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January 26, 2021, 05:45:09 AM

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Author Topic: Cryptic's Little Shop of Mysteries  (Read 420 times)

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Cryptic's Little Shop of Mysteries
« on: November 04, 2019, 09:07:01 PM »
Open For Business

Welcome one and all, take your time and browse around. I know we do not have much to offer right now, though with time we plan on changing that a little bit at a time. Though please, if there is something else you have in mind, don't hesitate to speak with the staff, they are willing to do a little of the leg work if there is a product you have in mind. After all, aren't mysteries meant to be solved?

Now that I've had my little bit of fun, and perhaps given a giggle or two to those who've wandered their way into this thread.  This is just probably going to be a dumping ground for the random little plot bunnies I have, that I need another person to help me narrow down into a story as well as hopefully create something with me. Now, these aren't concrete and the only things I am willing to play. I am willing to write pretty much any genre, any creature, any gender for the right story.

I will also have to say too:

I'm sorry I do not write Fandoms, I don't feel comfortable writing them, ALTHOUGH!!! Although, I am willing to write something from the same universe and along the same story arc of the fandom, providing I know it, which I honestly do not know many of the popular fandoms.

Before I forget:  It has more of the genres and characters I am willing to play or plot with as well.

So without further ado, the ever-changing list of different ideas as inspiration comes to me.

Modern Day Robin Hood (Or can be a Bonnie Clyde thing too :P) (UN) (Modern Crime Drama, Romance Possible Violence) (AnyxAny)

Their family’s company has been stealing from the poor and unfortunate, making their money off their backs. The heir is tired of watching this happen, seeing the other people struggling as the company continues their purge. They start small really, a little hacking there, changing accounts and such saving at first one person’s life from being uprooted and torn apart by the monster their family created.

Now, its more, a plot and plan to take down the entire company. A family friend, their trusted companion, and probable lover finds out. They threaten to tear apart all the plans made and painstakingly crafted to finally end it all. Though, finding another person, the same values, the perspective and hatred of the company, they throw their dice in with the heir.

More romantic, though with dark elements. Just how far will they be willing to go to destroy the company, the heir’s legacy just to save the other people they love and care about? Or do they fail in their attempts betrayed by the one person they both loved and trusted?

A bit of a spin on robin hood, being the heir, “Maid Marian” can be the loudmouth poor friend of the heir’s fiance, and such. Just something fun, maybe a little light-hearted, but still plenty of drama to explore.

How to write a Bad Porno (UN) (Comedy, Satire, WTF?!?!) (AnyxAny)

Okay, this one is just purely for shits and giggles. Yes, a satire of horrible porno pairings, with a twist for us writers. Yes, this goes for me as well. Yes, this is going to be more of a one-shot in a fashion, but this is just going to be for fun, something that should get us to giggle as writers, or groan with disgust at ourselves that we’ve actually resorted to describing something a certain way. In short, let's get weird!

Okay so the pairings and the twists, completely up to the prospective partner, so I will put a few examples, and the twists so ya’ll get the general idea of what I mean.

So the pairings will be mostly humans, or even throw in some of the supernatural beings IE: Werewolf, vampires, mermaids. You get the picture. The humans will be more based on their occupations such as Plumber, Clown, Pizza Delivery person.

Now for the twist, and why the more classification on the human occupations, I hereby challenge you, dear writer, with this task. Depending on the occupation you must reference as many tools, tasks belonging to, etc relating to the occupation of your character into a post as it fits, for example. Plumber: He grabbed his long hard pipe and pressed it against her drain opening. Clown: He went off like an over shaken spritzer bottle filled with carbonated water, spraying all over her face. Pizza Delivery: “Oh I see you like your pizza with a little extra pepperoni.” You get the picture I hope. With the supernatural beings, one would have to make reference to their more unique aspects like Mermaid, using as many fish or ocean references, Vampire: corpse, dead, zombie type of references, Weres: The aspects of their animal half.

The Changing of the Seasons (UN)(Fantasy Drama Romance)(Any x Any perhaps up to AnyxAnyxAny)

Okay this one will take a bit of plotting with whoever wishes to take this on with me, I will be open to this being with perhaps and no more than two other writers besides myself. First of all the cast, the creatures, the manifestations of the seasons themselves. They aren’t really fae, but the actual embodiment of the seasons, so their emotions and personalities would be like that of the seasons they embody. For example, summer would be carefree, happy, joyful, playful, though they would also be unpredictable, quick to anger and when angry something of a force to be reckoned with think summer storms and the such. Winter would be cold, harsh, but also warm and gentle thinking of warm fires, animals curled with their pack mates deep in their dens.

Now, those are the two main seasons that we’d be working with summer and winter, though with the on going war between the two, a compromise must be reached. Perhaps it starts off with a star-crossed love affair between two of the opposing seasons, or a compromise between them that they must reach a peace and intermarry. So we get the creation of the seasons Fall and Spring, the new couples relationships would dictate that seasons weather, a warm and pleasant spring, or perhaps a bitterly cold fall. So on so forth.

I look forward to having more ideas added onto this, more input and just fun in creating characters that embody the seasons themselves.
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Re: Cryptic's Little Shop of Mysteries
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*Gives it a small bump and one new bunny* May add more as I wander through my picture collection XD