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June 26, 2022, 06:23:00 pm

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Author Topic: Frustrated Feminists's Deviant Desires ~ Maso/Sub Cravings, F for any.  (Read 668 times)

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Welcome to my repository of deviant desires.  I'm happy to write with people of any gender/orientation.  I write long/detailed posts and therefore you must too.

The Night Manager
I'm a big fan both of His Hiddlestoneness and the mini series based on Le Carre's Novel.  Seeking a writer for a sadistic take on Jonathan Pine.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the series, there's a scene on the private beach of the Spanish Villa.  Roper is baffled by Pine's lack of vice and suspicious about his relationship with Jed.  What's the point of being an elite criminal if you haven't got some serious hobbies to fund?  Roper suggests, not diplomatically, that Pine must want a companion.  'I can get you anything.' he says and being Richard Roper, this is a literal statement.  Pine as ever is thinking on his feet.  Jed is in serious danger if Roper gets a whiff of their attachment, Corky's on the scent like a small gay bloodhound.  The implication is clear.  If Pine doesn't put an order in, he's admitting an interest in Roper's girl.  The stakes are so high.  Atrocious war crimes will continue unchecked unless Pine can keep his cover and Pine's cover is that of an amoral arms dealer.  A thought crystallises in his mind.  For the greater good, he is going to have to do some seriously bad things and it is utterly imperative that he does them convincingly.

Gentlemanly Pine has a dirty little secret.  He's always enjoyed watching BDSM porn.  For a very long time he's ached to abuse and fuck a girl savagely.   It's for that reason he treats women with such exquisite care, so he can never get carried away.  That'll convince Roper of the man he's masquerading as.  With all his knowledge of the female form he'll make damn sure she likes it.  Keeping his facade is taxing though and with a girl in his bed Pine will have even less opportunity to be himself behind closed doors.

Jed will hate it.  She'll loathe him.  So much the better, because she'll be in less danger that way and she was becoming too much of a distraction.  She could blow the whole operation.  (obvs fun can be had with Jed further down the line)

'I want a girl.  Eighteen.  Petite.  Virgin.'  Pine gazed at the horizon, considering.  The sudden gleam in Roper's eye was sickening.

Except that Pine wasn't sickened.  He just dispassionately recognised that he should be.

'Any other accoutrements?  Preferences?'

'No.  I have every faith in your taste.'

The next day when he retired to bed, he found the girl in his bedroom.  It gave him an instant hard-on to see just how uncomfortable she was in the sadistic little bird cage.  How log had she be been there?

There was a note on the bed in Roper's elaborate cursive, prominently placed so the girl could see it.

'Feel free to dispose of it at any time and request a replacement.'

Showtime then.  This poor little bitch had to believe he was evil incarnate.  Jed was already too much of a liability.

Longer term it's open to discussion.  I see her initially broker and terrified into the fuckdoll Pine vents his considerable frustrations on.  Roper is amused as much by this as by Jed's abhorrence of the damaged little bitch Pine is dragging around with him.  The sounds that ring out across the villa from the fisherman's cottage aren't all completely tortured though.  She can't stop thinking about what Pine must be doing to Roper's gift.  You can keep the facade and have her none the wiser for a while and then you can confide your real mission at some point and get her to help you.  There would be the possibility of love then rather than Stockholm Syndrome.

What is Sanity?
Sadistic lesbian psychiatrist takes a personal interest in an exceptional case.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC:  A Lisbeth Salander style character, who is declared insane and dumped in the country's top security asylum.  She's not insane at all however and has extremely good reasons for everything she did.  She's desperate to have this decision overturned.

YC:  A sadistic lesbian psychiatrist with a history of having more in-depth 'therapy sessions' with attractive and petite inmates.  Toying with vulnerable minds is nothing like the thrill that runs through her when she realises she has a genuine cuckoo on her hands.  To have that kind of power over an intelligent and sane girl is just too delicious.  YC swiftly decides that mine is never going to see the light of day.  It's too much fun alternating between potential saviour and mocking sadist...

Potential Kinks:  Interrogation, emotional abuse and mindfuckery, battery, feeldoe sex, choking, waterboarding, restraints, sensory deprivation, food/sleep deprivation, forced medication, ECT... and whatever else you can think of.

Husband has a radical solution to lacklustre marriage.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your character has been married to mine for a couple of years and is dissatisfied.  Lydia has a shitty commute to her job at a magazine and their strict deadlines mean she frequently stays late.   She earms significantly less cash than you do, the house dirty and messy, she rarely scratch cooks, by the weekend she's axhausted.  The sex has become routine and she rarely initiates.  Intimacy between you is declining already.  A year ago Lydia was expecting a promotion that would have given her more of a work-life balance but the post went to Stasya, a pneumatic Russian woman who is now Lydia's line manager and runs the office like a drill sergeant.  It seems like all Lydia ever does is complain about her.  You're fed up.  Lydia doesn't want to have children and ten years ago, you were thrilled about that.  Now you'd love a couple of kids but Lydia won't even discuss it.  She'd rather spend her time sat in the bar across from the train station she commutes to, taking the edge off.  For you, this is a no-brainer.  You can do without Lydia's salary, since your own career is flying.  You fail to comprehend how Lydia can prefer her current shitty job to keeping house, entertaining your business contacts, having a couple of kids and do something radical like take care of herself... and you.  Lydia for her part is demoralised and trying to find another job.  Well, when she gets the time she tries to find another job.  She's a career focused feminist and sees this as a blip.
What was supposed to be Friday date night at a restaurant descends into an argument after Lydia shows up late in her office clothes, tired and stressed.  She drinks too much wine and things escalate further when she then refuses to leave with you.  By the time a taxi brings her home, you're livid.  You mock and verbally humiliate, getting every last thing off of your chest while you violently rape her.  You've never known catharsis like it.  The next day she's ready to leave you and is at the least expecting a grovelling apology and for things to be made up to her.  You have other ideas.  This is just the beginning.  All of a sudden, domestic bliss with Lydia is within your grasp... if you handle her right. 
I want this to be realistic in that your character isn't suddenly going to lock her in the basement forever.  He has a delicate game to play getting Lydia on board with his dominance.  If she tells her family/friends or goes to the police he's ruined.  He launches a charm offensive on everyone she knows.  Outside of the house he's the most romantic and attentive man walking the planet.  He makes her girlfriends insanely jealous of Lydia and her picture perfect marriage.  Lydia has to be broken down behind closed doors into his idea of a perfect housewife and that will be no easy task.  He could even tell people behind her back that Lydia has some kind of mental health issue, to cover for her erratic behaviour and make her less credible if she spills.  Really, you're a fucking saint.
I'm not looking for an M/s dynamic here that's all props and protocol.  That's not what I'm interested in at all.  I'm looking for genuine chemistry, reluctant masochism, verbal humiliaton and mockery, visceral sex, hatefucking, all that fun stuff.  When she's unemployed and pregnant she'll be completely dependent on him and I want him to make sure she knows it.

Stark Trek Voyager RP where Seven of Nine's rehabilitation into the human race takes a dark and twisted turn.  Sadistic male engineer wanted.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your character is some kind of high level engineer, the specifics I'll leave up to you.  For very personal reasons he has a hatred of Borg drones that runs deeper than the usual terror of their might.  Janeway rips Seven of Nine out of the collective because she was once human and because she had proven useful.  To his disgust, your character is tasked with fashioning it a regeneration chamber.  Your remit is then to ascertain how much Borg paraphernalia can be removed, what must be retained and how best the drone can be 'rehabilitated' into a human.  Contrary to Janeway's hopes, your character believes this to be an utterly pointless exercise and thus a total waste of his expertise.  The thing was dangerous and best fired straight out of an airlock... assuming that would even kill it...  but you're not the captain.

Life lost out in deep space takes its toll on the crew.  Janeway's attitude doesn't leave a lot of room for vice.  Currency is academic.  There's not a lot to barter.  People are going crazy stuck in the same tin can with the same people they didn't want to fuck five years ago, let alone now.  Your character is just as frustrated as everyone else. 

Examining the drone's attributes becomes fascinating.  It was obviously once attractive and under the grey skin is in the peak of physical health.  Would its nipples harden?  Did it get wet?  Could to have an orgasm?  Was it even... virgin?

Your character is liaising with the Doctor on how the drone tolerates being 'decommissioned' - as you've already started calling it - and the Doctor view the drone as a humanitarian mission, rather than a sack of nuts and bolts with a cunt still attached.  He won't tolerate any signs of mistreatment.  But the Doctor himself is a programme and thus easy to circumvent for an engineer of your caliber.

Once the regeneration chamber is up and running, your character quickly realises that it can't move while it's plugged in.  In the absence of the hive mind, you take it upon yourself to drip your own brand of verbal humiliation into its receptive consciousness.

Then you discover that the regeneration chamber combined with Seven's nanites will completely erase minor injury in just a single session. 

This is going to be fun.

The Family

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC has just become head of an Italian mafia family, after your father was killed.  You have to run the whole show, avenge your dad's death and make absolutely certain nobody questions or challenges their new boss.  So what you really don't fucking need right now is suddenly to be the guardian of your half sister, Allegra.

Allegra is ten years your junior, the product of a trophy marriage that didn't last.  Woman just wasn't cut out to be a don's wife.  The official line is that Maria went back to Italy but knowing your dad, anything's possible.  You had a huge crush on Maria back in the day and Allegra looks just like her.

Allegra attends the best Catholic school and will then be married to someone that YC approves of.  Rich little trophy bitches don't need to go to college.  Allegra on the other hand, sees education as her ticket out of the family.  She wants to be self sufficient and move abroad somewhere.  She has sworn to herself she won't be handed to some thug, locked in a gilded cage and then watch her own kids go the same way.  Fuck the Vincenzo family.

She's mourning her father but they were never that close.  He had zero interest in a female child.  He just patted her on the head and handed her to the next step-mother to raise.

She's never liked YC, who's always been boastful about being central to daddy's business, while Allegra is treated like a child.  Any guy she so much as looked at, big bro would scare them off.  They guarded her and her virginity, meaning she went almost nowhere alone.  YC in true mafia style, fucks whoever catches his eye.  Even brings hookers home.  He has no need or intention to settle down but that's the only option open to Allegra.  Resentment simmers beneath her skin.

I'm thinking it'll be non-con.  YC will demand the respect and obedience Allegra gave her father.  Allegra will fight back, testing the new boundaries.  YC will let lust for this forbidden fruit consume him until she picks the wrong moment to cross him and it all gets out of hand.

More ideas pending...
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