Death Watch (AHS: 1984) (Need Female OC) (EX)

Started by Jag, November 26, 2019, 07:00:06 PM

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Death Watch

Warning: Spoilers for the season ending! Major spoilers!

After realizing that, despite having killed some of the newer ghostly members to Camp Redwood, Mr. Jingles was not actually the killer they thought he was; the ghosts of Camp Redwood decide to do something good with their afterlife. Mr. Jingles had come back and died to protect his son. They decide to take up the mantle of doing that for him.

They trap Richard "Nightstalker" Ramirez inside an old cabin and proceed to murder him. Sadly, his contract with Satan allows him to be resurrected. To which point, they murdered him again...and again...and again...and again.

Knowing that Richard Ramirez cannot actually be killed and stay killed, they form the Death Watch. After the first few years, they start getting more creative with their kills. It helps to make their afterlife a little more interesting and satisfies this strange urge inside of them, keeping them a little calmer. Killing Ramirez repeatedly helps to calm the violent tones of their ghostly forms. Their goal became to cause him pain. They do all they can to come up with new and torturous ways to kill him. He's almost escaped a few times, but the Death Watch of over forty souls has been good at keeping him within the camp property so that he can never get out. All to keep Mr. Jingle's son safe.

All the souls take their turns watching him. Sometimes daily shifts, sometimes weekly, sometimes even a month or two. They work in teams mostly, but occasionally solo. They know he's powerful and try not to risk it. However, after the first decade, they notice not all the ghosts are pulling their weight. Some of them have not actually killed Ramirez. They firmly believe that each of them must do it. Not only does it help satisfy their ghostly urge for violence, but it helps to make their afterlife feel like it has meaning.

When it's noticed that one of the older ghosts, from the original Camp Golden Star massacre, has not actually made a kill on Ramirez, she is left to do so. She is left alone with him and given an axe to do the job. Should she fail, he would put her through the unpleasantness of afterlife death and they would be waiting scattered through the camp to catch him as they always are. She would be "reborn", but afterlife death hurt as much as real death. She would have to keep doing it until she successfully killed him.

Only looking down at his dark featured face as he started to revive, she feels something more for him. She knows all the things the others have told her about him, but she can't help but find him at least attractive to look at. She can't help but wonder what made him the way he was.

  • OC Female would be from the original Camp Golden Star. She would have been a counselor, so she would have been 18 at least when she was killed. Since Camp Golden Star ended in 1948, she would have been born in the 30s at the latest. So just keep this in mind when thinking about her looks/personality.
  • As for personality, she would have deep rooted "dark" urges. Something for him to help bring out in her.
  • By this point, Richard expects to be killed when he wakes up. He still fights, struggles, screams, and tries. He's not going to give up, but he knows what to expect. It would catch him off guard if she hesitated. He'd try to use it to his advantage.
  • The story would involve a lot of blood. Because while she finds herself attracted to him and they even start to fool around as things progress during his resurrections, she will ultimately kill him each time. Lots of blood and violence. You must be okay with writing high amounts of gore.
  • No non-con or dub-con. She would consent to any sexual interactions. He might be a little handsy and flirty, but no non-con at all. This is not negotiable.
  • I will be playing Ramirez. Despite being a real life serial killer, we will be focusing more on his AHS supernatural side and not the real person.

PM me if interested.

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