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May 17, 2022, 06:01:16 am

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Author Topic: Emotionally complex action  (Read 535 times)

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Emotionally complex action
« on: November 04, 2019, 05:21:37 pm »
I like emotionally complex action between people who are not jerks. If you like that, and you have posted some ons and offs, then I’d be interested in hearing from you and seeing if we can tailor something that satisfies both of us.

I want emotionally complex: I enjoy E when my characters are having feelings, and when I’m pushing against the boundaries of what it’s acceptable to feel.

I want action. Let’s fight, let’s fuck, let’s have MC freak the hell out and run outside slamming the door because she’s frightened of YC. Let’s have MC confess that he’s falling in love with YC because events have seen to it that he can’t stop himself from saying it anymore. Let’s NOT spend 2000 words contemplating the geopolitical significance of buying flowers vs buying a necklace. (That’s the kind of shit I’m escaping from when I come here, not at all what I’m looking for.)

Let’s start with a scene and see where it takes us, rather than planning too hard. Let’s write something godawful and abandon it. Let’s write something that seems godawful but turns out to have hidden awesome, and plan an extension once were on page 3 of our posts.

My ideas are all about the relationships between people. I don’t care if the action takes place surrounded by elven trees, spaceships, skyscrapers, or farm equipment. (I do like magic.) If you have preferences for a world, awesome. If not, then let’s face it: I don’t care if the world disappears, so long as I have you.

I’ve had good experiences with Lords, Ladies, Lieges and Legates. Unless otherwise noted, all ideas are open to all. Trans characters, MM pairings and futas are outside my comfort zone, and so we’ll need to talk a bit and have low expectations if we go there.


Reshape the world
Our characters are both experts, who know how things really are.  Or so it seems, in character.  Out of character, both players realize that when experts say things in the story, that's really the author defining the world as they go.  The problem is that our characters disagree, and the rules of the world don't always make sense.

Fight vs a dragon
Two dragons meet. They fight. There are probably reasons, but we might not know what they are at first. Maybe YC isn’t a dragon, maybe they’re a knight or a princess. The point is that there’s a confrontation, the outcome is uncertain, I get to be a dragon, and you get to go up against a dragon. (This also works for me if I have a shapeshiting power.) If it leads to fucking, then it’s not ‘the winner fucks the loser’ it’s because they both want to. (Hell, if they’re both dragons, then the courtship ritual probably involves a fair amount of fighting.)

How to be a girl
I’m doing one of these at the moment, so only interested in this one if you the writer are a Lady who wants to tell me how I’m getting it right or wrong. 2019-11-2
YC is unfamiliar with living in a female body, and needs to learn how to do it (the obvious one is ‘magically transformed’. ‘Acting in a play’ is a clever idea that AcademicCuriosity had that we are doing right now. “Is transgender” raises issues of sensitivity in portrayal and the complexity of my personal experience that means we will need to discuss before we start.) MC reckons they know how to teach someone how to be a woman & I get to prattle on like an expert. The world may or may not contradict my advice.

I'm burned out on this one at the moment.

Smutty girlfight
MC is really passionately angry with YC (both female), and, fortunately, is a terrible fighter whose most strenuous efforts would never hurt anyone.  YC defends herself (or is equally angry and equally terrible). Clothes get torn, whipped cream gets sprayed, furniture gets smashed. Bonus points if we have magical powers, or if the fight is incredibly petty.

Shy boy
MC is a shy boy (male under the age of 50), YC is female and enthusiastic. Her enthusiasm overcomes his shyness: possibly assisted by a highly permissive society, or social expectation that adults in their circumstances will have sex (not mind control or drugs).

I play one or more members of a harem. You play the owner of the harem (who is not a jerk) and any additional characters you feel like playing. Harem members compete for your attention and/or whatever their personal desires lead them towards. I’m happy for the harem to get along well with each other, provided that there’s a source of tension somewhere. (Fighting myself too much is only interesting if YC likes to intervene.) I’m happy for harem members to be designed so that they suit your tastes, but if I’m playing them, they need to be my characters. That means you get the broad strokes how you want them, and I get to fill in the details.

I like this concept, but I'm learning that I'm way fussier about it than I realized.
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