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Started by Changeling, November 15, 2019, 12:46:58 PM

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Hello everyone!

A collection of some idea, that I would love to explore further with an interested partner.

Some housekeeping, before I move on to the plots:

  • Your real life gender does not matter to me. You can choose to play any character in these stories.
  • These ideas are a way to start conversation. They are not set in stone, so use them as a starting point and feel free to discuss any changes.
  • If you are interested, please send me a pm.


How a young married woman, who has been struggling all of her married life, gets a ray of hope from a totally unexpected quarter. Immature age leads to a quick wedding, but the guy turns out to be good for nothing, might be an addict. His family had already forsaken him. She has been working hard to make ends meet, pay her bills, support him, a lonely struggle all the while. And then there comes the chance for a change. When the guy disappears from her life, her father-in-law makes an entry.  What does he want? What is he offering her? Why is he now suddenly interested? It would like the story to explore all such questions and see where this relationship goes.

Ranch Transformation
His father, catching him dressed in a cute summer dress was the last straw. He had been increasingly disappointed with his son, who was miles away from his idea of what a man should be. Mostly it resulted in harsh words for his mother, but this time his father decided to take some action, and make a man out of his son. He decided to send him to the far away mega ranch run by his friend from the old days. He knew both the men shared the same philosophy, and few heard months of work at the ranch would make a man out of his wimpy son.
What he did not know was that, his friend has totally transformed over the years. The long struggle with his wife's eventually fatal illness had made him emphatic to other view points about life. I want to explore the story between the son, and the father's friend. The son, who has been sent to this ranch against his will, and is expecting it to be like a concentration camp. And the man softened by the hard blows of life, who does a favor for his friend, only thing he knows about his guest is what he has been told by the father.

The savior
He would have never left his home, if his family had not forced him to. His family would have never forced him to leave, if the circumstances were not so dire.

The journey to USA, the land of dreams started becoming more and more torturous, the moment he was in the hand of human smugglers. Sharing crowded room with little food and water for days to blackmailing the families for more money. After weeks of distress, they finally crossed the border in middle of night. But all allusions of a safe pickup vanished, when they found them being chased by law enforcement.

The crash, the narrow escape, bruised body, no money, no phone, nothing.

He had moved into the dilapidated farmhouse a few years back and rebuilt it by hand. He liked the seclusion. The place was away from city, yet not totally inaccessible. That incident had left him devastated and totally on the edge of destruction. This move and the time had got him functional again, but he was very far away from developing any emotional bonds. The aloofness he had developed as part of his defensive mechanism had just hardened over time.

I want to explore this story between a young guy stuck in a dangerous situation, and the hardened older man, who saves him. Hence the title.

The younger guy comes from a very conservative society, where he had to keep his desires hidden. He had always felt attracted towards guys, and had day dreamed of being a girl as far as he can remember. But those were the dreams, and there was the murderous reality.

And the older guy! He never even though that he could fall in love again!

Cat and the fish

The new found freedom has Alex's mind running in a hyper state. He want to fulfill all his fantasies, ones he did not even know if he was really ready for or not. He shopped for women's clothing online, started dressing up in the confines of his apartment, practicing his make-up skills. He did not even realize, when he took on a female identity online, and started chatting with guys. It was just casual fun at first, and he met Mike one day. Mike was everything he had fantasized about, and he was soon falling head over heals for him. It was at that point, when the guilt started creeping in. More he fell for him, more guilty he felt. Till one day, he decides to tell Mike everything.

In Alex's mind, things would end here. But what if Mike does not want things to end? What would be his reaction? It would be interesting to explore the aftermath of this, and see how things go. It is fairly open ended, and I am curious to explore all the possibilities here.




Replaced some older ideas with newer ones.