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May 11, 2021, 06:48:38 pm

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Author Topic: Writing Partners Wanted! Multiple Stories  (Read 998 times)

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Writing Partners Wanted! Multiple Stories
« on: September 27, 2019, 11:16:40 pm »
Hi there,

Glad you could stop by. I'm a fairly flexible roleplayer - I'm open to various lengths of posts, pretty open to exploring new ideas and I generally love both the sweet/sensual side and the filthy/kinky side. I do prefer at least a paragraph or two for most responses, as I like having some detail to write off of, and I've also been known to enjoy page-length (or more posts). I'm pretty open to roleplaying with anyone — male, female, outside the binary and anyone in between. Some of my cravings may require a certain gender character, but I'm pretty open to adjusting what I have for a partner's interests. I also welcome new ideas, so feel free to reach out if you have something you think I might like.

If an idea of mine catches your eye, feel free to send me a message and let's iron out some details!

Mixed Signals (Open)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I just have a rough idea for this one, so there will likely be a heavy amount of discussion before we get started. The idea is a spin on Sense8. Two characters will become mentally linked after having sex - they will be able to experience sensations from the other without being there, feel the same emotions. The catch? Well, sometimes brain signals go haywire. So the sensations, feelings and shared abilities will sometimes get pretty wonky. For example, imagine if the sensations a woman felt while having sex took place in a guy's mouth simultaneously! Or...or if vaginal or anal muscles had the maneuverability of a tongue. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Cuckold Power Reversal(Open)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story would start off like a traditional cuckold kind of story: A couple wants to spice things up and invite someone else into the relationship. The husband doesn't feel comfortable being the cuck himself, so they're looking for a submissive kind of guy. They meet someone and it goes incredibly well. He's tender and adoring. He's kinky as hell and is totally game to spoil both of them with pleasure...treating them to dates, all kinds of sexual debauchery and all that kind of stuff. Over time, the wife and the new guy get extremely close. And she realizes she loves the tenderness and adoration more than she loves the husband's dominance. I'd love to explore a full power reversal here and look into the drama, feelings and evolution of the characters, along with all the depraved sex they end up getting into.

Making him a Dad(Open)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I want to do an RP with a female character who is a little manipulative and assertive - she doesn't have to be mean, but I do want some element of manipulation or aggression to this roleplay. The basic idea is that the female character wants to get pregnant and she goes after a man who is unwilling at first. He isn't ready for kids or doesn't want them, but over the course of her seduction, he submits to her. The RP will revolve around her either seducing him or tricking him into getting her pregnant,  but I'd like the RP to be pretty long-term. I don't imagine she'll get what she wants the first time they have sex. They likely won't even have sex for a while - I'm looking for some build up with a lot of tension.

If our styles mesh well and we're both enjoying the story, I'd absolutely like to carry this well after she has "trapped" him, where the two characters continue their D/s dynamic, and he becomes increasingly willing - but it's a lengthy progression. I imagine some transition from cocky/arrogant professional guy to submissive house husband, although he will likely still work to support her and spoil her.

I'm open to a pretty wide array of kinks and fetishes, from sensual teasing to pain play to blackmail to facesitting to forced bisexuality. I'd prefer not to have bathroom play be a major focus, but I can go there a little if my partner really wants it. I'm hoping to discuss this fairly in depth with a prospective partner before we get started, so I have an idea for what scope we're going for.

The night was like any other at Monk's. The usual tables full of guys in suits, who came from the tall glass building across the street, talking about their best and worst clients. The lone drinkers who stared into their drink as if it would spontaneously manifest companionship.

Ethan didn't always drink alone, but but he sat by himself that night, letting that slight hint of citrus in his gin and tonic carry the troubles of the day somewhere else. His outfit was the first set of nice clothes that fit him perfectly: a pair of dark grey slacks that could belong to a suit and deep red button up shirt but no tie or suit jacket. It had been a busy week, full of meetings that took time from his actual job, and only one of them had called for a full suit.

It was worth it, of course. Consulting paid well, and there were other perks - who knew that Ethan could have developed a slim-built frame with some muscle after just a year of a free gym membership? He had built myself up in other ways, climbing the corporate ladder to senior consultant. He was even in a good position to replace his boss when or if she decided to move on from the company. A grin crossed his face as he imagined what his team of consultants might look like. More specifically, what him managing them would look like. He took another sip from his drink, taking a brief moment to straight out his medium-length brown hair.

There was always something a little charged about the atmosphere of Monk's Pub. It had the usual energy of laughter intermixed with coworkers who shouldn't be dating (according to policy) but likely were, their gazes falling and lingering on each other for moments lasting longer than friendly looks. Ethan had shared flirting glances with a coworker or two before, but it never went past that. His company had one of those policies, and, well, he was ambitious. He didn't imagine that he had the time for deeper relationships, so he didn't pursue them.

Ass Worship (Open)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This roleplay will be focused heavily on ass worship, but I'd still like some detail around it, and I'd like to create the specific scenario with whomever I end up writing with. I'm open to a lot of different scenarios and dynamics for this. It could be sweet and sensual...maybe the two characters just have a thing for ass play and they explore it for the first time together. It could also get more into domination or exploitation - maybe the boss's secretary finds out about his fetish and promotions start getting thrown at them shortly after. This is open to any kind of setting - fantasy, steampunk, fandom. I'd even go into succubus-soul-devouring territory for this.
My only limit is full on scat. I'm comfortable with pretty much anything else...smothering, smell being a focus, humiliation.

She had become my obsession. Well, one part of her anyway. Whenever she walked past me, my eyes fixated on the sultry curves that swayed so perfectly whenever she took a step. My eyes didn't...couldn't look away, my gaze would instantly become transfixed. I always went through the numerous things I would do if ever given the chance, and how much I would give just to kiss that absolutely perfect ass.

So complete was her hold over me that I'd have myself in a frenzy by the end of the day. I'd recount every movement, every jiggle and every filthy imagining. I even spent time many kisses would it take for me to give her access to my credit cards? My bank account? Would I even need to lick to sign over my house? My soul?

Lizzie de Sade's Madhouse for Girls (Open)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A steampunk Victorian setting with an insane asylum for females, where you can pay to spend an evening with one of an infinite number of types of women. Some are sweet and soft. Some are sex-crazed nymphomaniacs. Some are violent sadists. I would like to play one of the women in the asylum, though I'm open to the nature of my character based on my partner's preference. You could be a patron (any gender), another inmate (female), one of the guards (any gender). This story is open to any and all kink, though I'd like the overall tone to remain pretty playful with some dark humor and absurdity thrown in.

Among the soot-covered streets and gentlemen in tweed jackets, ladies in their fancy gowns and the distant rumble of the new steam locomotive, a dark stone building stood. It was notably larger and better kept than anything else in the city, with barely a scratch on any surface. Bars covered the windows which all seemed to peer out over the city, as if to capture passerby who dared to get too close. The building itself was surrounded by an iron fence adorned with pointed spires at regular intervals.

The impossibly massive front gate bore a sign on one door that looked more a poster for a circus. The artwork depicted a thin-framed woman in a purple corset with all varieties of clockwork and gizmos along her waist, so interwoven with the rest of her attire that it was difficult to tell where turning gears ended and fabric or flesh began. She mounted a stage, clearly taking it under her command with a grin that would have made the devil suspicious.

Closer inspection of the sign would reveal its wording:

Lizzie de Sade’s Madhouse for Girls!
Come see our GIRLS! They’re terrifically titillating, erotically exhilarating and carnally captivating. If you’ve ever wanted to bang a loony, we’ve got plenty to fulfill your every need. Satisfaction Guaranteed!*

*All girls come with doctor-certified disclaimers regarding the nature of their quirks and behaviors, and as a result, Ms. de Sade is not responsible for any unfortunate injuries obtained as a result of your time with said girl(s), including but not limited to: disfigurement, dismemberment, discombobulation or DEATH. All services are rendered as described upon signing your initial contract. Any letters of complaint may be sent to the office of client satisfaction on the first floor of our humble asylum, where all complaints are promptly thrown away.
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Re: Writing Partners Wanted! Multiple Stories
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2019, 10:24:56 pm »
Added context to a few story requests.

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Re: Writing Partners Wanted! Multiple Stories
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2019, 09:23:17 am »
All stories are now open <3

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Re: Writing Partners Wanted! Multiple Stories
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2020, 06:57:22 pm »
Actively looking for writing partners once more. All stories open.

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Re: Writing Partners Wanted! Multiple Stories
« Reply #4 on: October 27, 2020, 05:44:45 pm »
Added a new cuckolding story. Looking for writing partners.