Stephen King Inspired. (Different Ideas & Pennywise (Monsters & Horror) FxM)

Started by LoveTheWayYouLie, September 28, 2019, 09:15:50 PM

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The Shadow of King.

Hello there, and welcome to my request thread. I've had a few but in the light of some new ideas I wanted to make my request thread more organized on what I'm looking for and who I am as a player. I had been gone for awhile due to some medical and mental concerns. But I'm back now and I'm going to talking more with my partners and let them know whats up, last time I just vanished, so I'm sorry for any games I left hanging.

As the title states, a lot of these are based off Stephen King's writings because I love them just so very much. Only one of them is fully based on his writing and even that has lots of changes to make things more believable and do able. So it you're into horror, thrillers, monsters, and anything dark, message me!

A bit about me: I have been role playing since I was 12 so that 18 years. Man, that's a long time, and you'd think I'd grow out of writing role playing but I really enjoy it because writing is also a way I release stress.
I can pretty much say I can give at least one post per day, but it maybe a day between as I do have a family and work 40 hours a week, but I have pretty open ability and I can also write at work sometimes.
I am a literate writer and I can write many paragraphs. I am not a one line player, and I am not seeking that in a partner.

Lets quickly discuss limits and 'kinks'.
Limits: Vomit (in a sexual manner), bathroom play, child play (All characters must be 16+ site rules), furries....but I like monsters, don't ask.
Kinks: Mild to Extreme Non-Con, Monsters/demons, annnnnd pretty much anything outside of unprepared anal. I don't have a lot of limits and my kinks are vast and not limited. Just ask, the worst I can say is no.

Ok, Time for those cute little stories, littered with kittens and cotton candy.
Just kidding.......

They are labeled  *** for Craving.
Thank you.


Belong to the Dead Lights- Pennywise and Beverly Marsh ***

Idea 1- A few years have passed since the Loser Club stood outside the sewers and cut their hands. If IT ever returned they would come back and kill it. Assuming it wasn't dead from the beating they gave it before it vanished farther than they could get to into the sewers. They went on with their lives from that day, but none of them ever able to fully shake the horrors that had befallen them. All of them marked, and they knew he would some day come back to them. But someone was marked more than the others. Beverly. She had spent hours in the dead lights. Seeing things or unbearable horror but also dreams, comforts, and the deepest meaning the depths of space. Of course,  she couldn't truly remember all those things, but she always felt them in the back of her mind, like a nightmare that sticks with you that never goes away, only the feeling of the nightmare. But in the fact the Losers Club had ruined Pennywise's feeding routine for the past million years. So, he wakes, still weak but not weak enough to not eat. He picks people that wont be missed. People outside bars, homeless people in the forests, run away teens. But one evening, while lurking the shadows, he sees them....the Losers Club. Well, just Beverly and Ben, looking so grown up (16 per site rules). He can smell Beverly is scared of going home and Pennywise thinks she maybe a good meal. Seeing she is scared of her father, Pennywise slips into her home and takes on the guise of her father and proceeds to molest and then rape her when she fights him. She is always a fighter, less scared than the boys, but this really scares her and Penny loves the taste of her fear and finds himself intoxicated by this wonderful fear. During the act, he shows her that its really good ole Pennywise and not her father, which is even more scary. When its over, he vanishes and got back to his hole in the Earth to sleep good from his meal of fear from Beverly. She on the other hand is traumatized by what happened and her mind tells her it was just a nightmare, but she knows it wasn't. Weeks pass and she gets the courage to walk herself deep into the vast sewer to find him. She fingers the creature, still in its clown form is as IT sleeps. She wakes him only to be met with almost as wild animal with his roaring and his face lined with teeth. But she isn't scared, she wants him to kill her. But, instead, he sees another meal in tormenting her. To use her against her friends but she uses him. Getting rid of people she doesn't want around anymore. (Her father and bullies) as she feeds him. But he also becomes possessive of her.

Marked Forever- Pennywise and Beverly (IT 2 Spoilers) Can also be a continue from the first idea.
In the painting of Beverly and her husband, you can see Pennywise standing behind her husband. See below picture.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Idea 2- Beverly leaves Derry at 18 like the rest of her friends, well all of them but Mike. Shortly against leaving Derry she goes to college and meets her soon to be husband. A rich young man with a rich family, they date throughout college and get married shortly. He the perfect man. He is nothing like her father, who was a horribly abusive man. And everything seems to be looking up. She is however haunted by nightmares of the things she saw inside of the dead lights. There is hardly a day that passes that she doesn't feel like someone is watching her or having nightmares. Till the nightmares start to happen while she is awake, only to be cornered by the Clown of her childhood. Taking on the guise of her husband, he gets more aggressive with her. She chalks it up to going crazy from what happened to her growing up and goes to see a doctor to seek therapy and medications to help with the mental illusions.....but they aren't.

The Deal- Pennywise and Beverly ***
**Impregnation with creature**

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Idea 3- Beverly has gone living after they defeat Pennywise (Or so they think). She and Ben marry and everything is a Happily Ever After ending. But years later, Ben had an accident at work and passed away, which of course was hard for everyone. Beverly remained a widow as no one would take the place of losing Ben. She gets older and starts to get sick. She isn't old enough to be failing to elderly illness, but she is about 55 or so. She begins to get really sick, coughing up blood and unable to breathe. The doctors find that she is dying from something they aren't sure what. As she gets more sick with each passing day, she feels an urge to go back to Derry. It must be some type of dying thing, like dogs that go to the woods to die. She packs a bag and goes to Derry only to stay in a local hospital as she slowly dies. That is till she is approached by an old.....friend......
Pennywise appears to her and she thinks this must be a nightmare. He tells her that if she agrees to carry his offspring he will cure her as well as make her young again. This had to be a nightmare. She tells the horror monster No. And to Fuck off or Kill her. He vanishes, telling her that he will be listening, all she needed to say was that she agreed.
Weeks pass, and she chalks it up to a dream, because her mind didn't want to die. But as the days pass, she gets worse till she can feel herself dying. As she lays in her hospital bed she has to gain everything to get to the bathroom. Looking into the sink and looking at her sick and older face. It a sad attempt, she tells the sink, she agrees. Before she goes back to bed to die.
She wakes in the morning, being able to breath, slowly she gets better, even younger looking. The hospital lets her go and she gets a hotel room. Horrified to see herself looking younger by the day, it wasn't a nightmare...what had she agreed to...
When she feels wonderful, she takes herself to the sewers.....

That's all for my IT stories. Thank you for holding on that long, I really love these ideas. BUT I have other things to add.

Special Girl- Carrie

This idea holds that a young girl that is horribly bullied at home and at school is nothing more than wallpaper at school. But what people at school dont know is that she has a special ability to move things with her mind. To scared to tell anyone she practices her special gift in private till a young boy catches her. It can be a boy from her mothers church and uses it as devils magic to blackmail her to his desires. Or it can be someone who has a special ability too. The door is open on this idea.

I Can Take Care of You- Misery

Very close to the same story, a handsome actor gets into an accident while in the middle of no where town. A car pulls up to the accident, but seeing that its a famous handsome actor she takes him back to her house. Nursing him back to health, but also keeping him captive.

It's So Empty- The Shining

Again, its much like the original idea. A father, mother, son and daughter move into a large old hotel to be its grounds keepers during the winter months. But they began to lose their minds, the brother and sister notice their mother and father a really starting to lose it and fighting with each other more over the most insane things. But the brother and sister also feel themselves going crazy as they start to see, hear, and feel things. Ending up with them becoming sexually active with each other, but also their father begins to get more crazy than fighting and attempts to kill them all, but not if they kill him first.

Well, those are me ideas, and I'd love to talk them over with someone! I'm open to any questions of changes you'd like to make to these ideas. Please feel free to message me!

Thank you,