Insanitosis seeks Literate Roleplays

Started by Insanitosis, February 25, 2009, 02:27:35 AM

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Hello Everybody, I am Insanitosis, a Roleplayer from way across the net.

I have been lurking around the forums for a while now, occasionally asking for a rp, which didn't get me very far, so I decided to make my own thread.

About me:

I am an Advanced Literate Roleplayer, when I try. I write at college level, easily posting more than 700 words per post (about the size of a full blown essay) if I like the rp and am sufficiently inspired. My spelling and grammar are also at college level, and I use a word processor to top things off as well. I do tend to capitalize words that I put emphasis on, a bad habit I am trying to break.

I am Male, Bisexual, meaning that I will perform Heterosexual, AND Homosexual pairings...

I play Men and Women, though I am capable of playing femboys, they still have a significant level of masculinity. Don't be shy to ask for what you want. I do not play Transsexuals, I simply don't see the point of playing a woman with a penis when I could play a male, who also has a penis, I might play WITH herms though, just not as them.

I really am neither Dominant or Submissive, I have my preferences for both though I tend to like Aggressive personalities over passive ones. I can play Dom, and I can play Sub, I really don't have a preference, though as said, I like other Doms more. For me, Subs just get boring fast. I also don't dominate males, since most yaoisubs require me to give anal (See limits) I prefer to be flexible and tend to like refreshing switches in dominance in related roleplays

Right now I am feeling rather dominant, though I warn, I will lose this dom-ness if bombarded with NC requests, I MIGHT play light NC, but I only go so far.

I want MATURE roleplays, no sissy kid stuff, themes like war, death, mutilation, drugs, alcohol, sex, and heavy metal drive me. I am ESPECIALLY fond of Science fiction and playing Evil characters

I have Two MAJOR fetishes, Oral sex, and Exotics. Oral sex is self-explanitory, I love foreplay... Exotics... Well, I like Exotics, nonhuman beings, whether that is Monster-girls, furries, vampires, you name it, anything but plain old humans


Yeah, Literacy, it is written up in the title isn't it? I am looking for Literate, or Advanced Literate roleplays. My expectations are not all that high at the moment, but I want at least three paragraphs of text from my partner in the rp, period. Ever heard the cliche "Quality over quantity"? Well, I want both... >.> Anything above three is more and more loved. Spelling and grammar are important too, but nowhere as important as Detail...

~Player Etiquette
Don't cheat, don't hijack my character, you know the rest

~Be prompt
When replying to my pms, I have this nifty little thing called an outbox, I can tell when you have read my pm and did not reply to it, and I start to get paranoid... If you decide not to play with me, TELL ME FOR GODS SAKE... I hate not getting a reply, at least terminate the conversation like a civilized person instead of blowing me off (this has happened several times here, it pisses me off. )

~Help me
Don't make me do all the plotting, don't make me do all the decisions. enough said.  Also, don't make me make the thread, I can guarantee I will procrastinate and probably forget to do it.

I can not stress this enough, If there is romance or sex in a rp, I want passion, actual feelings being cast about as two bodies embrace. A direct result of this is that I enjoy foreplay more than actual sex at times, and have a terrible disdain for non consensual sex acts due to the lack of passion. Please note passion comes in multiple forms, just referring to incredibly strong emotions.

~Ons and offs~
See link in sig -too lazy-



Alrightythen. Now for those wonderfully huge lists that I have been building over time, Starting with Series/Fandoms, then originals, divided into Human and exotic categories.

Ask for the characters I play, I won't list them for the sake of taking too much time to do.
Though I will say now I prefer OCs above all.

-CROSSOVER (Mix'nMatch)
Mix any series to pair characters together.

-Lord of the rings
-Star wars

+Video games (I am a BIG gamer. Go ahead and ask for games, I have probably played them)
-Starcraft <3
-Lost Oddessey
-Final Fantasy
-Mass effect
-The Elder scrolls
-Kingdom Hearts
-Legend of Zelda
-Tomb raider

-Ask for others

-Indiana Jones
-Romero movies

-Code Geass
-Eureka 7

Prisoner of war/Enemy officer
Harem youth/Royal.

Transfer student/Normal student or teacher
School Slut/Unpopular kid
Beautiful boy/Popular kid

Other Realistic
Homeless life

Ancient times
Human/mythological critter
Prince/ Foreign princess or queen


RPG class pairings (Warrior/mage ECT.)
I Play; swordsman, rouge, sorceror, Mage, Necromancer.
Immortal/ Immortal
Vampire/human (Gets old after a bit

Science Fiction
Child General/Older officer
Fallen enemy mech pilot/Allied Mech pilot
Genetically engineered soldier/Enemy soldier or officer.




Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.


Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.


Hi, I'd like to rp with you. I also am neither dominate nor submissive, I lean towards writing more aggressive assertive characters, but like being in a more submissive position in terms of power. My character would be in a subordinate position in terms of the rp, and could be sub, but is never purely submissive. I'm also flexible in what kind of character I play depending on the rp, and my partner's preferences. I can play dom, it just depends on the rp and my character. I do like playing opposite evil characters. I also love soft vore. I also prefer to play m/m.


All sound interesting to me, especially if mixed with vore, but that's not necessary. I'd also like the idea of a human who became friends with a dangerous creature (naga/demon/dragon/shifter whatever) when they were both young. As adults, they've both realized they should be enemies not friends since the creature eats/kills humans, and human hate/kill these creature if they can, but as the human has grown older he's also realized that he's in love with the creature, and won't stay away no matter what anyone tells him.

Of course, I'd love to hear your plots as well if you don't like my ideas.


To the top

I believe I made it clear that I do not dom in M/M


I wouldn't ask you to do something that is outside your limits, of course. However, when I say dominant and submissive I think more of personality wise, and behavior wise, not necessarily sex wise. The rp would not have to include anal sex at all, or topping in anal sex. I just would like to play with someone who could write a character with a dominant personality. I honestly don't really understand the whole yaoi thing where dom = top sub = bottom, I think it has something to do with linking being bottom to being a woman and women historically being perceived as weaker and passive while men were active and assertive. However, women are generally the one being penetrated in sex but they could still be the dominant one and I think that can be the same for two men. Again though, when I say dom and sub, I mean personality wise or power wise, so if a character is more powerful and has a dominant personality then it wouldn't matter if the character was paired with a woman or a man.


I am fully aware of the fact that the dom doesn't have to be the one doing the fucking, I once had a dom who was on the bottom because he was physically weaker than his slave, while still being dominant. I am just not in the mood to play a dominant role. My characters are all sexually aggressive, and the closest I get to dominants in M/M are vicious teases, that is about it. I just don't like do play a dom in m/m most of the time.

I would be willing to play Naga/human or if you are willing to play the master master/pet, with your choice of pet.


I would play master in master/pet, maybe we could combine it with naga human. Maybe I could play a human with a naga as a pet, because some people like dangerous exotic pets.


All right, where would you like to rp? Over PMs or in a thread, sorry if you mentioned it in your first post and I missed.


All right, would you mind making the thread and starting. I'm sorry, but I'm brand new to this, and trying to learn. As for setting, it can be whatever you'd like.




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I should be up and running soon.
then I can get to our rp and we can re-activate it again ^.^


Quote from: Insanitosis on March 11, 2009, 07:10:22 PM
I should be up and running soon.
then I can get to our rp and we can re-activate it again ^.^


Thought you had forgotten our lovely game.
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Oh no.
Of course I did not.
I like that one way too much to forget about it,