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March 03, 2021, 01:35:44 am

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Author Topic: [f4M] I used to be a bright student, but now I'm your obedient suck-pet...  (Read 722 times)

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Offline Lost KittenTopic starter

You finally completed it.

The device has a sophisticated MRI scanner that allows it to scan the brain in real-time, providing information about the different areas of the brain, their level of activity and interpret thoughts and commands faster than the body is able to execute them. It could detect emotions even if the wearer is not aware of them.
The natural language processing module is able to categorize and interpret thoughts and speech in fractions of milliseconds. Some examples of its applications are that it can be used to tell if the wearer is cursing, speaking in first person or about itself, interpret the tone of the voice and so on.

The GPS module is very precise, being able to track the actual position of the subject down to the centimeter. The height sensor could be used in combination to it to setup specific perimeters and areas, allowing you to track if the wearer entered, left or is inside those areas. It can be used paired with other devices to calculate distances between devices.

The motion sensor is able to detect and record expressions, positions and motion patterns such as walking and crawling.

Even with all that advanced technology, you decided you wanted something simple and straightforward for the actual conditioning. The metallic ends on the inside of the collar are capable of transmitting shocks to the wearer, the intensity could be adjusted to your liking. It could provide a little tingling if you wanted it to serve as a warning, it could raise in intensity gradually or it could jump from zero to full power in a fraction of a second.

You decided to not include any "reward" module, the simple fact of not getting jolted should be a reward in itself, you thought. Why should you care about giving the wearer pleasure? It should only care about pleasing you rather than itself. You always thought of women as inferior, as mere ways of getting pleasure and a place for you to deposit your cum, and this was no different, in fact you thought a woman should be honored to be able to suck your big cock. This device was going to prove your point.

The device could be controlled remotely with a flexible app that could be accessed by your desktop, phone or even your smart watch. It had a hologram feature that allowed you to easily configure spacial features such as areas of interest to be used by the GPS and height sensor modules.

Despite all that work in the device, ultimately you were lazy. You hated doing things manually, if something could be automated, you went ahead and automated it so you wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. That is what led you to create a complex rules and protocols module that was connected to all other modules, such that you could create those with a very quick and easy to use interface. You needed it to be quick, as you liked to set things up as you go, and it needed to be flexible to add and remove, as was in your nature to experiment things. The module was able to dispatch notifications to other modules when rules and protocols were being broken and trigger specific commands in them, although it'd mostly be used by the "conditioning" module, as you started to call it. You grinned when the thought of constantly playing with the settings could lead the subject to break new rules due to the behavior ingrained by previous rules.

*A few weeks later...*

"SLURRRRRPPP SLURRRRPPP!! MMMPPPHHH!! SLURP SLURP!!" I keep audibly sucking your fat cock, trying my best to keep bobbing my head back and forth and continuously sliding my lips along your veiny shaft, remembering how hard you used to punish me before I got used to these kind of "activities"... The shock collar around my neck made sure to keep me reminded of the threat of being shocked if I wasn't sucking your cock properly, each time I stopped sucking for a second I could feel it starting to tingle and that was enough to motivate to go down yet again. "SLURP SLURP!!" I keet sucking your cock like a good suck-pet, but you weren't even caring about me, maybe you were doing work at the computer, coding yet another protocol for my shock collar or simply playing a game...

I still can't accept how you had turned me from an aspiring independent woman to an obedient pet... If it only wasn't for this stupid collar you locked around my neck...!

The tail-buttplug up my ass really wasn't helping my situation at all, constantly keeping me reminded of my place…

I lost track of how long it has been, but I could recall being a bright young student sometimes, that is, before the collar shocked me for thinking too much about my previous life…Oh well, I better focus on sucking your cock before I get shocked again… “SLURP SLURP!!”...
Hi! My name is Sophia and I'm looking for a long-term RP  over Discord heavily based on Operant conditioning through this devilish shock collar of yours. I'm looking for mostly negative conditioning with a heavy focus on punishing me constantly to make me adjust my behavior and accept that it is better that way than getting jolted...  Eventually it can all become normal to me... Ultimately becoming your docile, cum-fed fuck-pet for you.

I love D/S, misogyny, petplay, toys, gags, bondage, humiliation, sucking cock, anal, rough sex, cum play and of course behavior modification. I'm 20, 4'11, around 110lbs, long black hair and pale white skin. This is my [f-list profile](

I like playing over Discord, Threads or PMs.

Thank you for reading my prompt!
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Re: [f4M] I used to be a bright student, but now I'm your obedient suck-pet...
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Damn that :D  Might be tough for me to sleep now after reading that! Hope you find someone!