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September 16, 2021, 11:32:03 am

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Author Topic: One's defeat is another's victory [FxM] [FxF]  (Read 532 times)

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One's defeat is another's victory [FxM] [FxF]
« on: October 23, 2019, 07:50:37 am »
Note #1: I accidentally posted this earlier than I wanted to, and as a result may seem unfinished. Will modify over time. Also, I have yet to settle on a specific formatting for this post. Suggestions welcome, as I suck at doing so... lol

Note #2: I totally messed up the original post of this thread. Plot #2 was the incorrect one. I pasted in the wrong pre-written summary. It has since been corrected.

Now... the request thread:

Winner and loser. Victory and defeat. The owner and the owned. And symbolic representations of it. This is my single strongest kink. If I was to narrow it down to one, that is. I would have used a more fitting title for this ("Somebody's Bad Ending is Always Another's Good Ending" or something like that), but the whole 'bad ending' theme was already taken in a title only a few posts down. Didn't want to look like I was stealing anybody's ideas :)

At any rate, hi. I'm MissMarieMoulton, and this is my request thread, as it relates to my strongest kink of all: symbolic representations of winner and loser.

Pairings which best fit this theme, for me, are:
1.) Rival vs rival
2.) Enemy vs enemy (there is a difference, if slight...)
3.) Innocent/naive vs manipulative
4.) Meek vs intimidating
5.) Any type of 'ironic fate" (will be explained per plot suggestion)

...and the way I wish for things to play out, is my character on the losing side of things. Your character would, obviously, be on the winning side. Whether it's a fair fate for MC or not is up for discussion. So consider the question: would you prefer that MC deserves such a fate, or not? Your answer will drive the idea that I suggest.

The posting preferences which I'm seeking are as follows:
- Days I can post: Monday to Friday, sometimes on weekends.
- Post frequency: at least once a day, sometimes a lot more.
- Paragraphs per post: 3, plus or minus.
- Where I play: PM, IM, or email.
- Kinks (dependent on plot): age gaps, interracial, stereotypes/raceplay, infidelity/cuckolding, conversion, dom/sub roles, body marking, collaring, spanking
- Limits: bathroom play, violence, pregnancy, incest

Now, below I will post the specific plotlines which fit these themes that I would like to seek partners for. These are subject to change with each update or bump. Where possible, I will try to note if and when changes are made. As mentioned above, I have yet to settle on a specific formatting for this post. So I'm unsure of how I'll do this just yet.

Plot #1
- [Rival vs Rival] + [Ironic Fate]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This RP is of the same theme as most of my FxM posts: orally fixated. However I'm craving a new pairing to experiment with it on, which is me playing the role of the daughter of longtime friends to your character, using a lost bet as the theme.

It would need to be set up in such a way that it was a fairly serious bet between the two of us. Serious enough that your character would not only realize that...

1.) It's something that I genuinely don't want to do, and the idea of doing it is something I've always dreaded.

2.) Doing it in any capacity would be a life changing thing for me.

3.) Your characters age, on top of everything else, would make this an absolutely devastating experience for me.

He would have to realize those things, and still, despite being the daughter of his best friends, be willing to put me through it. Our relationship would have to be something where the high level of trust that we have for each other is real, but so are the competitive jabs that we make at each other. Like we're every bit as much rivals as we are friends.

Each of us would basically have to have a fairly high ego, but also know each other's certain downfall. Meaning, we know what fuels each other's confidence, but also what defeats it as well.

So, if I had to explain what would make this work, we would basically have to be super close friends who trust each other, but also know enough about each other that we would genuinely know how to completely shatter each other's ego, and we would have to be comfortable enough around each other to be able to make jokes about doing such things. To use an example...

- If your character's worst fear was for my parents to find out that he's had fantasies for their daughter for years now, despite the fact that I'm 18 when this takes place, then I would tend to joke about telling them about it.

- If my worst fear was having to give an old(er) man a blowjob, then you would tend to joke about being the one to put me through it, perhaps in an agonizingly slow-paced fashion.

Basically, our relationship would have to be something where we are comfortable joking about being responsible for putting each other through our worst fear, and making a joke out of it.

However, our conversation would evolve over time. Eventually, we begin beating around the bush at a wager with our worst fears on the line. At first, we both know there's no way we would be willing to do something so risky, but as we get more comfortable talking about it, we suddenly find ourselves more and more willing to take the risk. Eventually, maybe after a little too much drinking one night, we make the wager. It has nothing to do with wanting anything bad to happen to each other, but rather, we're so competitive with each other that we've finally gotten to the point where we're ready to settle our rivalry in such a way that one of us wins, for keeps, and in a way that will have life-changing implications for the loser.

I think it's at least halfway believable, because my character is 18 when this takes place, so my parents finding out that YC has had fantasies for me for years now would only sacrifice your standing with them, and possibly your friendship with them, as well as with any other circles you might share with them. However, they can't keep me from being friends with you, and you're well aware that I would still keep coming around.

We would trust each other enough to feel pretty sure that the loser would keep their word, but that wouldn't stop us from bringing up the secrets we know about each other and how backing out would mean the wrong people finding out about them... just in case.

Plot #2
- [Meek] vs [Intimidating] + [Ironic Fate]

Sample Opener for Plot #2 (details subject to change based on our preferences):
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Danielle and Erik were one of those text book couples. On the surface, they seemed perfectly happy with each other, and unlike many other couples, never seemed to fight or argue. There was never any drama. They seems perfectly in love and everyone pretty much knew it was only a matter of time before they got married. However, as their relationship transitioned into "LTR" territory, even buying a house together, life began to become a bit repetitive everyday. After all, there wasn't much left for them to venture into, at least as far as the evolution of their relationship was concerned - save for the eventual marriage. It wasn't a bad thing. In fact, Danielle quite welcomed the routine nature of what life was becoming. And as far as she knew, Erik felt the same way.

When the new neighbor moved in next door, Nico Martin, she watched Erik become all buddy-buddy with him rather quickly. Erik never had trouble making friends, and on nights when Erik didn't have to work, they were generally hanging out in the yard having a beer over a fire or inside watching TV when the weather wasn't holding up. Sometimes, if she was able to put the kids to bed early enough, Danielle would join them. She was never as involved in their conversations, but her presence was known. Besides, she was having fun watching her boyfriend appearing to have a best friend again.

One night, she had decided to fold laundry rather than join the two of them outside. The basement window in the backyard never really closed all the way, which was something they meant to fix but kept putting off, but as she unloaded the clothes from the dryer, she could hear everything they were saying through the window. She wasn't really paying attention, that is, until she heard Erik mention the word "her". This obviously meant that he was either talking about her or some other girl, each of which she was equally as interested in eavesdropping on. But as she listened, she grew shocked. He was talking about pictures of her. And the words he was using, it was obvious which ones he was referring to - the ones she had let him take of her a few months ago in nothing but his Red Sox jersey. She couldn't help but listen further, where she grew even more shocked. Erik's language had now shifted toward assessing Nico's interest in her. He wasn't as enthusiastically into the conversation as Erik was, but Danielle had definitely heard him offer a positive reaction to the pictures. Just as her interest in the conversation was ending, she gasped as she heard Erik talk about the idea of Nico fucking her. That the idea of knowing that his girlfriend, the dominant influence in their relationship, had been tamed by another man, was beyond hot to him. When she heard him say that it would be a "fucking bonus" to know that she had been brought to the point of "apologizing for being a racist", she was done with anything further that he had to say, and stormed upstairs. She wasn't sure what to think, but one thing was certain - this was NOT the first time they talked about this. Did she ever have something to say to him when he came back inside later that evening.

The next few days in the house were awkward, to say the least. How could they not be? All Danielle could think about were the countless times over the last few months that she would sit with them in the living room or have a drink with them over a fire in the backyard. All those times that she sat in front of Nico, clueless to the fact that he had seen those pictures of her that were meant for Erik's eyes and Erik's eyes only. About how benign the conversation was when she was around, but that they were clearly talking about Nico fucking her when she wasn't around. She felt dirty, and she made sure Erik knew it. After exploding on him that night after he came back inside half drunk, she didn't say a word to him for almost a week afterward. He had nothing to say either. He realized he messed up.

The first night that Nico came back over after that, Erik's enthusiasm was noticeably diminished. Danielle wondered if he would tell him anything about what happened that night when he came inside. So, once again, she eavesdropped a bit, this time on purpose. Even as mad as she was at him, she couldn't help but feel bad as she heard him explain that she found out, and that she wasn't happy, how much it sucks, and how he was really hoping he could break it to her slowly and convince her to try sleeping with the guy and playing along with the whole "racist apologist" thing. Her anger was beginning to fade, and seemed to be replaced by guilt. She had every right to be mad at him, but hearing that he was actually serious about the idea? It made her feel bad about going off on him instead of just... talking to him about it. Deciding not to eavesdrop anymore, she went upstairs, and after a few weeks, she was no longer mad about it. She didn't apologize to Erik, but she decided to put it behind her. And a few weeks later, she decided to surprise him by joining them outside one night, in her usual tone, acting as if nothing happened. Both of them appeared to be a bit surprised by it, Erik clearly more surprised than Nico, but they just went with it as well.

One night, when they were all outside, Danielle had just made a drink when they decided to call it a night. She watched as Nico walked back home, and Erik inside the house. She had a ways to go before she was done with her drink after all, so she decided to hang out by herself for a little while until she was done. On her way inside however, she noticed Nico's rugby jersey resting over the fence. Thinking nothing of it, but in no way interested in knocking on his door this late at night, she brought it inside.

A few days later, Erik texted her, asking if she had seen his jersey. Apparently Nico had asked if he had left it at their house that night. Just as she had typed out "yeah, it's in the..." - she had a sudden rush of thoughts race through her head. She knew that Erik had always found the idea of her wearing big shirts to be subtly sexy, but only because they were Erik's, there was a subtle element of possessiveness to it. Like it was a silent sign that wearing nothing but one of his shirts was symbolic of being "his" property. And the bigger the shirt, the more it seemed to imply that "owned" feeling. Danielle had wondered how Erik would react to seeing her in nothing but Nico's rugby jersey. Not only because it had his last name - Martin - on the back, but also because Erik was not a rugby fan. Seeing his girlfriend under two banners that were not his own... how would he react? But then the thought evolved even further. It was already clear that Erik fantasized about Danielle sleeping with Nico - no, being subjugated by him - but he had hidden the fact that he had shown the guy her personal pictures for who knows how long. Maybe it was her turn to do the same. So, she erased what she had typed out, instead sending "No, haven't seen it" to him. She had another idea.

Her heart racing, she waited for Erik to leave for work that night. That part of the plan was simple. The rest? Not so much. Her heart was nearly pounding out of her chest as she stripped down to her bra and boyshorts, but as she looked herself over in the mirror, it was actually a relief, in a way. She thought she actually looked better than when she took the pictures in Erik's jersey. The fact that she didn't have Erik in mind for this only made it more ironic.

Then, she opened the door to the closet, where she had tossed the rugby jersey over the clothing rack to be out of sight until she could give it back to Nico. Taking it, she slowly looked it over. A black/white rugby jersey, the number 1 on the back, and over that, "MARTIN" - his last name. Swallowing hard, Danielle took a deep breath, and slid it on over her body. Once again looking in the mirror, she was stunned at how it fit her. The sleeves down to her elbows, the hem hanging down to just below her butt. She thought it was... hot, actually. The same feelings she had when putting on Erik's shirt for him, she had twice as intense for Nico, seeing herself in his jersey. Suddenly the idea of offering herself up to him to make it official seemed a lot less intimidating. Any doubt she had in doing this was soon an afterthought. Was Erik ever going to be surprised, that is, when he found out someday down the road.

Once night had fallen, Danielle snuck quietly next door, in the dark, through the back yard. As she stood at his back door, she stared for a moment. Taking a deep breath, she came to a plan. She would knock. If he answered, it was on. If he didn't, then she would go home, never to consider this again. It took a few moments, but she raised her hand, knocked on the door, and took a few steps back, trembling like a leaf. She took deep breaths to help calm her nerves, but as he answered the door, she exhaled audibly, before swallowing hard again. Her hands behind her back, her knee out a little bit, she was more nervous than she had ever been. No words spoken as he saw her, she decided to break the silence.

"S-so... I, uhhh... found your jersey..."

She couldn't believe she had said anything at all, but as silence still filled the air, she continued.

"So, ummm... I, I heard you want me to apologize for something...??"
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Re: One's loss and another's victory [FxM] [FxF]
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2019, 12:01:14 pm »
I am interested in the settings of the Plot 2. I am from India and age 28. I enjoy a good dominating role and love teasing and praising. May i PM you?