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Author Topic: Druid's Deposity of One-Shot Ideas (Quick to smut ideas, all writers welcome!)  (Read 875 times)

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Thanks for looking in! This page is a collection of all the ideas I've had for One-Shot stories, scenes or ideas that can usually be played within a single scene, and get to smut relatively quickly compared to my more long-term story ideas. Many of these ideas I have posted in the One-Shot Classifieds Thread at one point or another, but a few are unique to this thread as well. Sometimes I may just add an idea here to save for later when I want to put something in the OS thread. That said, I'm always open to meeting new friends and talking RP, so please feel free to message me if you see something you like!

If you’re interested in knowing what I look for in stories, co writers, or what kinks I’d enjoy writing, a good place to start is my Ons and Offs page. Not everything in there is set in stone, mind you, and if something in my O/O page conflicts with a story idea, it’s very likely the idea takes priority. Generally speaking, for One-Shots, I'm more willing to write something I wouldn't want to commit a longer story to.

If you're interested in writing with me, but prefer something more plot driven or longer term, please check out The Galactic Hub, where I keep all my requests organized.

General Ideas
Presented in no particular order...

Name: YOUR Ideas

Scenario: I can't emphasize this enough. Do you like what you see in my O/Os page, or kind of like an idea here, but want to approach me with a new idea or change something in one of mine so it works for you? Please PM me. I love hearing out other people's ideas. Most of my favorite RPs on here were other people's pitches, so please don't be shy!

Name: Great Customer Service (New and Craving!)

Content: Open to discussion, but I imagine it would be relatively light, with lots of dirty talk

Scenario: I hate to admit this, but this idea was honestly inspired by a joke on Tumblr, someone threw out a writing prompt for "Dirty talk, but in your best customer service voice." While there were plenty of great jokes, I hate to admit, but I found the whole concept really hot. I love that casual, pleasant tone of the customer service rep, combined with a dirty intent, it can be very arousing. "Welcome! What can I help you with today! Oh, that does sound fun! Would you like to browse our catalogue, or may I have the privilege of helping you with that? Thank you very much, sir!", etc.

Setting: Perhaps a secluded brothel in the modern US? Or maybe an alternate modern day setting where sexuality isn't quite so taboo, and much more casual? I'm open to negotiation on how exactly this is played.

What I'm Seeking: Someone to play a female character who has a filthy mouth and a flair for customer service lingo.

Name: Making a Mess (New and Craving!)

Content: Dependent on my cowriter's interest and comfort level, but definitely consensual

Scenario: This one is a little more vague than usual (which is saying something for me), I'm looking to write any kind of scenario in which concern for cleanliness is thrown completely out the window. Maybe it's a pair of pastry chefs that have a wild tryst on their last day. Maybe it's a college cafeteria food fight that turns into foodplay. Maybe it's hot, sweaty sex at the gym sauna. Maybe we discuss playing a couple having a lot of fun with lube in the bedroom, or any of the rooms, or all the rooms. Could be a fantasy scenario, a scene between any character you might like and that anime goo girl trope. I'd even be up for watersports or similar play. Essentially, I'm looking to write a sexual scenario in which our characters end up a wet, sweaty mess by the end of the scene, because I have to be so OCD about sanitation at both my jobs, I want to play a scenario where I can cut loose from it.

Looking for: An active partner willing to play a female or feminine role who'se eager to make a mess.

Name: What's this for?

Content: A relatively straight forward one-shot with some buildup; the exact O/Os are negotiable based on partner's preferences, but I'm definitely not looking for NC.

Scenario: Meridia is a mermaid who'se just been granted her one true wish, a chance to live on the surface as a human! She just has one small problem, she has no idea how to properly present herself in human society, how to interact with surface dwellers, or what to do with any of her new anatomy. Luckily, she's met a human (either before or after her transformation) who'se all too happy to help her out.

Setting: Anywhere from light fantasy to modern fantasy. The exact setting is negotiable, but due to the nature of the story, it's safe to assume there is at least some magic involved.

Requirements: Looking for a writer of any gender willing to play the mermaid. I'm willing to write my character as male or female, or somewhere in between if that's my partner's preference. How Meridia acts is entirely up to you, but I'm hoping to play out some silly, literal 'fish out of water' scenarios before getting right to the sex, with lots of teasing and buildup. Maybe due to cultural differences, Meridia doesn't even realize what a tease she's being, or she's more used to a casual approach to sex than her partner?

Name: Fantasies, Inc.

Content: Literally anything, EX kinks included and encouraged

Scenario: Virtual Reality has been perfected! No longer just a headset, VR systems actually put the user into a sleep like state, letting them enter an entire virtual world that looks, feels, smells and tastes completely real. VR arcades have popped up all over the world, none of which are more popular than "Fantasies, Inc.", an adult-themed VR company that allows users to live out their wildest dreams in a safe environment. Your character is one such user, entering a dream world where she can live out her wildest desires.

Setting: A virtual world custom designed for the character to live out their deepest desires. Specifics are open for discussion over PM, but literally anything an an option here. It could be as vanilla as a Roman bathhouse filled with a variety of men and women for casual fun to dungeons filled with toys to just about anything else. Really, just about the only scenarios I'm not interested in running would involve beastiality.

Requirements: Someone willing to play either a female, futa, or otherwise feminine character against an entire world of fun characters. Open mindedness and creativity are a huge plus here, I'm much more interested in exploring kinks that don't get written as often than I am in writing a regular harem.

Name: Romance of the Four Seasons

Content: Fantasy | M x F(s) | Kinks negotiable, I'd love to discuss ideas with a partner, find out what they enjoy and don't get to write often outside of one shots. Let's make this a fun story for both of us!

Scenario: Each of the four seasons has their role to play - Spring brings new life and warmth, Summer provides a chance to rest and enjoy life, Autumn brings the biggest harvest, and Winter gives the land a chance to rest, makes everything ready for the next cycle, and brings families together in their homes. The problem is, no one seems to appreciate Winter the way they do the other seasons. More often then not, people are just eager for Spring to come and usher him away. Winter has been especially harsh this year, loneliness and  resentment for his role making him especially cold. If something doesn't change, it could disaster for the land and the cycle that's nurtured it for so long. Yet unknown to Winter, The other seasons prepare for a visit in the hopes of thawing his heart and the land, intending to show him just how loved and appreciated he truly is...

Setting: Winter's frozen throne - possibly other locations as things progress.

Requirements: Looking for someone willing to play Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Writer's gender isn't important, so long as what we're looking for and our O/Os are compatible. Ideally, someone who likes to play the role of the seducer or initiator for the beginning of the RP.

Extra Notes: - Totally willing to play an angle where the seasons are siblings as well, since the topic came up in PM

- Depending on how long we want to keep this going, I'm open to the idea of moving this from one shots to one of the solo threads

- If a person isn't interested in playing several characters at once, this could always be divided into chapters focusing on each season.

Name: Arranged Union (Note, I'm definitely not married to this title. Ha, puns!)

Story: Aaryn is the heir prince to a race of humans who'se industrious culture has long clashed with the neighboring elven kingdom. Neither culture was wrong, nor evil, they were just... different. The elves tended to value the balance of nature, and accomplished many of their goals through magic, while the humans preferred to 'tame' their lands, replacing forests with large, steam-spewing cityscapes and planned farms to feel their packed populations. Tiring of years of fighting, both kingdoms had been putting major efforts into mending the gap between them and gaining a better understanding of one another that accumulated in an alliance, sealed by the arranged marriage of Aaryn and the closest thing the elven kingdoms had to a princess, your character (whom I'm leaving as open as possible since I like to let my partners write their own characters. That picture is definitely not required, just something I thought was fitting and fun.). Both Aaryn and his bride to be are happy with the arrangement and dedicated to their people, and to making the union a successful one. If anything, meeting his future bride only strengens his resolve, especially as she introduces him to the intensity of elven desire and mating rituals, something she doesn't feel needs to wait until after the cceremony. If anything, Aaryn is a bit caught off guard by her desire.

Requirements: Someone to play the elf, I'm happy to write with people of any gender or persuasion, so long as you're willing to write a female character for this story. Interests beyond vanilla scenes are great and well fitted for such a story, but not required.

Name: Trick or Treat!

Story: Just some fun Halloween/costume themed smut. A small house on the corner, not notable any other time of the year, is infamous around Halloween for the ‘treats’ the temporary occupants that show up around the time provide. Curious, bold, or adventurous trick or treaters always find themselves rewarded.

Requirements: I’m pretty flexible here. I’d love to play a young adult curious about the rumors they’ve heard of the house and hoping they might get lucky, a more experienced man who thinks they're going to get to take advantage of the situation, maybe something else entirely, depending on what kind of character my partner might be looking for. I’d be happy to play the denizens of the house for another player as well. It could be a sorority or frat that sets up as a ‘party house’, an incubus or sucubus’s den of depravity, or something else entirely. I don’t have a lot of requirements here, just some fun seasonal smut. Plot and kinks are fully negotiable, depending on what we can find to agree on. I’m totally willing to make this into something bigger as well, if we wanted to flesh this out into a bigger story. Perhaps there's a reason a succubus sets up shop in this particular location, and the actions of the town, my character in particular, release some ancient evil they now feel at least partly responsible to stop....

Name: Renewing the Vows

Story: MC is a traveler who’se stopped at a secluded abbey for the night, and is lucky enough to be taken in by the nuns there. It just so happens he’s shown up on Hallow’s Eve, the night before the ladies renew their vows of celibacy for the year. However, between midnight and when the sun rises and they take their new vows, just about anything goes.

Requirements: Someone willing to play as many as the nuns of the abbey as they feel comfortable with, anywhere from one to several. Kinks are negotiable depending on what we find we have in common. I wouldn't mind swapping the genders on this, either, and playing a group of monks for a female visitor.

Name: Family Planning

Story: A lesbian couple wants to start a family. The two of them agree that they know the perfect person to ask to be the donor, the sister of one of the couple. Not wanting to do the cold medical procedure, they decide it’s best to ask him to help her get pregnant “naturally”. He agrees, not counting on just how involved his sister wants to be for the actual process, or what they'd ask of him to ensure no one gets jealous...

Requirements: Someone willing to play the women in the couple. Kinks are totally negotiable, depending on what we have in common. I’m willing to write this as a three person story as well, if there’s enough interest. As with all my stories, people of all genders are welcome to write with me!

Name: Rush Job

Content: Consensual, maybe a hint of dub-con depending on how it’s played out, seduction

Scenario: YC is a new pledge to a sorority, one with a reputation for it’s wild members and even wilder parties. As part of her ‘hell week’, she’s tasked with teasing and leading on one of the less popular male students, only to leave them high and dry, or maybe lead them on to a party where they make a public scene of rejecting them. MC is their intended target, either a shy nerd or some similar trope. Things don’t go as planned when YC finds she actually likes the attention MC shows her, treating her as another human being, rather than a trophy or booty call. Whether it’s guilt or attraction, she comes clean about how they met, and proceeds to rock his world while he plays along long enough for her to pledge.

Requirements: I’m pretty open for this one. Someone (of any gender) to play the sorority pledge. Beyond that, exact kinks and things we’d like to write are totally negotiable.

Name: A Different Approach

Content: Age gap, Light bondage, consensual, additional kinks welcome and encouraged, with bonus points for anything in my favorites or want to try

Scenario: Depending on the range of the age gap, YC is a sorority pledge, or a Junior or Senior in high school (Please keep Elliquiy’s rules in mind for this one!). MC is a veteran teacher, perhaps tenured depending on age, but regardless, single, attractive, and very popular with the student body. He also has a reputation, at least among some students, for being imossible to seduce. Several have tried in one way or another, promising to do anything to please him, to be his personal slut or slave, to fulfill his wildest dreams, yet nothing seems to work, he’s simply not interested. Some students suspect he might not be interested in women at all. But somehow, maybe she’s found his page on some dating or kink profile, or maybe it’s just a hunch, but YC has a different take. Maybe he hasn’t shown any interest because he’s not looking for someone to be a pet, a slave, or a sub. What he wants is someone who’se going to take control...

Requirements: Just like above, all writers are always welcome! What I’m looking for is someone who’se interested in playing a kinky schoolgirl with in dominant side. Exact kinks are negotiable, but oral, anal, face sitting, and a handful of things I wouldn’t publicly mention would be especially lovely. Please feel free to PM me with your wildest ideas!

Incest-Themed Ideas

Name and Content: A shameless incest request

Scenario/Setting: Could be just about anything, to be honest, as long as it ends with family members keeping it together. Maybe a pair of raunchy minded siblings (16+ of course) getting up to trouble while they’re home alone, or getting reacquainted after one comes home from college? Maybe a jealous mother’s ploy to keep her son to herself a little longer when he starts dating? Maybe a pair of cousins that haven’t seen one another in years, reunited? Maybe an entire family that ‘gets together’ for the holidays, for those of you comfortable playing multiples? Idea that just popped into my head, I’d love to play a character that just got old enough (exact age is up for discussion) to be introduced to the ‘family tradition’. Could be something more complex as well, for those of you that like fantasy or sci fi scenarios. Maybe a pair of family members acting out fantasies they never would in reality with the help of VR?

Notes: Whatever the scenario is, I’d prefer it to be consensual and fun for both (or all!) characters involved.

Requirements: Any and all writers are welcome, but I prefer to write with my partner’s characters as female. I’d be comfortable writing male, female, or even futa characters (as well as a variety of non-human characters for the appropriate settings), so long as my partner is willing to play a female character (futa would also be welcome in multi-character scenarios, but I’d prefer at least one woman, if you please!).

Specific kinks (aside from the obvious) are totally negotiable, and there’s a wide variety of things I enjoy, so don’t be shy to ask if we can include that thing you like!

Title: Mother’s (slave for a) Day

Scenario: Every year, Michael and his mother have a tradition where he is her ‘slave’ for Mother’s Day. This usually involves things like cleaning the house, bringing her breakfast in bed, and various chores. Now that he’s (16-20), his mom seems to have different plans for his day of servitude.

Requirements: Someone to play the mother. This can be as light or as heavy as you like, but a few kinks would be preferred. Looking to play the son at an age where he’s old enough she feels he’s ready for this, but not ‘too old’ to still be living at home

Title: No Wanking to you Aunt

Scenario: MC’s aunt is visiting for the first time since he was too small to remember her. On the day she’ supposed to arrive, he goes to answer the door, and is shocked to see his favorite porn star, standing there waiting. He’s so surprised, he asks if it’s her by her ‘stage name’ before she can introduce herself as his Aunt. She knows what he’s been watching from the name he used...

Alternate take: MC won some contest on a site like pornhub, the prize being a date with his favorite sponsored star. On the same day he’s supposed to have the date, mom has been going on about her sister being in town and being able to catch up...

Requirements: Someone to play the aunt. Everything else is negotiable

Name: I heard you fighting

Scenario: MC is sleeping on the couch, again, after another argument with his wife. YC, his daughter (16+) sneaks downstairs to confront him. She heard the screaming, and is well aware the fights are over the wife’s religious and conservative views on sex. Maybe he wanted to try something new, like oral or anal, and she blew up on him for being a pervert. Maybe he wanted to her to use birth control. Maybe it’s something as simple as he wants to have sex for a reason other than procreation. The exact reason is negotiable, but whatever it is, YC is aware, and wants to offer her help to her dad.

Requirements: Someone to play the daughter. Everything else is negotiable.

Name: The Father’s Day Present

Scenario: MC is a single dad that’s lived alone for years. His daughter, wanting to really cheer him up, got him a very special Father’s Day gift: she’s convinced her best friend to fuck him. Watching her best friend and her father get it on, however, is making her far more jealous than she ever imagined. (All characters mentioned should be 16+)

Requirements: Someone to play the daughter and her friend, not necessarily both at the same time the whole RP.

Name: Training for College

Scenario: The summer before college, our characters, a set of fraternal twins or a pair that’s barely a year apart, are doing everything they can to get ready for the college experience. YC comes to MC with a crazy proposal; if they want to get into the coolest parties or best houses, they can’t be inexperienced virgins, and no one they’d want to date is interested in an a partner with no experience. They’ve done everything else to get ready for college together, why not this too?

Requirements: Someone to play MC’s sister, bonus points if she’s on a bit of a slutty streak.

Name: Catching a Catfish

Scenario: Our characters are either siblings or cousins, relatively close in age, late teens to mid twenties, and big on social media. One of the characters catches the other on a dating or hookup site, and makes a fake account with the intent of messing with them or maybe blackmailing them into something (not a big NC fan, so maybe it’s something like doing their homework), but when the conversation turns hot and heavy they find they have a lot in common...

Alternately, perhaps MC is trying to catch YC, their mother, cheating by making a catfish account on facebook. When mom starts talking dirty and sharing pics, however, MC’s motivations change...

Name: The costume party

Scenario: A little late for Halloween with this one, I admit, but two family members (exact roles are open for discussion) meet at a costume party. They don’t recognize one another (or maybe just one doesn’t), but do find one another attractive. Things get hot and heavy before they realize, but don’t stop once they do!

Name: Epic Mount!

Scenario: Our characters (exact dynamic negotiable) play a lot of online games together, especially MMOs. In their most recent adventure, they joined an RP server. Slowly, that RP has been turning into ERP, and sexual tension around the house is through the roof! It’s becoming harder for the two to keep it online...

Note: More than happy to play this one as a best friends to lovers scenario as well.

Non-Human Ideas
Many of my ideas, like "Fantasies, Inc", or the arranged union, I'd love to run with non-humans if they make sense. Furies are also welcome, there are some I'm willing to give them a try. The ideas below, however, are specifically made with playing non-humans or against non-humans in mind.

Name: Galaxy of Pleasure

Content: Smut with a sci fi theme. Genders, kinks, and story (if any!) totally negotiable

Scenario: Looking to scratch me itch for some smut with a sci fi theme. Exactly what that is is totally negotiable, but I’m looking for simple scenarios that would be fun to play out. Possible ideas:

-One of our characters is approached by the other, a member of a species that has recently made first contact and is trying to forge a peaceful coexistence or alliance, to determine genetic compatibility for inter-species romance. That chartaceter could either be the parter for these experiments, or inroduce them to the person that will be.

-The captain of a small cargo vessel needs to make a refueling/recharging stop at a space station that’s off the charts, that has a very lax view on sex.

-In order to escape a debt to a large corporation or other shady individual, a character takes out an indentured service contract for a company or wealthy community on a space station with very little oversight or moral code. For this scenario, I’d prefer to play the indentured servant character.

-A friendly meeting between two characters, human or otherwise, in the gardens of a ‘utopia’ space station.

-Your ideas, or something we come up with together! As long as there’s a sci-fi twist and a little story to go with the smut, I’d be super interested to hear out any ideas or discuss things.

Setting: Space stations, alien worlds, military cruisers, science vessels, take your pick

Requirements: As with all my ideas, I’m open to any writer that’s interested in writing with me. I’m more interested in ideas and compatible interests than anything else. That said, I’m afraid I don’t really have much taste for strictly M/M character pairings, though any sort of female, Trans, neutral, and NB characters are always welcome.

Name: We're not so bad

Scenario:MC has been trained his whole life by an order of paladin who took him in as a child. He's always been taught to hate monsters and to extinguish their evil wherever it's found, for the sake of humanity. As part of his final trial for true initiation, he's sent to a den of monsters to slay them. It's there that he discovers not all monsters are the vicious killing machines he was lead to believe. In fact, these monsters are quite loving...

Name: You'll learn to love Me (Again!) - Fantasy or Urban Fantasy Huge craving for this one!!

Scenario: YC is a young witch or woman. In one way or another, possibly a spell gone wrong, or a corrupted wish, they've been granted the power to change their form at will! However, they quickly discover their wish came at a price- they are unable to turn back into their human form, or maintain the same shape for more than a few hours (maybe 24 or less?). MC is their long term boyfriend or spouse. While they're in a loving relationship, MC is finding physical intimacy hard without YC's original form. They decide to try to learn to love sex again, one form at a time, until he's comfortable with whatever shape YC might take.

EX Kinks Warning
The idea(s) below were written in the hopes of indulging an interest in exploring writing Watersports themed content. I realize this is not for everyone, and it is a curiosity at best, not a requirement to write with me. I will always respect and eagerly write with people for whom this is a firm no. In addition to the ideas below, for those interested in the kink, I'm willing to work it into my other stories as well if you desire.

Title: Golden Pond Watersports Lodge

Content: Light dub-con, WS play, other interests are completely negotiable. If there's something you want, please ask!

Scenario: Lately, Marcus has been in a complete rut. He has a good job, a nice home, good friends, and overall a good life, but every day, it's the same routine. Work until 5, back home to read or handle bills, on Fridays it's out with the guys, even his fun is routine and mundane and lately, he's been craving more. He happens to catch a vague advertisement on a website for a Watersports Lodge that isn't too far away, promising unique experiences and unforgettable fun, group parties and many other wet and wild events. A weekend off on a lake sounds like a fun change of pace for Marcus, and he's quick to book his position fir a weekend retreat. He has yet to learn the lodge was advertising a different kind of watersports than he's expecting...

Setting: Modern day, a lakeside resort designed with fun and discretion in mind.

Requirements: A writer of any gender willing to write a female partner to Marcus, possibly additional characters if interested. I'm looking to play Marcus as a switch, new to the kink at first, but willing to be on both ends of the play by the end if the scenario. If someone is interested in playing this as an F/F scenario, I'd be willing to play a female character instead, though I think I'd prefer to write a make character for this.

Other Info: I'm more than willing to negotiate and work out exact interests, please feel free to PM me to work out details.
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12/21 - Added the new story and craving Making A Mess, looking to do the exact opposite of what I have to do for work all day, lol.

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