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July 24, 2021, 08:56:14 am

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Author Topic: Dark & Lovely (F for Any Dom or Switch)  (Read 671 times)

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Dark & Lovely (F for Any Dom or Switch)
« on: October 23, 2019, 08:18:17 pm »
O/O page - F-list page

A touchy subject, matters of race have been handled (or mishandled) to the extreme for millennia.
It's also easier than anything to offend someone these days, which likely explains why I see people walking on eggshells 24/7.

Personally, I've been fascinated by race play, racial tension, and interracial romance for as long as I can remember.

I know some people haven't the slightest idea of how to ask for it or bring it up in conversation, but I'd like to potentially make that easier on those of you who might shy away from asking for it in these tense times we're in.

Don't be shy, don't worry about where to draw 'the line', etc. I hear that a lot from folks, lol. You can relax.
As an African American woman in an interracial relationship, I'm personally quite comfortable with race play and the like.

I'd also love to explore everything from potential language barriers to clashing traditions in a roleplay setting.

I want these to be as deeply profound as they will be risque. At least a few paragraphs per post depending on the scene, plenty of interaction outside of any of the smut that occurs... Romance is also a big part of my literary life, so that's a must-have. It can be the sweet, passionate variety, or it can be warped and gritty. I really do love the dark, if you couldn't already tell.

On the other hand, too many scenes with loveless sex will result in me checking ALL THE WAY OUT. It has to grow with the characters and their relationship, at least for excitement's sake.

As per this search thread, I'm sure you could sort of tell I'm looking to write for, in essence, African women.
This includes African Americans, Native Africans, or women of similar origin in a fantasy world. I have openings for 1-2 new stories, and so would like to see if we mesh!

||Many plots points are entirely fictitious, of course.||

|| Ages 16+ || ♦♦ = preference ||

Concepts include:

Subjugators (♦♦♦♦)

A conqueror is among those who've brought their war-band to the continent of Africa (or fantasy equivalent). Amidst the usual looting, pillaging, and woman-capturing, a failed escape reveals the identity of chieftain's young daughter. She would make either an excellent trophy to parade about back home, or better yet, she'd make a beautifully exotic gift for the King.

- The conqueror is MALE, if you play him. If not, the ruler can be M/F/NB. This is not a request for you to play two characters in the main cast, rather that you have two options to choose from for YC. The Conqueror, or the Ruler.

- The premise is open to edits and elaboration.

- This could be as far back in the past as we like.

- Conqueror and/or the Ruler could be from anywhere, including China|Japan|Korea(♦♦♦), Scandinavia|Greenland (♦♦♦), the Middle East, Britain (♦♦♦), and so on, or their fantasy equivalents.

- Ready and willing to write opposite sentient humanoid races that are not human themselves.

- Small Image Gallery



Left from Right (♦♦♦)

YC's family unit is a loving one, albeit on the... conservative, side. This is essentially a gentler way of addressing the fact that the entire bunch are apart of a generations-long stretch of Neo-Nazi inclinations. They are true to expectation, to be sure. That being said, they're also very good at blending in and no one around them suspects a thing. Easy enough, as they live in a quiet, wealthy suburban neighborhood with nary a person of color in sight-, up until about a week ago, that is. Imagine the abject terror and awful rage they feel when a happy-go-lucky Miami family moves in next door! They're a modern family of color, progressive and quite happy to announce as much. YC's family is up in arms about it all practically from the get-go, but YC is almost transfixed on their neighbor's daughter.
They can't look away.

- The premise is open to edits and elaboration.

- This will be modern, to a point. I'm willing to do this in a 2020 type of setting or to revamp completely it for the 60's - 80's timeframes.

- YC is whoever you'd like them to be! You have a whole family to choose from. A mother, father, son, daughter, visiting relative etc. No grandparents, though, as I would prefer to keep the elderly out of my erotic imagery, lmao.

- The story's primary settings depend on what character you'd like to play. Maybe MC and YC are teens about to attend the same high school or university? Maybe YC is about to be MC's new boss or coworker at a local shop or office? Let me know what you think.

- Modern Image Gallery


More Pairs:

Human Woman x High Elf

Human Woman x Orc Chief(tain/tess)

Human Woman x Vampire

African Woman x Viking

Queen x Foreign Mercenary

Gang Heiress x Cartel Runner/Leader


I have others in mind and I'm happy to hear yours, as well. =)

I will be your best friend forever if you'd like to make up a fantasy world together.

Senseless smut with no buildup or context is not something I enjoy, I am not interested.
Nothing short-term, no oneshots.
No, I will not write for anyone dangerously overweight.

If you get bored or you need to drop for personal reasons, go on ahead. No drama, no stress. I will never hassle you to post, though I'd love to chat with you. If you'd like my Discord, you're welcome to ask and I'll toss it to you.

Again, don't be shy. If you have ideas, bring 'em with you. I'll only bite if you ask me to.
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Re: Dark & Lovely (F for Any Dom or Switch)
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2020, 01:27:16 pm »
Redid the advert completely. <3
I hope I've caught at 1-2 peoples' attention~