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Author Topic: Around the Castle [MUL] - Medieval / Fantasy - seeking female characters  (Read 928 times)

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In a large castle of a powerful, aggressive kingdom, the men ruling the said kingdom are becoming restless and active primarily at night. Those of high rank, of course, need worry very little about their affairs, even during the day light hours. No lady is safe, not queen or noble daughter, or foreign diplomat. It is only a matter of when.

This is my attempt to mimic the interesting style of Campus Rapist. I am looking for female characters (player sex doesn't matter to me) that fit the medieval/fantasy genre to be victims within or around a large castle. This is a series of situational one-shots that include Non/Con, light bondage, humiliation, possible incest, possible foreign object. I envision this setting to involve primarily humans, however, there is a fantasy element so monsters, diplomats/other visitors from other realms are possible.

I am still pretty new to the forum, so I am posting this to see if there interest in this type of thread and for a place for character profiles to be posted. Please let me know if there are any questions and feel free to PM for scenarios.

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Re: Around the Castle [MUL] - Medieval / Fantasy - seeking female characters
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2009, 03:29:12 AM »
I thought I would provide a little more information to help with the start of the thread now that some interest has been show. This is a high fantasy world with a bit of a gritty feel, so think elves, orcs, demons in moderation of course with more of a low tech, gritty feel.

Iron Drake’s Kingdom

The Iron Drake’s Kingdom is a vast series of realms ruled over by a single king, Devon Nyght, a human king who has remained in power for over a century.  He is said to be the descendent of a powerful warrior who slew an ancient dragon ages ago and bond its spirit and strength in death to the king’s armor. With this armor, he vanquished realm after realm and forced their leaders to swear fealty to his crown or face the enslavement or even destruction of their people. He was merciless in his pursuit of power and land and was stopped not by the forces of good but the unholy forces of a dark army brewing in the depths and barren lands to the east, past the Seven Spine Mountains, so named after a series of peaks that are said to resemble the shape of a Wyrm.

In a selfish effort to maintain his kingdom and prevent the fall of the entire known world, he made a pact with the remaining realms in opposition to his rule not breach their borders and to unite their forces to keep the armies of undead from destroying all in their path. The pact was successful, but the price was heavy, and the first king of the Iron Drake Kingdom fell to a violent death against their dark enemies’ most powerful general, a lich who too perished in the battle.  Also lost in the battle was the Iron Drake armor, all except a single gauntlet which has been passed down from generation to generation and is worn by Devon Nyght himself.  The powers of the gauntlet are unknown, but the descendents of the first king are said to be able to bond this powerful artifact to their person upon crowing, and the gauntlet fuses with their hand to be summoned at will when in need.  No one is certain if it is the gauntlet or some other sorcery or perhaps even unknown bloodline that maintains the Nyght’s longevity, but few dare seek an answer.
To recover from the long war campaigns, Iron Drake withdrew its forces from many of the outlaying territories it had acquired , taking with them resources and slaves. The loss of the citizens and resources devastated many of these areas, but if they withstood the series of smaller wars that took place after the withdraw, new realms and kingdoms began forming again.

In the heart of Iron Drake Kingdom, a land that is a harsh landscape that appears almost barren to the untrained eye, is a frightening castle and bustling capital which is home to not only the royal family, but many prominent nobles, merchants and guilds as well as large temples and at least one order of sorcery. It is harsh existence for the common man, woman and child but a unique opportunity.  Trade is open to anyone, guilds are not allowed to turn away promising pupils, armies are required to recruit the most talented. But the will of the nobles is absolute and supersedes common law.  The will of the royal family supersedes all else.

Brief Cast Listing

Devon Nyght – Current King appears to be in his early fifties with the physical appearance of a man many decades younger and whose actual age is over 100 years of age.

Golin – Born a slave, this dark skinned man earned his freedom by protecting the king from an assassination attempt, but it cost him his eye. He is now the captain of the castles guards.

Sorth – A thin, sickly appearing advisor whose long fingers unnerve the servants and whose presence has been in the castle since before the king’s father was born. He is certainly not human although his appearance suggests he is.

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Re: Around the Castle [MUL] - Medieval / Fantasy - seeking female characters
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2009, 12:43:29 PM »
The RP Thread is here

Around the Castle RP Thread

Just a general outline for a character profile.

Apparent Age: [because of the magic, I think it's more important to determine the visual age of a character than actual... such as young woman would be sufficient here but you could go more into it]
Status/Rank: [Slave, Prince, Merchant, Diplomat to XYZ etc.]
Description: [the catch all for who your character really is]

I am still muddling through the format, again sort of copying the Campus Rape idea here, open to ideas.

Offline Starfox

Re: Around the Castle [MUL] - Medieval / Fantasy - seeking female characters
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2009, 03:55:48 PM »
Name: Lanira Derion
Apparent Age: 18
Status/Rank: Noblewoman, daughter of Lord Gleron Derion of Cliffport, hostage at court
Description: Lanira is the eldest daughter of Lord Derion of Cliffport, who received the title "Protector of the Coast" 10 years ago after he drove sea-born raiders that had ravaged the coastal lands away. "In gratitude" King Devon Nyght granted the Lord the favor to have his children raised at court - effectively serving as hostages to ensure Lord Devion would stay loyal to the Iron Drake Kingdom. Lanira recently replaced Sir Davian, the scion of the Derions, at court. She's of average height, has long, dark curls, and posseses the grace of her mother, Lady Irian, who died giving birth to Lanira's youngest sister, Damira, 5 years ago.
Lanira has been raised as a propoer noblewoman, and sees herself as doing her duty in ensuring that there will no be no war between the kingdowm and her father's lands - she is well aware that such a war would be costly for the kingdom, but fatal for her home and family.

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Re: Around the Castle [MUL] - Medieval / Fantasy - seeking female characters
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2009, 09:32:07 PM »
Thread is open for the next one, if anyone is interested.

Offline NessyTopic starter

No one is interested in a one-shot? The first one went pertty well...

Offline Idej

I'd be interested

Offline NessyTopic starter

Great. You can post your character here or if you have questions I'd be happen to answer them in PM. Wanna keept his thread a tad clean.

Offline Idej

Name:  Alexis Wendrine, ruler of the kingdom of the Wendengard
Apparent Age: 21
Status/Rank: Queen of Wendengard
Description: Alexis Wendrine became the ruler of Wendengard due to the fact that she was the only heir to the king, and the advisors and retainers agreed that it would be for the best to maintain the strength of the kingdom and to keep leadership of the kingdom going through blood so that they can continue to fight the undead forces in the East unified instead of being divided..

While she did agree to those reasons why she was allowed to become Queen she took advantage of this position to improve the conditions of her people and the land.  She was very benevolent and began to put interest in her people and began to create a slowly rising democratic nation which would eventually force the nobility including herself out of power, but she did not mind at all.  This benevolence began to eat away at her retainers and they were very unpleased, but they did not want civil war to break out.  Plus this benevolence was bringing in immigrants from many other kingdoms, most from the Iron Drake.  Eventually she receives an invitation from Devon Nyght to attend a dinner with him and others to discuss business of war and to enjoy a ball.  Seeing that she has no choice she heads out with her honor guard not knowing what she is walking into.

Alexis is well-trained fighter and capable of wearing heavy-armor well all due to the fact that she is leader of her kingdom and to defend herself.  Her long brown hair is kept in a ponytail or is hung down with small braids on the sides.  She wears her crown only in formal occasions and only wears a dress in formal occasions.  She is in her plate mail for the rest of the time, with a bastard sword at her side and steel shield on her left arm.

Her silky white skin is unblemished and her body is very beautiful.