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October 06, 2022, 08:11:41 am

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Author Topic: (F for F) Erotic Horror  (Read 678 times)

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(F for F) Erotic Horror
« on: September 29, 2019, 11:13:49 pm »
Hi! Please send me a PM if these ideas interest you. We can iron out details, compromise, and conspire. I'm looking to play the "victim" of an erotic horror scenario. The gender of this request is important for me, but only for the characters. While I expect the RP to become sexual, anticipation is my biggest turn on. Make me anticipate and desire a closer connection with your character and you will have me in your hands. Deny my character's advances. Make it happen on your terms in a stately time.

The two scenarios I'm present can be intermixed. I would prefer for them both to happen, since I happen to love middle-management characters. However, if one tickles your fancy more than the other, we can keep it pure and simple without the extra complexities.

The Invitation
Inspiration, Mood Music

Your character is an otherworldly being, beyond the grasp of words like angelic and demonic. You are unknowable. You are a cosmological horror unto yourself. The reasons you toy with lesser species are known only to yourself. The way you collect them is by inviting them to your space. The measure is personal for each world. A piece of yourself is broken off, waiting to be found. When one creature or another grasps, they are influenced by contact into connection with your being, and that is how the fly tangles itself in your web. Over time, you change them so that they can better bare your true form. Few survive the process. The worthy live underneath your feet as lesser beings that will, overtime, lose their individuality and become apart of you.

My character is the lucky one on Earth that finds that artifact.

The desired atmosphere is some vague mix of Stephen King and Lovecraft. The artifact can be personal to you, whether it be a book of ancient knowledge, a crystal, a necklace, or heck, an ominous looking dildo! I imagine the more my character is in contact with the object, communication comes naturally through the form of dreams. She will see you for what she would find a attractive. A human woman. Over the course of her perversion she will catch glimpses of your true form. She'll experience fear and reject you only to be drawn back, time after time. Themes that I'm looking to explore are of frustration, corruption, and blossoming hedonistic deviancy. Ritualistic worship and idolatry are like the dessert section of the menu for me.

My character has found a new spiritual guide in life. Perhaps she connects to it through a book, a website, or even a personal contact. It's a new esoteric path that claims to follow an ancient lineage, and the testimonials she can find--be it in person or on something mundane like a forum dedicated to new age shit--are rapturously satisfied. Intrigued, she pursues an invitation and, after finding someone to vouch for her, she's introduced within the next meet up.

Your character is a charismatic enigma. People have always gravitated toward you. It's almost like it has something to do with the sound of your voice. It's up to you decide if you have something legitimate to sell, if you're secretly a novice that has stumbled upon greater information yourself, or if you're just a master bullshitter that is now living off donations of devout followers. Either way, it hasn't stopped your carnal desires. You have a penchant for young attractive women and, bonus, being a woman yourself, they seem more easily lulled into this mythos you've created/borrowed surrounding the divine feminine.

Through you, the divine speaks. This is something you believe emphatically, because the followers need to believe it, too. Themes are similar to the first plot set. Frustration, denial, ritual worship, corruption, drug usage, addictions, building co-dependency in followers, and scaring them into leaving your path. Your character can be a conduit for an Eldritch Horror, some other ethereal entity, or we can keep it strictly Earth-based--whichever speaks to you. I somewhat envision this character being akin to popular occult figures, but lesser known and in their early years. A seedy TV evangelist would also hit the spot.
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