Last train in Scotland (M seeking F)

Started by Jester, December 03, 2019, 08:16:07 AM

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Name: The last train in Scotland

Content: Depends on R/P partner.

Scenario: In the depths of Scotland two strangers watch the last train depart. They are left stranded until the following monday
and are left to survive for the weekend in a sleepy Scottish Village.

Together they manage to find a room in a hotel but there is only one room left. The strangers are forced to share even though they do not know each other.

What follows are a fun packed few days for the two of them. Possibly a romance will blossom?

The two will enjoy:
1. Evenings by a roaring fire in the hotels small but cosy bar.
2. Long walks across the hills surrounded by wonderful scenery and beautiful countryside.
3. Visits to the local whisky distillery where they get hopelessley drunk.

The two of them could be:
1. Complete opposites who would never normally get on.
2. One rich and the other very poor but drawn together.
3. One English and the other American yet Scotland draws the two cultures together.
4. Both married but still thet start a dream affair and dread Monday.
5. There may even be a large age gap between the two......

There will be sex but would like to dicuss with my partner but could consist of:
1. Frustrating scenes when they share a room and undress...
2. A handjob by the fireside hoping no one will see.
3. A passionate clinch in the stables after a hot and heavy ride.
4. In the snowy peaks unable to control themselves.
5. Having seduced the barman or barmaid they enjoy a threesome.
6. She lets them use her sex toys that she takes everywhere...
7. They both enjoy trying something new in this wonderful place....

Setting: Scotland, Modern day in the middle of nowhere. The train station only has the odd train and even then its a slow
steam train. There is no phone coverage and certainly no wifi.

The hotel will be small and essentially a pub with rooms. The common room will hold a few locals and a few seats by a roaring fire.
The weather will be cold and awful but will mean you can wrapped up and cosy.

The locals will be welcoming and friendly. And maybe more? Three days of complete relaxation.

Requirements: Looking for a female play who would like some romance. With a little kink maybe?

Other info: All of this is flexible and I would love to hear your ideas too. If we can make it kinky then great but romance is key. Taboo romance even better.