the weight of a substantive fortune, now almost fully exhausted. That’s just fine with Family B. With their newly acquired wealth, they would be happy to take Family A’s place. However, in the eyes of those around them, Family B retains an outsider status that their wealth can’t combat.

When Prominent Figure’s daughter comes of age, both families see an opportunity. A union between Prominent Figure and their family would provide the legitimacy and resources they need. And it just so happens that each has a perfectly unmarried son perfectly capable of courting the young woman.

It was never going to be easy. But it gets a lot harder when the men fall for each other instead.

I’m hoping for some fiery love-hate friction here. Also, if you feel like making things more complicated, fantastic elements could be added.

Solar Eclipse

Setting: Dystopian

Everyone knows: you don’t go out after dark.

When the sun is high, the city is like any other in the Outlands. Not the prettiest or the most polished, but safe enough that you can walk alone to buy bread, and get help from a police officer if someone steals it. Once the sun sets, there is no one to help you. Rowdy factions rule the streets, rendering any efforts of the authorities obsolete. Once darkness falls, the only thing to do is shut the blinds, bolt the doors, and never, ever step outside alone.

Character A knows how to take care of himself. He knows how to take care of his chosen family. That means being alert, thinking on your feet, never taking unnecessary risks. Their ramshackle house isn’t much, but it’s the best life that any of the inhabitants have ever known. The people who live there look out for each other.

But when darkness falls, and one of the inhabitants hasn’t returned, Character A does something as stupid as it is unavoidable – he goes out to look for them.

Character B hardly sees the sun anymore. Who would waste their waking hours on the day, when there is so much to be done at night? Some people see it as disorder, but chaos is an agent of change. The world is a place of corruption and inequity. Character B will be one of the people who halts this malignant cycle – no matter what it takes.

Character B doesn’t mind a little danger. He wouldn’t still be breathing if he didn’t know how to handle it. But not everyone is quite so familiar with Night Code. Character A is quick, crafty, and absolutely, unquestionably out of his depth. Character B pulls him back up to the surface. Night commingles with day as both men become aware of worlds they did not understand.


Setting: Modern

Character A is disgruntled, when he wakes up in Character B’s bed.
He is humiliated, when he realizes the fogginess of last night’s memories.
He is horrified, when he sees the bloodstains on his clothes.

Something happened, the night before. It was horrible. It was their fault. And neither is certain what it was.

With nothing shall be pleased ‘till he be eased with being nothing

Setting: Historical or Modern

MC has been king since he was six, but has only recently come of age and taken up the mantle of true regency. MC is young, inexperienced, and a little fucked up from being one of the most important people in the world since he learned how to lace his own shoes (that was a joke, he would never lace his own shoes).

MC’s grandiose and ill-conceived decisions are becoming a problem that needs to be fixed. YC has been tasked with fixing it. A respected and loyal figure with an uncanny knack for smoothing what is wrinkled, mending what is broken, and doing so by any means necessary, YC is pressed by the advisors into the unruly king’s council. In the violent clashing wills that follows, the flying sparks are definitely a fire hazard.

I’m imagining a ton of manipulation coming from both sides, heated, toxic attraction, and complicated power dynamics. If it happens naturally, this is a scenario in which I could see my character fall into a certain type of dominant role.

I can also imagine a modern reskinning of this idea. Perhaps a young man taking his seat at the head of his family’s company, or some similar flavor. Something with high stakes and some power to be abused.