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May 29, 2020, 03:48:09 PM

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Author Topic: A couple anime cravings and some not anime :) Feverishly searching for a Vegeta!  (Read 443 times)

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Offline dezzyTopic starter

Hi guys! I am new here so just a little about myself and my rp preferences... My name is Destiny and I do like to talk to my rp partners ooc in messages, I think it's more fun if your friends with the person you're rping with, but if you don't want to that's fine! I do however require that we can message back and forth about the plot because as the role-play goes along I do like to brainstorm where it's headed together. And here are just some preferences I have...

1. Please have good grammar. I don't care about the occasional mess up, I'm just here to have fun.
2. Match my post length. I usually will write 3-5 paragraphs a reply. Unless it's like heavy dialogue or something.
3. Please don't just disappear or ditch on me! I get life happens but if you're not into the rp anymore just let me know!
4. I only do fxm UNLESS we double. As long as you're okay with my half being fxm I will do any pairing for you. :)

Now onto the good stuff... Next to it is who I would like you to play for me.


**I'm here for a lot of fluff by the way. Yes we can still focus on fights and major plot points, etc, but be willing to get cute and sweet with me too!

Dragon Ball Z/Super (Vegeta)
My Hero Academia (Shoto Todoroki or Shota Aizawa.... Maybe Toshinori)
Avenged Sevenfold (Matt or Zacky)

My biggest craving is DBZ/DBS, highly looking for a Vegeta, please.

I do have a couple ideas thought out for a Vegeta/OC roleplay and we can always tweak them to make them a double.
(* indicate how big of a craving the plot is.)

Plot 1: AU where Vegeta still serves under Frieza. My character would be an intern at Capsule Corp. One evening while she is cleaning around one of the labs, members of the Frieza Force infiltrate Capsule Corp looking for the Dragon Ball locator. All they find instead though is my character and blueprints for an updated model. Thinking my character could build the locator, they kidnap her and the blueprints and head back to the ship. Where from there, Vegeta would be held responsible for making sure the locator gets built and eventually he will want to escape from Frieza. *****

Plot 2: This plot would be where my character would be Bulma's cousin, helping her build a time machine. She decides to test it, but when Bulma sends her off, something goes wrong and she gets sent to an alternate dimension. It's not much different from her own, except in this universe Vegeta is still a villain, but she can't help still feel like it's her Vegeta. ****

Plot 3: My character would be a Saiyan that wakes up on Earth not remembering anything about themselves or their past. She wouldn't even remember what a Saiyan was. Gohan finds her not far from his home and decides to take her back with him, where Chi-Chi decides to let her stay. With Goku being gone so often, he was never around long enough to notice anything weird with her energy. It isn't until she meets Vegeta, that's when he will notice something is a bit off about her. ***

For MHA and Avenged Sevenfold, I unfortunately have no plots. :( But we could brainstorm together!

Offline Kairu

I'm up for any of the three Vegeta story lines, I'm a bit of a story teller myself so I'd be happy to discuss where things can go and how it will all work out, I do also have OK grammar, I think.
My writing ability is also solid in my opinion and I know I could match your 3 to 5 paragraphs the mushy gushy is also something I enjoy writing, hopeless romantic and all that.
It also does help that I am a HUGE Vegeta fan :)