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October 25, 2020, 05:06:26 PM

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Author Topic: Fantasy Story-Focused Roleplay: Star Crossed Lovers (Seeking M or F)  (Read 274 times)

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Offline ShayloRenTopic starter

Hello! This is a story-focused, romantic, fantasy roleplay. It’s open to men and women. I am interested on it being a quality, fun story of two star-crossed lovers.  It can involve any action, adventure, story we can think up as long as it is well-written, not rushed, and thorough. Can get sexual if it flows well with the story but it's not the focus.

What I am looking for in a partner:
Someone detailed that can contribute equally to a plot and doesn’t just constantly piggy back off of what I write. Feel free to add any plot and twists you like! Someone who can write interesting characters with flaws. At least 1 paragraph responses in 3rd person.

World Background:
This takes place in Starfell, the largest kingdom of the continent, Arbor. It is somewhat of a superpower kingdom, with a flourishing economy due to the land being fertile and rich in resources. The mountains give natural protection from invaders from the East, North, and West.

There is a prominent class system in place in the kingdom, but even the lowest class, common peasants, live fairly happy lives. That is, if you’re human. Any species outside of humans are considered to be second to humans and significantly lower in status. In fact, it’s to the extent that it is incredibly rare to find a nonhuman that isn’t enslaved to humans. 300 years ago the largest war in recorded history left Arbor in shattered pieces, only to be picked up and put together by the rich and corrupt. In the aftermath of the war, it was easy to convince everyone nonhuman were lesser and to force them into slavery. This boosted the economy with free labor and humans quickly flourished. Now, it is nearly impossible for nonhuman to escape slavery.

The species that exist in this world are humans, elves, dwarfs, sprites, orcs, trolls and various other magic human hybrids. Magic does exist in this world, humans can be witches or wizards. Romance or sexual relations between humans and any nonhuman species is illegal and punishable by imprisonment of the human and execution of the nonhuman.

Name: Marina
Species: Faun Human
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (Same lifespan as humans)
Skin: Porcelain skin, freckles scattered across nose and cheeks, always rosy cheeks.
Hair: Silvery blue hair cut short with layers.
Eyes: Silver, blue eyes, almond shaped with full lashes and thick eyebrows. The colors of her eyes shift and change when she uses magic.
Facial Features: Ears that are long and pointed and perk up and droop depending on mood. Button nose, plump lips, heart shaped face. Two dark brown horns near top of head that point back.
Body type: Petite, 5’1, slightly curvy, C-cup breasts, small waist, wider hips, thick thighs, perky ass.
Clothing: Typically wears simple long skirts with blouses and flats. Decorative stones adorn her horns, they hold cultural significance. Marina’s are small purple stones, signifying in her culture that the is unmarried.
references images will be provided once interest is shown
Background: Marina was born into slavery. At the age of one she was taken from her parents and sold to a man who owns a tavern in Starfell. It’s believed her parents are in the small kingdom of Queensrow. Her job is one of the better ones. She works as an entertainer in a tavern. Her job is to just make sure patrons have a good time with singing, dancing, story telling, etc. She is incredibly kind and accepting of humans despite what they’ve done to her people.
Abilities:Faun humans don’t hold any spectacular magic abilities or abilities that can cause harm to others. Faun humans have magic singing that is especially sweet to the ear and can make you feel emotions no other singing can. Human Fauns can feel exactly how others around them are feeling, for example, no one can hide sadness around a Faun Human. They will feel it.

The story is left very open-ended so we can create a story together unique to us. But the basis of the story is you falling in love with a tavern girl and their journey to be together. It can go many different ways, them maintaining a hidden relationship, them getting caught and having to flee the kingdom, them just planning to flee to find somewhere more lenient on the laws, them being caught and having to escape imprisonment before they execute Marina, etc. You can be a human of any occupation, wizard, royalty hiding amongst the people to have fun, knight, peasant, blacksmith, whatever you would like!

Final Notes:

I roleplay on discord, chatzy, PM's here or any other place. I don't really play by post. PM me with your user or to ask for mine or to work out a place to roleplay! I am a full time student with a job so responses may be spaced out but I reply as much as possible, at least once every day or two. I would rather your responses be well written and less frequent than constant and not as good.

Marina stands in front of her small closet, glancing over the colored dresses and skirts. She feels quite exhausted, days off don’t exist for a faun tavern girl. She reaches out and touches the soft wool of a long maroon skirt, it brings back memories of the time a knight got on stage and began to perform her song along with her. Although some nights like those can be fun, she longs to just climb into her bed and attempt to feel fully rested for once. Singing and dancing every night for that many hours, it takes a toll on her. To make it harder, not all nights are fun. Some nights it’s only drunken men booing her or harassing her with slurs. Some nights it’s empty and she is singing to basically no one, but she has to do it. Her thought is interrupted by a loud thudding on her door and a booming man’s voice. “Marina it’s a Saturday night you better not be late and lose me any business!”

“I’ll be out soon.” She calls back, reaching down to slip her sleeping gown over her head. There isn’t much need for a tavern girl in the morning and mid day, so her shift begins at dinner time and goes straight through the night and she sleeps during the first half of the day. You can hear the man’s heavy footsteps leave from behind that door. They belong to her owner, a burly, redheaded man named Christoff, he owns the tavern.

Marina slips on her skirt and a white blouse, fixes her hair, and puts on her makeup. Stepping over to the door she pauses. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to prepare herself. Finally she steps out of her tiny room and moves down the long hallway, her shoes clicking against the wooden floors. Their home is directly connected to the tavern, so a few moments later she enters and sees already a substantial crowd has come to the tavern tonight. As soon as she entered the room, she put on her charming smile and a positive attitude.

The tavern is quite large, a long bar along one wall, tables scattered throughout, and a wooden stage up front for Marina and any other hired acts. The room is thick with the smell of alcohol and loud with the chatter of men from all walks of life. From bakers to hired assassins, in this town the tavern is the place to be at night and everyone comes for a good time.

Marina steps up onto the stage, picking up her lyre that was propped up against the back wall of the stage. She steps up to the front of the stage and energetically greets the crowd “What a lovely crowd we have gathered here this evening!” Her greeting is met with a few husky cheers and laughs from already drunk men. “Tonight I’m going to start with a song about a man and a lonely man and his elvish wine, I’m sure you’ve heard it.” She says with a playful wink out, and again a round of cheers goes around. This is always a great song to set the mood as everyone knows it and people cannot help but sing along. She begins musical strumming on her lyre and begins the upbeat song,
“Who needs a job?
Who needs a wife?
It’s only this wine and I!
As long as it is in my hand
I’m the happiest in all the land
La-diddly-dee la-diddly-dee,

The songs continues on, and within minutes the bar is alive with singing men, guzzling beer, swaying to the music together, and rough housing quite a bit. As the atmosphere picks up, so does Marina’s performance. She prances around the stage, singing and smiling, her eyes shifting silver and blue as her enchanting voice fills the tavern and makes everyone’s hearts swell with joy.
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