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September 16, 2021, 11:07:32 am

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Author Topic: Assorted Fandoms (A:TLA, Marvel, Star Wars, TMNT) (Looking for F)  (Read 481 times)

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Hello, all! It's been quite a while since I put in an RP request, but now that I am graduated and have a steady full-time job, I can afford to indulge in the site again!

Since it's been so long since I updated my last request thread, and I've lost the urge for most of those stories, I'm starting up a brand new one!

I am usually just as comfortable writing original characters as canon ones, but this time around I feel like playing characters that already have established personalities. I do have one or two OC ideas, but they are within canon settings. I won't lie... Part of the reason I come here to write stories is to write erotic scenes, but I find character interaction and development to be just as important, if not more so. I like the idea of people getting it on and not empty hollow shells, know what I mean?

Anyway, some ideas that I have had:
Avatar, the Last Airbender
Classic tales of forbidden love
  • In the western parts of the Earth Kingdom, under Fire Nation occupation, the daughter of a prominent member of the Fire Nation has caught the eye of a young Earthbender. Out of this attraction transpire events that will fundamentally alter the future of the region... and rock a few beds in the process.
  • Reviving one of my favorite RPs that sadly sputtered and died. A Waterbender taken as a POW is taken in by a Fire Nation soldier. He disguises his act as charity, but he secretly harbors feelings for her. When they're not dealing with suspicious police and sneering Fire natives, the two are awkwardly working through their developing feelings for each other. When Fire and Water meet, steam is sure to boil over.
Something on the smuttier side. More focused on romance than action.
  • This is somewhat inspired, ironically, by the DC Universe. It's no surprise that when Steve Rogers was inducted into a super soldier program, they didn't tell him everything about their plans. As it turns out, manufacturing a means to turn men and women into superhumans is expensive and takes a lot of work. Far better to make it so that they can just... let the soldiers do the work. With aliens, gods, and monsters all showing up on Earth's doorstep at an alarming rate, the next stage of Steve Rogers's program is set to get into effect. The world needs more supers... so he has to get on with making them! Ordinary citizens, other supers, even villains... All that matters is that good genetic matches are found for Steve to help father the next generation. The more, the merrier.

    Of course, nobody has asked what he has thought about this. In fact, he doesn't realize what's going on until his love life goes from zero to a hundred in no time at all...

    For the purposes of this RP, we would be playing this in the modern day and ignoring the events of Endgame. I'm not super picky on the time frame for this. Bonus points if he starts becoming interested in women of other races.
Star Wars
The characters in these stories are OCs, but I have specific eras in mind for them.
  • Old Republic era. A giant near-human bounty hunter is on a quest to find his Mandalorian heritage. Born to a race of high gravity shepherds recently throwing off the shackles of Sith tyranny, he seeks his long-lost mother and to better understand his place in the universe. Along the way, he finds work as a bounty hunter with a moral code... which, admittedly, makes work very scarce. The possibilities for interaction vary greatly. Your character could be a mark trying to sweet-talk him out of taking her back, a rival bounty hunter, an actual Mandalorian acting as a mentor, a spy or smuggler circling her finger in his hair... There are a wealth of opportunities available.
  • Clone Wars era, immediately following Order 66. A team of clones, Royal Squad, are the last remnants of a company of clones wiped out after a disastrous campaign into Separatist space. Rather than being reassigned to another company, the five members of Royal Squad are maintained as an isolated unit to serve on special assignments ranging from bodyguard duty to commando raids. Kingsley, Queens, Ace, Jack, and Joker all have their own distinct personalities which cause them to bicker among themselves, but their bonds of brotherhood are stronger than ever.

    I'm open to any opportunity that allows me to play these five brothers, but I do have one particular scenario that I would like to try. In the outermost edge of the Outer Rim, a trio of Jedi Padawans have run afoul of a slaving operation. (Note that I say Padwans, not younglings.) Before the girls can effect a jailbreak (or maybe get themselves killed), Royal Squad rescues the captives and spend time with the girls. When the Padawans find out about Order 66 and the declared treason of all Jedi, they masquerade as homeless refugees to stay with Royal Squad. As long as the clones don't realize their true nature, there shouldn't be a problem... right? Where else can they go? When five young men are in the same space as three sexually suppressed young women, it won't take long at all for sparks to catch into something blazing hot.

    I already have three girls in mind for this. Feel free to ask about it and if they don't quite jive with what you might be willing to play, I am flexible in that regard.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Admittedly, this one I have no concrete ideas for. I am just looking for an opportunity to play as the four brothers.

Perhaps a group of aliens arrive on Earth and intrigue the brothers? A new group of mutant women who will share their exile? Or perhaps a random assortment of regular women who develop a taste for Turtle Power?

If any of these ideas interest you, or you have any questions or suggestions, please PM me!