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June 04, 2020, 09:50:33 AM

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Author Topic: BehindtheMask’s Behind the Stories (Updated as of 10/23/2019)  (Read 598 times)

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BehindtheMask’s Behind the Stories (Updated as of 10/23/2019)
« on: October 08, 2019, 05:22:19 PM »
Hey all!

I post mostly in the Adult side of things, but I’ve found myself with some cravings that aren’t necessarily adult in nature, so I thought I’d pass those along here as well.

First, let’s talk about what I look for. I know, this is the horrible, no good, very bad rules. But things go so much smoother with them. So here we go.

Post Length: I try my best to mirror what my partner provides me. That means that if I get 2-4 paragraphs, I do my best to provide 2-4 paragraphs. But please, I do value quality over quantity. Do not feel urged to break out a thesaurus to tell me in fifteen different ways how your character sat in a chair. So, in short, give me booth quality and quantity. A 4 paragraph post that only contains 2 paragraphs of material for me to respond to will receive a 2 paragraph reply. Please spare us both the time.

Partner: I don’t care your gender. Your IRL gender does not matter; if you want to play a female when you are a male, please feel free, and vice versa. I’d also ask you to be mature. No, I’m not planning on looking for NSFW partners in this thread; I’m fine with fade-to-black or other means of missing the topics, but I’d prefer not to miss complete areas of our story simply because my partner is not comfortable with even simply implying the notion of those ideas. For instance, we can fade to black, but I don’t want to lose a large portion of the plot or story because my partner wishes not to play a date because they are not comfortable with romance at all.

Posting/Replying: This is important. I don’t like being ghosted (who does?), so I ask you just keep me abreast of where you are. This means I just like to know you are aware your need to respond to me and you haven’t forgotten about me. Don’t feel pressured to respond as you may send me a sub-par reply just to reply; I know writer’s block happens, and so does life Just drop me a message every 3-5 days to let me know you haven’t forgotten me, and we’ll be okay. On this same note, please do not hassle me to respond; I’ll provide you the same courtesy and let you know every 3 to 5 days if I’m not able to respond directly. As a third note, if you need to pause or end our story, just let me know (again, ghosting, who likes it?). The only promise I can offer from my end is to do my best to let you know as well. I do, however, recognize my own propensity for disregarding this; I kick myself for it every time...

Everything Else: Don’t god-mode (is that still a thing anymore?); No one likes perfectionists who can do no wrong; Also, please be aware that my rules are posted here for you to read before contacting me. Any disputes will be directed back here to re-Read my rules. I reserve the right to update this as needed, because I’m sure I did not include everything that will arise.

Now that we have gotten that out of our way....

What I’m Seeking:

Right now I have a couple of ideas I’m seeking specifically, though I’m open to chatting about more.

First, I have an idea for a WWE-style role play. We can set this in the WWE Universe, we can go Indie, or AEW, make our own, or whatever. Generally, my idea for this story is this:

- Think Ronda Rousey-to-WWE move. I’m wanting to play an OC who’s famous in another line of work (country music, politics, etc. I prefer country music). As a celebrity, they often warrant special treatment in certain situations. The promotion allows my OC to use their development/performance center as a gym; they can even spar with some of the full-time talent. Finally, my OC is given some sort of shot in the promotion.

(PS: Mention the word “Midas” in your message to me, so I know you’ve made it this far).
- My OC used to be an entertainer in music (again, I prefer country, but could be some other type. We could discuss), but walked away from the industry years ago for some reason. Now, at the pleading of my OC’s manager, they’re back. Can they make a successful comeback after all this time?

The Dragon’s Lair
Welcome to the land of Melodias. In this land, demons and humans coexist; however, the two races do so violently. For ages, the two races have warred with each other. Brave adventurers go off to combat to face monstrous foes, all with the hope of obtaining glory and honor in defeating the demon clan. However, recently a new leader has ascended to the throne of the demon clan, become queen of the demons. This queen of the demons, being feared throughout the land for her strength and prowess in battle, is now the goal for many adventurers. In fact, the ruler of the humans has promised great fame and wealth to the one who can fell the demon queen and end the threat to the human race.

(For this plot, I’d love if it would be something along the lines of making love and not war. Maybe you are an adventurer who is smitten with my dragon queen, and instead dreams of ending the war by making my queen fall in love with her.)

The Royal Treatment
The dragon people and the human nation have been neighbors for ages. However, though the two share common borders, communication between the two races is few and far between. Though the borders are open for travelers, most humans are fearful of the race whose members can tear them apart without any effort at all, while the dragons regard humans as possessing little in the way that interests them. So imagine the public sentiment when it is announced that the queen of the dragons would be coming to the human capital for a summit to negotiate renewed treaties with the race.

(The general idea would be that the humans, for their lack of knowledge, have a misconception of the dragons as the giant fire-breathing lizard relatives. In this story, the dragons have the ability to disguise themselves by magic. Most can appear human if they choose. You know the rest: your character would come in top contact with mine, the queen, probably unknowingly. The two could fall in love, etc.)

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