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February 24, 2021, 02:23:30 pm

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Author Topic: Write with me, intensely. (F looking for M characters)  (Read 929 times)

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Offline KatanaTopic starter

Write with me, intensely. (F looking for M characters)
« on: November 04, 2019, 08:52:15 pm »
I can't wait for my search to end. I am so tired- I feel like I'm on Tinder or something, don't just swipe at first glance please.

And the search begins again.


  • I'm looking for someone literate and enjoys roleplay just much as I do. I just want us to be able to also relate OOC.
  • I do prefer an average of 1-3 paragraphs per post and I prefer to roleplay on Discord.
  • I also prefer writing in the third person and past tense- and so should you. Also, no animations or cartoons for character faces- I prefer working with actual well-known faces that are not randomly Google images nor Instagram models. I hope you understand.
  • I only play heterosexual females though in MxF pairings. Your IRL gender/sexual orientation does not matter to me as long as you play a male for my females.
  • I prefer story over smut, but I mean this is negotiable- we just need the delicate balance of both, I think it makes for a richer writing experience.
  • I make character profiles and you should be able to as well. Please refrain from referring to our characters as if they were us- that makes me very uncomfortable. They are characters we wish to play. I am not roleplaying for the purpose of projection.
  • Willing to have an OOC relationship and is patient when our schedules don't match.
  • And yes, I do adore romance. Writing romance is fun and I want to actually explore it with and write more than just the usual. I can do fluff, I can do dark- but I want a riveting, passionate, can't explain type of romance where my partner and I can find ourselves seemingly glued to our keyboards almost every day. That is what I'm looking for; and I hope you are as well.
  • I want my words to once again have passion. I like to dive deep into every human emotion and blur those lines. Imagine, just imagine, the stories we would tell.
  • I can write in a variety (but still limited) of settings. I can  also play Canons or OCs, depending.

Currently Craving:
Slice of Life: Blind Date
I want to try something different wherein we don't plan too much of what we are going to write. It's very simple, the only thing we know about out characters is through this mimicked dating profile that contains only the information you want to share. Outside agreeing on the setting and age ranges, that's all we have- and we let our characters take the course. Indulge me?


I really prefer choosing from my roster of X-Men women, and prefer pairing them up with men from the much larger Marvel universe (whether comics or MCU); I like to write a story we can own- or take from the AvX comicverse and expand that including MCU and other settings offered to us.

My favorite characters are: Psylocke, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Jubilee. And yes, unconventional pairings, examples (Jean Grey x Steve Rogers, Psylocke x Thor, Emma Frost x Loki, Jubilee x Peter Parker are atop my head <3)

Open to OCs of course, but prefer playing OCxOC ships. No specific ideas, but do have some characters who are seeking partners.

I don’t have anything specific here- I do have characters I enjoy playing, and their ships are very much open and can also be unconventional. I play Lois Lane, Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, Zatanna, Jade Nguyen, and Cassandra Cain.

What I do love about DC is its noir set-up, and again, hit me up if you have unconventional pairings you might want to try out- I’m definitely your gal for that <

Open to OCs as well but again prefer OCxOC in this universe.

In Charmed, I can play both Canons and OCs. Just putting it out there but no actual idea yet, so if you want to brainstorm please feel free to hit me up. I do enjoy playing Prue and Paige, and maybe here I can pair them up with Ocs and I don’t mind!

True Blood
I can play both Canons and OCs, but this time prefer OCxOC or even me having an OC and you playing a Canon. I actually really adore this universe and love expanding on it with a partner. If you’re missing these southerners, hit me up!


Modern/Slice of Life
I am looking for a partner who would love to write with me a compelling story set in the backdrop of American politics today. I want something that would keep us on our toes, that would expand on our own interests in economy, politics, and everything that goes with it. I want to write a story that will be centered around characters finding their way to the most powerful seat in the world- and amidst all of this? A romance one cannot simply describe, a romance full of passion that may be enough to commit a crime. This roleplay will focus on more than just one character and I believe in developing it as more than just a plot but rather a narrative that may call for other characters and subplots to help move the story further- so imagine beyond politicians, you have journalists, business executives, military, students- endless!

My character is visiting this new city (or even beach, or little town works!) She gets on Tinder, and voila, matches with your character. I would like to explore what we can do with a setting like that. I think this is more freeform in a way, and sets us up where our characters can fully get to know each other without us having to plan or think too much and just winging it. What do you think? This sounds like a lot of fun!
Two very busy people have lived next to each other for years- virtually not knowing who the other is. But a circumstance would allow them to meet, get to know about each other, and somehow foray into a romance quite forbidden.

City Life
Another thing we can expand on. What if your character and my character happen to chance at each other everyday? It could be at a coffee shop, on the train on the way to work, the same bus route - something like it. And a circumstance forces them to communicate, and here we are again at the precipice of a forbidden romance.

When a cop falls in love with a criminal- oh oh, imagine the options we have!

Wrestling / Movie / Music Industries
I was thinking like WWE but original characters, having two of our characters who are in the industry but we can play out how they make their climb to the top- the struggle of the indies, the demons they have to battle from within, drugs, sex, rock and roll- the whole shebang. In can also be less focused on wrestling and can be in the movie and music industries where our characters are struggling to make it big.

I believe we have a plethora of plots to choose from- generally it is a romance that blossoms amidst chaos. And we can collaborate on what the major arc would be- whether it is a rekindling war among the species, a prophecy of doom their love has brought about, even an apocalypse that will soon take over the world. Something along the lines of how their love will be unleashing the Earth's deepest and darkest secrets. You get the drift! Those are rough drafts we can definitely discuss.

I also imagine the world to be a collection of many other existing universes and I think we can take existing pieces instead and build our own world around it. I would love to take a few pages from True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, AHS:Coven, and Underworld- and we can call it our own.

Additional Information:
  • Also, when it comes to characters, being an Asian woman, I do tend to prefer playing Asian women or women who have an Asian heritage- I’m not limited to them, for the record, I like to play a variety of women- its just I always give my girls first dibs.
  • I am fairly vanilla as you can see, I like foreplay, interracial, age play, but note that I can be open to kinks. I do prefer sub roles as I still need to be guided both IC and OOC. But I mean, I do have some kinks hidden somewhere- I just need to find out! LOL.
  • These are just some ideas for me, and please note that I am very willing to listen and work with you- I really miss having someone to collaborate with <3

You can find my writing samples here

If this interests you, send me a PM and we can talk more from there.

Please tell me you’re out there <3
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Offline Drago1332

Re: Write with me, intensely. (F looking for M characters)
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2019, 10:36:18 pm »
Hello there
I'm writing in response to your requests and must say your fascination with marvel characters is a wonderful attraction. Especially your openness to odd pairings. Perhaps tell me a bit more of what you're into and we can brainstorm from there together. My names tom btw

Offline KatanaTopic starter

Re: Write with me, intensely. (F looking for M characters)
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2020, 09:16:09 pm »

Updated: Currently Craving