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August 12, 2022, 10:06:15 pm

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Author Topic: Kaylees Requests  (Read 599 times)

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Kaylees Requests
« on: October 14, 2019, 12:26:43 pm »
I am new to roleplay forums, so be kind! I will try to make this post as complete and artsy as I can but that will take time, I have been reading other request threads so I *think* I know what people are looking for in a post. I am still figuring this place out and I just got validated!  so here we go....

Kaylees Request Thread

My Info: My name is Kaylee, I speak only English and hail the from USA. I am a younger amateur writer with experience in roleplay. I have been told that I have a vivid imagination and great writing skills. I got all my experience roleplaying from chat sites and have recent discovered these types of forums. I think I am going to love expanding my horizons here as the role plays have room for far more detail, chat site play can only go so far before somebody has to leave.

Writing Style: I am very literate, both sexually and generally but I am not a masters degree literacy instructor. I make mistakes for certain so I don't expect perfection from you either. I am however very detail oriented and I love to discuss a scene before it's played out. I find discussing OOC first helps bring in back story and backgrounds to use in the scenes for greater detail. I love backstory, it helps provide better motivations for characters getting into whatever they find themselves getting into! I tend to write a minimum of 3+ paragraph and my intros can be quite long. The only time I write less is when I have little to work with from a reply and I can only move the story along so far. I am able to feed off of my partners replies well, the more you send the more I can use. I find myself writing in 3rd or 1st person, I am fine with either one. 1st makes it more personal like these things I am really doing but 3rd has the potential of having details that 1st can't have.

Post Times: My schedule is rather random, there will be days that I will be here and able to respond 15 times, there are days I will respond once. There are also a day or two I won't be able to respond at all. It's not you, it's me...I'll get back at you.

What I am looking for: I am looking for detail oriented partners that enjoy a good buildup and story along with some seriously smutty filth, when I say filth I know that can be highly subjective so more on that below when I get to likes and limits. I dont mind largely sexual based roleplay but I find it very hard to get into scenes when there is no story at all. I want to know why and how I am getting into the situation I am getting myself into. I do like having larger replies because it helps me reply with more also. I am not going to snub you if you write only so much but please no one liners, no text speak and please use quotations when a character speaks. I can get into a healthy dose of scifi, fantasy but reality suites me the most, I have alot of ideas though for every genre.

Characters I play: I tend to play petites mostly. Smaller framed females tend to suite a few of my kinks better. Skinny, slender, petite but athletic or average is my usual. I generally play having a small chest but I am open to playing busty sometimes also. I'm fine with being flat chested or somewhere around a small C. I *can* be convinced to play a well developed girl with D cups but I will never play chubby or big boned. All of my character have generally nice butts to make up for the lack of boob, compromises right?!  I do like to use face claims or pics and I dont mind having suggestions for my looks also, I will play any hair color you want me to also. I will probably be adding some pics to this thread also of my own suggestions.

Limits: I want to list limits first so you don't have to keep reading my crazy long post anymore if you are after something I dont do . I am not looking for romance first of all, I find it boring in a scene, no offense to those who like it, it's just not for me. ABSOLUTELY NO incest of any kind, no animals, no beasts, no BDSM. I will not at any point call you daddy, I will not ever rim you, touch your asshole or peg you and if I am being honest I would prefer you stay away from my back door too. Anal is a slim possibility, but it will never be a main theme to any scene I ever do. Please try to be a little more creative than the overused neighbor or repair man cliche too, please?

Kinks: Alright! You made it this far, congrats. I have alot of limits but I do definitely like to get nasty too! I am into rough sex, dicks that are too big for me, strangers, MFM/gangbang, tiny teen vs. big dick porn, runaway and/or hitchhiker, teenaged escort or hooker, getting pimped out, age gaps, casting couch, good girl going bad, dads friend/friends dad, bikers and bad boys, facials, swallowing, vacations and trips, getting in over my head in situations... uhmm...actually I have a ton more I can list so I am going to have to come back and edit for more but you get the idea. I am REALLY into getting my tummy shot on, tits, face, etc. I can play a naïve airhead, inexperienced, reluctant, or a total slut sometimes too, it all depends on set up.

This part is optional to any scene we get into: I play petite (not only because I am in real life) but because I love the idea of getting in over my head with a dick too big for me and getting stretched uncomfortably and possibly even painfully. Sex in a scene doesn't necessarily have to be fun for my character, I am totally fine with non con, dub con, blackmail, degrading and humiliation as long as it isn't brutal or bloody.

Themes/Ideas: I came back to edit this portion of my post and realized that this was going to take WAY longer than I expected it to. I have so many ideas and scenes to list but I still like to have collaboration with my ideas, so I am going to attempt to add some pairings to discuss with detailed potential partners and then add a few possibly premade scenes as well. My post is far less complete than I hoped it would be at this point!

Amateur escort vs clients
Amateur stripper vs clients or bouncers of the club
Girl on vacation with parents vs any number of meetings
Camgirl vs Blackmailer
Bike rally bad boy vs girl visiting for the weekend
Casting couch porn interview
Hitchhiking teen
Inexperienced teen vs older man she is dating and gets gangbanged

I am saving this post up to this point and sending it out, more to come, there is a lot of editing I need to do for this post still!!