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May 22, 2022, 07:14:45 pm

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Author Topic: 1x1 Information! (BxB)  (Read 533 times)

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1x1 Information! (BxB)
« on: November 29, 2019, 05:38:36 pm »
I'm new to this site and forums, so please if I put some of this in the wrong place, let me know!

I’ll try out just about anything. I do prefer to have romance involved with the plot line, but if we play multiple characters, whether main or in the background- I also love platonic relationships! I will usually play multiple background characters to further the plot and make it more interesting. I don’t particularly enjoy adventure, but I’ll try it so long as we have a solid plot. I also do not like medieval, but again, if there’s a solid plot I’ll try it. I just don’t like to write where I’m unfamiliar, because I feel like I am not going to be able to put the attention needed into the story. PM me if you're interested!

Important Note
I refuse to always play a dominant role, or a submissive role. I get bored very quickly. Every character I write, fandom or not, is a switch. Even my Omegas, in Omegaverse. Some lean more towards one way or the other, that I do not mind, but I ONLY write with other switches, and very rarely, dominants. It can be fun to pair two dominants together, and see which one breaks first. That, I don't mind. None of my female characters are overly masculine, none of my male characters are overly feminine. I ask that you write yours the same way, and I despise "soft boys." Defend yourself. My characters are all quite aggressive, and like a challenge.

OC Pairings
Human Pairings
I have a few characters so far, and the list is ever growing. I will sometimes write BxG with Rue, my only female, but I mainly write BxB with Conan Mariano, Kye Castillo, Fletcher Artaire, or Samael Sutcliffe. Each of them are used more often for certain plots. Conan is used often in supernatural roleplays, like vampires or werewolves. Kye is used more often in SOL roleplays, as he's based off of Fiona in Shameless. Fletcher is used more often in crime, fantasy, or medieval plots. Samael is used almost exclusively in writing including demons and angels, as he is an Incubus.
Furry Pairings
I have two characters so far, but I am in the works of more. I have a female leox, or more affectionately named slynx, which is my own mix of a snow leopard and a lynx. Her name is Niamh Sioux.
I also have a male maned wolf character named Rouen Beviere. I do not use them very often, so don't ask unless you think you may have a good plot.

Fandom Pairings
I have relatively strict rules on fandom pairings, meaning I would like you to have a decent idea of the characters involved, or the plot. I can explain it in settings where it is non-canon, but with canon characters. I don't do these often, but would love to find someone who is willing.

Destiel- Dean x Castiel
-I usually write them in modern society or AU's, I can play either. Both are switches.
Sabriel- Sam x Gabriel
-I usually write these two in AUs. I will only play Sam in this pairing, and don't do it often. Both are switches, Gabriel is more dominant.

Ouran Highschool Host Club, it may seem juvenile, but I got into the anime when I was much younger.
Kyotama- Kyoya x Tamaki
-I write these two in the universe and AUs, I can play both and have no preference. Both of them are switches, Kyoya being more dominant.
Hikakao- Hikaru x Kaoru
-I write these two in the universe and AUs, I have no preference. Both of them are switches, but Kaoru is definitely more dominant.

Septiplier- Markiplier x Jacksepticeye
-I don't often write real people, it makes me uncomfortable, but this is one of the very few pairings I will do. I like to write them in universes, so they're more or less OCs. I can play either, both are switches.
Antidarkiplier- Antisepticeye x Darkiplier
-I don't do this one nearly as often as the one above, but I will. No preference, both switches.

I write concerning character length, so a detailed response of no less than 2,000 characters is required. I have been known to write more than 15,000 if given an appropriate amount to respond to, and I often will never write less than 4,000 characters.

-Respect my opinion, and I’ll respect yours, respect is earned with me.
-I generally do not write with fandom characters, but I don’t mind if yours is from a fandom or not for the most part.
-Try and shoot me a heads up whenever you’re gonna be gone for long periods of time, so I’ll know you’re okay! I worry about my partners too easily.
-If you have a problem with me, or the way I do something, bring it up with me. Not saying anything will only lead to resentment and fighting. I’ve been down this road too many times to count.
-Don’t ask me to Roleplay if you are not positive that you can be active relatively often, I have my own life, so I am very understanding about yours.
-I would appreciate it if you played side characters or background characters, it keeps the feeling of the world around our characters alive.
-Put effort into this, I really don’t want to carry the whole Roleplay.
-Don’t make depression the main topic of the Roleplay. It makes me very uncomfortable. It can be mentioned, and I do not mind if a character has it- but it’s a slippery slope.
-DO NOT pm me if you don’t want to stick around. I don’t want to have you leave three or four days in. I generally get attached to characters and roleplays quickly, and it upsets me. I will always tell you if I am going to leave, or if I am uninterested.
-You have to make decisions for yourself. I will not make them all for you.
-Help me with making ideas.
-Godmodding is prohibited in any circumstance.

If you message me asking for something that I clearly don’t do, I’ll know you didn’t read my rules and I can guarantee you I won’t respond.


Things i’m okay with!
BDSM, Rough Sex, and various other kinks, I will make those clear when we begin talking.
Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or other demeaning topics such as Speciesism, I will only be comfortable with these if they provide valid conflict with the plot.
Pseudo-Rape, or a character that struggles, but secretly enjoys the exchange.
Grey-Area Consent, I don't know the official name for this, but it's when a character says no, and it means yes. Also known as unclear consent, meaning an explicit no or yes is not heard.
Omegaverse/MPreg. I absolutely love this AU. I prefer to be the omega or a mutated alpha, but my character will never be shy, submissive, and needy.

Things I do NOT do.
Diapers or any form of ageplay.
Any bodily excrement minus cum and blood. (Scat, Piss, Watersports, Ect.)
Trans characters. I am just not comfortable with writing about them, and most people often portray them wrong. My boyfriend is trans, and some of the characters I’ve seen people try to pull off are absolutely appalling.

Self harm and complete non-con. Mentions are okay, but I don’t want to hear about it descriptively.

You can suggest some if it’s not listed here
Demon x Angel
-Me as the demon.
Supernatural x Human
-Me as either, but I prefer humans.
High School
Coffee Shoppe
Hanahaki Disease
Runaway/on the run
Dragons- As in dragon riders.
Maximum Ride- bird people, it's complicated. I can explain it!
Single Parents
Nerd x Bad-boy/Jock
-Yes, me as the "jock," but I am picky about the nerd character.
Werewolf x Werewolf
Werewolf x Vampire
-Me as the werewolf
Werewolf/Vampire x Human/Vampire/Werewolf Hunter
-Me as the hunter, or human.
Forbidden Love
Arranged Marriage
Enemies to Lovers
-My absolute favorite!
Boarding School
Assassin x Target
Boss x Intern or Employee
-Me as the intern/employee
Royalty x Servant/Peasant
If you think of any other pairings, hit me with them, i'm always open to exploring new ideas.

I do require a character sheet, though!
I'll fill it out as well.







Appearance(Or Image)-



Nationality: (What's their heritage/where are they from?)

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