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October 17, 2021, 01:03:48 am

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Author Topic: Superheroines Captured  (Read 393 times)

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Superheroines Captured
« on: October 12, 2019, 07:56:58 pm »
After the explosion of a particle accelerator the crime ridden city of New Patterson suddenly became infested with hero's with new found powers from said explosion. Months after the explosion the streets of Patterson were completely clean, no longer was large scale crime a threat as the dozens of hero's in the city flushed out any sort of criminal activity; though some attempted to use their powers for evil the overwhelming masses of morally pure people stopped any sort of Villain uprising.

A year into being the safest city in the world and the citizens of Patterson had grown accustom to their flying friends something strange began to happen, Heroines slowly began to disappear. Though it was not noticeable at first as the overwhelming masses of hero's in the city seemed overwhelming after a month the heroine population had gone down by 25%. Reporters across the globe began flocking to the once safest city in the world as the city's sworn protectors began to disappear.

James Haddock was a brilliant man, he was a the silent partner to Porter Laboratories which had caused the particle accelerator to explode the previous year. James felt terrible at first about the explosion regretting his research entirely; that was however until he noticed the hero's zooming around the city. James watched as his city began to safer and safer by the minute, although he had lost his job at Porter labs he could take some pride in knowing although he nearly killed the city it was now safer than it had ever been.

6 months into being the safest city in the world and James was ready to lose his mind; the issue at hand was not that his city was too safe, rather that those protecting it drove him mad. Everyday James would see gorgeous women patrolling the city in erotic and revealing suits, flaunting their lusty curves across the city in tight leather and spandex. James couldn't handle knowing that those gorgeous creations he had accidentally stumbled upon had been his doing, knowing that he would never have the nerve to even speak to the goddesses he had caused. He wanted them. He wanted them all to be his, he had made them and was going to take them for himself to be used and treated as he pleased.

26 year-old James Haddock stood a top his old laboratory, which had gone out of business as the particle accelerator explosion had rendered it useless to the Porter company, looking out into the night sky. His short curly brown hair lightly moving as a breeze of wind swept by him, he wore a casual black hoodie and blue jeans accompanied by a pair of old worn Nike's he had owned since college; he was waiting. Waiting for his next victim to arrive, he had sent out a invention for a meeting, to discuss the disappearances, to a heroine he had been craving since the day he had laid eyes on her. He couldn't wait anymore he had to have her, he wanted to save her for one of his last victims but he knew his time was wearing thin on his plan and those who would desire to stop him were close on his trail. He waited for his victim to arrive as he was going to enjoy every second he spent with her.
(This is my first rp on this site but not my first RP ever. I'm learning this site still so if im doing it wrong here im sorry. Please describe your heroine with what they look like, are wearing, and what powers they have. This way we can build upon the history of the city in this Rp that already exists.)