Mad scientist's experimental subject (F for M/F)

Started by Beorning, October 06, 2019, 03:14:35 PM

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Hello, E!

It's been a while since I posted a request for a story... But, lately, I decided I'd like to try RPing something again. So, here goes...

I'd like to try RPing a story inspired by one of the well-established tropes of horror and pulp: the mad scientist and his female victim / experimental subject. In this story, I'd like to play a woman who is captured (or otherwise coerced) by a mad scientist (of either gender), brought into a lab and subjected to some mad science. Whatever mad science it'd be, is up for discussion with my writing partner: some sort of transformation? Mutation? Mind control? The woman being turned into a robot or a cyborg? Something else?

I'm quite open when it comes to what would this story involve, I think. I know, though, that I wouldn't want my character to die - that's a hard Off for me. Also, I wouldn't really want this story to focus on sex and include scenes like the scientist forcing themselves onto my character etc. I really would like for this story to focus on mad science.

As I mentioned, the mad scientist's gender is not something I have a preference for. Similarly, I have no expectations at to the gender of my writing partner - all are welcome :)

So... any takers? If so, please PM me!