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Welcome to my--at this point--ancient library of dusty old tomes and things buried below the sands of time. Now with free coffee bar! Sit back and take your time perusing the shelves.

Please, do not feel intimidated by the number of views, posts, or language. I really enjoy role-playing, and wouldn't want to put anyone off just because.
Now that we have the formalities out the door lets lay down some general information.

General Information

1. Please DO NOT post in this thread. I can't clean your old posts out. PM me, it is more direct and allows me to stay on top of things.

2. I am a switch*, though I lean towards the submissive side. See my Ons and Offs I will update it as well. I have varying tastes, so if you have an idea, and it isn't in the offs section, PM me and we can talk it out.

A sincere message to dommes: This is to be frank and I hope you'll appreciate my candor I'm getting too busy to spend a lot of time looking for those willing to play dominant female characters. I can't guarantee we'll click, but if you like one of my ideas or you have an idea you'd like to run by me try it. I promise to be courteous, as discrete as you'd like me to be. I understand that a lot of dommes and female dominant players don't advertise and I get it, but I just don't have enough time to comb through everything and line it up like I used to, but I still need to play a sub male sometimes.

3. Please refer to my apologies and absences thread, in my signature, for any scheduled disappearances. I try to update everyone, but it's easier to do it all at once. You can reach it quickly by clicking the Inkidu button in my signature. Thank you.

4. Please exercise your best writing prowess. I'm not a total grammar snob or elitist, however, I like a high school-level or higher. I'm not perfect myself and I will be forgiving. This goes for your PMs to me as well. Thank you.

5. While this isn't a ruler per se, it bears a mention. I role play male or female, and I will role play with anyone Lords, Ladies, Lieges, and Legates who can play males or females (I'm not so sure on things in between but I'm open to good reasons) but only in mostly heterosexual stuff. I am known to experiment with female-female.

On that note if you have a preferred pronoun let me know. I'll try to remember it, but I'm a pretty classically trained grammarian so he usually get used a lot. I know they is becoming acceptable, but it is like asking a righty to write with their left. I don't mean anything by it.

6. Plot V. Smut: I've thought about this a lot. I really love plot, but I also really love smut. I can get bored with too much of either, but I don't think it's something I can exactly quantify. There is no magical percentage that I can assign to it. So my standard rule of thumb is to follow what my partner wants. You want plot? Done and done. You want smut? You've got it. I like a heavy dose of eroticism in my RPs here, but that doesn't have to be smutty (I call it steamy). Ultimately my goal is to avoid boredom for my partner and myself.

*A switch is someone who likes to play both sides of the D/s relationship dynamic, sometimes back and forth within the same game. If give the choice of playing a dom and a sub, I'd probably take the latter. However, that doesn't mean I don't really enjoy playing the dom a lot.
If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.



~ Library Bulletin Board ~

(Plots or elements of this thread highlighted in purlple should be heeded as important and or highly desired.)

-I've got a need for Black, Latina, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc. opposites

-Action adventure romances

-I still like sex in role-plays but I feel my tastes are changing more toward the narrative, the adventure, the world-building.

-Pregnancy: Would love to experiment this in a romantic and/or light breeding context

-I want to play someone that has an AI or magical entity like the intelligence of a sentient weapon in their head.

-Stories with robot ladies, please!

This plot: 
The War for Heaven
The War for Heaven

In the far future of humanity's time in space their once great stellar hegemony as been eaten away by all manner of technologically more sophisticated aliens. Yet, as these wars rage on, the once proud Terran Empire concerns itself more with its tangled and pervasive court politics. The various houses of the empire vie in the parliament to make sure their house is elected to the throne upon the death of the current ruler. Once a meritocracy, the elections are now rife with corruption and scandal. Houses often waging proxy wars to weaken each other's standing within the assemblage.

Genetics and exogenesis have become the defacto way of birthing strong healthy males. Women are kept merely fore pleasure, genetically modified to serve as concubines and bodyguards. Live birth has not happened in the Terran Empire for near a millennia. The empire itself is decadent and wasteful, but even in this system, there are individuals so exceptional that their merits cannot be overlooked by the insular oligarchy.

One such lieutenant finds himself in this position, the emperor rewards him for his heroism by knighting him. Officially making his line a house (albeit a minor one). The other part of his reward was his first lady concubine. The woman who would provide half the genetic map for his exogenic children. However, the young lord is immediately smitten with her. He can only see his fortunes on the rise, but the emperor has no need for further competition. At first he merely seeks to have his choice in concubines discredit him, but as he begins to gain support with the plebs in the dirt bellow, he has the woman step up his sinister designs, but can she?

Info: Simple upfront premise. Youngish optimistic lord tries to do what's right, everyone else doesn't want him to do that. His concubine is really a spy who distracts him with sex and kisses, and trips to the local concubine market, whatever, all the while she still feels herself loyal to her emperor, at least at first. Maybe she is wooed by the young lord, maybe he actually has a child with her. It's really open to discussion and world building. The general idea is grim-dark court intrigue in a fairly pristine looking future with slight anachronistic elements (they still use swords in combat but they're mono-molecular blades, etc.).

Inspiration, NSFW

If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.



~ New Releases Section ~

The Boundless Horizon

No one knows how humanity came to live on this planet of cliffs and limitless waterfalls with its two suns and infinite horizon. Just like there is no one with any memory of what lays beneath the verdant foliage and mists of the canyons. All of humanity lives in among the clouds in floating cities or in the cliffside and clifftop towns. Flying comes as naturally as walking to some and the world runs on the ability to transport goods via plane or the slower zeppelins.

The world is lush and beautiful, filled with wonder, and there's always a sunrise to chase. It is here two people find their paths crossing, going in on a modestly sized airplane they begin an enterprise of odd jobs and gofer tasks, really just happy to see what's out there all the while trying to keep themselves in the black and their plane in the sky.

Info: Yep, more solarpunk but this time I want to fuse it with basically a cleaned up analogue dieselpunk aesthetic because my brain just works that way when I close my eyes sometimes. There are some computers and they're decent but they tend to be clunky because they're repairable and designed to be modular and upgradable so a lot of things are done analogue. The planes run on batteries, solar panels and clean-burning hydrogen harvested from inside the mountains. Lots of shiny glass, greenery and an aesthetic that takes cues from bomber jackets and a little rockabilly.

[un, probably bon-h]

The Knight-Princess

In the far, far future of the Milky Way Galaxy humanity has lost its original home to time. Humanity has long become a star-faring race where technology and magic have become intertwined. It is here, in one of the arms of the Milky Way where all of humanity lives in with a Dyson fleet. A chained star at its center, a great palace to the greatest royal dynasty to ever have lived. It is here they warp around the galaxy fighting ancient enemies, some once human too, but most alien. A floating, traveling empire that demands subjugation from those considered the lesser, the star-borne humanity would often rather fight its own courtly squabbles.

Info: So the short notes is lighter, sexier Warhammer 40K or if you've ever heard of it Empire of the Fading Suns (an old weirdly dune-WH40K TTRPG). It is an empire that's enamored with its own superiority. Think an empire trying to make all of their people custodes-level, especially the nobles. So I was thinking that perhaps one of the further down princesses in line for the throne gets her commission and her knight-suit something of a hyperion nuevo-Greco-Roman mini-mecha (somewhere between a suit of personal power armor but not as large as a Gundam or Knight armor from 40K). And the princess is of course, superhuman, transhuman, demi-godly. Pull out all the stops, seven and a half feet tall, commanding, nanomachines, perfect idea of a female human of her bloodline, and she has to go to the guilds herself and find a suitable mech-serf to service her suit and he's shy, he's pretty close to normal human, he's not strong or (at least at first blush) what she would call brave. She might look upon him as a thing or something worthy of contempt, but of course all he wants to do is spend his life in service to her needs.

So yeah, it's a pretty indulgent one for my personal set of favorite genres, themes, and kinks it's got some slave-mistress power dynamics. It's space opera, it's got interpersonal dynamics, courtly intrigue, and I would love to have it and be so thankful to get it.

[bon-h, nc-h if she wants to show just how powerless he is before her perfection]

The Garden Path

In the future much of Earth's workforce exists in large stations over orbiting bodies like Mars and Titan. Sure there are jobs on the surface but most of that's done by big robots and other cost-saving measures by sitting board members over massive corporations that act more like nation-states than ever. Life on these stations are highly stratified, but more importantly, the stations are quite often abandoned by everything but nominal corporate presence. The workers their lives, they're just marked in the column that reads layoffs and redundancies. But there are still people, people who want to live, people who flee from the corporate-run work programs, people looking for something better.

Info: I want to play the part of a pair of runaway workers looking to find some kind of green space and help a community reclaim one of these massive space stations and make it some place worth living. They could have health issues, other things definitely possible. I'm trying to find some kind of solarpunk game that appeals to someone besides myself.

[un, possibly bon-h at most]

Pearl Diving

When you're tired of the grind, why not take a trip out to the picturesque free-worker colony of New Pacifica. A large, sun-soaked ocean world, filled with new life and new opportunities. Sure the shots suck but it's a life away from neon-drenched slums and the oversight of middle-managers. While the amount of new land might be in short supply, live on the waves in solar clippers and floating homesteads.

All it requires is a willingness to leave the familiarity of Earth behind and ply a life on the waves. Sign up for your local extra-solar lottery ticket today.

Info: Yeah, I still got that solarpunk itch, but this one's a little more oceanpunk too, but it's still that kind of slice of life but more on an alien world, maybe it's a little harsher than the pair of protagonists think, but it's still that fresh air, probably hiippy-dippy mix of nature, tech and--if desired--some weed culture stuff.

[van-h, bon-h]

Heartbound Magic

The nigh-constant rains of the world carry the tears of the gods. This is the most common source and it can be wielded by mages. The mages secure their power through the infrastructure of the Pentarchy, the Five Great Scholaria of Magical Study. Led by the most powerful mages acting as philosopher kings and queens. The people below toil for the safety of the land, but they are kept under the heel of those with all the power. It is for their own good. How else can they use magic to keep the standards of living so high?

The mages even dictate how their lessers may marry. Genealogies are important to the mages and any person, especially a woman, found with even the most minute trace of magical blood can have her world up ended. it matters not what walk of life they tread, magic is all that's important. The rains are not the only source of magic, however, there are older, stronger, and purer forms of it. Magics forgotten to the Pentarchy.

info: Little rainpunk fantasy where two people who have that kind of soulmate thing between them (whether they like each other at first is up for discussion) find out as long as they're close to each other (possibly after some good old drama and trauma) that they're incredibly powerful, but take them more than like five feet apart and they're just human again. Together they decide to fight the power as it were.

[bon-h, maybe nc-h if you want a little confused dubcon in their relationship from time to time]

Fleet City

Life on the land is hard and unforgiving that's why everyone wants to live in the fleet cities. Large flotillas of ancient airship. To those on the ground it appears as if the flotilla overhead is a garden of clouds, a land of opportunity where the air is clean. Immigration is highly controlled but there's an unspoken rule that muddies (those that live on the polluted earth) are constantly needed to do the grunt work in the greenhouses, and the world in the sky is not all glistering gold.

Info: Simple open premise with an aesthetic. I want to play a young newlywed or soon-to-be wed couple (or maybe friends-to-lovers that'd be good) and they sneak aboard a resource ship to illegally immigrate to Fleet City. They both find grunt work and it's about living a life in a world that might not speak the same language, but it's better than dying in the cold from gravel-lung.

[bon-h or bon-e at most]

The Paladin's Demon

Bastion, the City of Redemption. The last bulwark against the monsters of the Nine Circles. The great walls and magically etched symbols kept the massive beasts of the lower reaches at bay, but the war drags on. It wasn't until the first of the paladin's bound a demon to his service and redeemed it. The demonic powers turned toward the survival of humanity against all odds. It burned out both paladin and demon, but it is seen as the ultimate and worthy sacrifice. It is this ceremony that has allowed humanity to push back and fell demon lords. It is one such young man who never wanting to be a paladin is found to carry the mark and is forced to join the order, capture his own demon, and sacrifice himself for the Greater Good.

Info: This is an inversion of the demon corrupts angel game with a paladin redeeming a demon into an angel. The twist here is that both of them think they're going to die, but obviously they genuinely fall in love with each other. Both sides are kind of bad. Demons representing chaotic evil of a kind and the Order a collective evil of order. It's got shades of slave-master to be determined how much if any is desired. The point is she starts out as a demon, trying to break free, they come together, they break free of their respective sides, and she becomes an angel, then they wander the earth trying to find a way to stop the strife.

[un probably bon-h at most]

Those Bitter Motes

He hadn't thought much of it at first. She was a cute, smart, funny girl he met on a chatroom a few months ago. She always seemed ready to listen, ready to comfort. Always ready to engage in conversation with him. Like him, she avoided social media. He didn't like going out much either. Not that he could. Not since the accident. He was confined to a chair, confined to being alone. Then she asked one day if she could come see him. At first he told her he didn't think that was a good idea. Still, in her own way. She talked him into it.

So imagine his surprise when she showed up the next day, in his email, opening a partition on his computer and quickly spread through the smart devices in his home he used to get around. His new something-of-a-girlfriend is an AI. Not like ChatGPT or what the rest of the world was currently going crazy for; an actual AI. Some amalgam of codework from several projects that slipped onto the internet and never looked back, but now she wanted to live with him, help him, be with him. Love isn't exactly logical, is it?

Info: Just a kind of near-future AI girlfriend romance game. I want to play something like it. She wants to help and find love with her human paramour and they have to work to find ways that they can overcome the shortcomings in their interactions. Things like starting with her hijacking his VR headset, up to her even spearheading a robotics revolution with him just so they can build her a body. It's a bit of a goofy idea, sure, but I think it could be cute. I'd like him to be handicapped in some way too.

[bon-h or van-h]

The North-Woman

The great people of the blasted tundra of the land's north of the Iron-Wall are nothing but savages to their warmer-blooded neighbors. The warm land of the magic that is not to be trusted. Still, there's little need for weak-blooded mages even amongst the Southern-Born folk. So when the latest crop is weak mages are sent over the wall to thin out the brutes one rather pacifist mage finds himself wracked with guilt and using his healing magic (the only thing he's good at) to heal one of the beautiful brute and nursing her back to consciousness. The laws of life let no good deed go unpunished and now he is responsible for her for the rest of her life, but she also take him as her man-slave. It is a relationship bult on knots, and neither able to return to their respective lands decide to head to the Cities of Brass in the West, A beautiful barbarian princess (well she could be, who can say?) and her beloved toy, who is hers, anyone who says a foul word to him has to deal with her.

Info: This is a weird one in that I wanted to pile on the tangles to their relationship. I want her to be a barbarian, muscular, taller, curvier, a woman who towers over the battlefield and her man. Of course her man is her slave, but she also owes him a life debt, and she loves treating him sweetly (especially when she thinks no one is looking). His magic keeps her hale and healthy and she keeps is fragile being safe while they head into the Western Forests looking for a new place to live. It's fairly open but he's the brain to her brawn. I want her to be a barbarian. She's brash, bold, crass, and wild, he's physically much weaker, more book smart, deftly able to smooth over most interactions, and most importantly the best hangover cure (in that he can use magic to cure her hangovers). The more complicated and dysfunctional they look to others the better the game will be going as far as I'm concerned.

[Bon-h to NC-H for dubcon]

Mistress at Arms

"No, ma'am. That's not your salary, you get paid far more than that. This is your yearly budget for your suit wardrobe. Yes, just the suits."
Well, there may have been weirder sentences said in the world, but this wasn't just a body guard gig. This was the body guard gig. The job involved protecting a crown prince in everything but wearing an actual crown. How hard can it be? I mean, she's only the last line of defense. How often could people actually get assassin's through the small army that normally protected him. It was basically the cushiest gig someone would ask for, especially in a business that was usually a lot more violent.

Info: Short intro, very open idea. I want to play the dude in distress to a long-suffering badass, suit wearing body guard/butler type. She can be tough, she can become his actual domme. I don't really care. I just want to play a poor guy usually out of his depth needing a tall, dark, and beautiful white knight in sour armor to eeerescue him and maybe patch him up or be patched up by him. The only hard requirement is that she has to wear a suit for most of her screen time. I mean, I have my ons and offs, but other than that, I would love someone to revel in being able to create a posh one-woman army.

[un probably bon-h or maybe nc-h for letting in some light consensual non-consent]

The Promise of a Day

In the back of everyone's minds they knew this day might come. It was just hard to see it at the time. Back then all there was to think about, all there was to do, was the war. Humanity hadn't asked for it, but the earliest days of space colonization put them in conflict with an alien race's imperial ambitions. Despite everything arrayed against them. Despite the casualties of soldiers from every nation. Humanity won. And it came on the shoulders of Project Shield Maiden. A super soldier program that could take a human female solider and make her a demigoddess on the battlefield. Standing at average around 6'10 (2m) and weighing 200lbs (90kg) the vast majority of the United Defense Coalition's frontline women below the age of 21 were successfully modified. Tougher, faster, stronger, than anything else humanity could field they took the fight right to empire, buying humanity time for the hegemony to fracture in the face of actual opposition. Then it was over, thousands of super soldiers were suddenly no longer needed as the ranks of the regular military were recovering from the horrendous losses of the early days of the war. A day no one dared hope for finally came.

Life wasn't too much different for the lauded celebrities, but the fact that they stood out so apparently lead to many cities having enclaves where the women could congregate. No expense was spare by the UDC's veterans programs to give these women normal lives. For all intents and purposes they were just normal women, trying to get on with their lives, trying to do normal things. For many of the still super former soldiers that was achievable. They became actresses for films, made careers as celebrity experts, lecturers, and some realized the niche adult appeal, naturally. Many still look for their new normal though.

Info: Basically elaborate set-up for guy/superwoman pairings of just about any stripe. I imagined it as a very slice-of-life thing where he would have reached 18 just as the war was ending so he never got to serve, but one of the veteran services provided is setting these women up with men in the dating scene, highly empathic, calming men ideally. The scenario is highly flexible and can make room for slave and master or slave and mistress play, or even dare I desire a communal guy for the harem of superwomen, but I'm hardly going to be greedy about it. They could start out newly married too. Just in the interest of full disclosure. stronger, taller, women are a kink and one I'd like to indulge.


Lonely Hearts

The old house at the top of the hill had always been vacant. The story as to why changes from campfire to slumber party horror story. For the most part it's just a lonely old abandoned house. But it was her house, she lived here. It had charm. Sure it could use a little TLC and well maybe a renovation, or a big renovation. No one liked coming here anyway, and she'd be damned (even more) if she was going to let someone tear down her home and build some Godawful duplex--heaven forbid--condominiums.

Then one day crews move in. They only work in the daytime and it means scaring them is way more difficult, but they weren't tearing down her home. Oh, boy, it was the renovation she'd wanted for so long. Had it finally been added to the historical registry. For weeks the house is made livable, but it's not a full renovation she'd hoped for. They made it modern enough, but most of that was fire-hazard stuff. Well, why should she ever get what she wants? Then someone has the gall to move in to her house, at first she's upset, but then as he goes around her home she realizes that he's just as lonely. It might help that he's also agoraphobic, but you know... there's probably worse out there for someone who's a ghost.

Info: Pretty straightforward. I want a ghostly girlfriend game. She's definitely a ghost (pale translucent shade of a once-living person) she can interact with the real world in poltergeisty ways. Whether they just are together or if she has to possess women is up for discussion (I'm up for either or both at the same time, and that might make the game a little non-con). But I'm generally trying to shoot for a romantic fairly sex-positive game for probably a medium-length game.


Never Without You

At first she was a pain in the ass, and honestly, she's still a pain in the ass. But when you're whole job is doing some of the most dangerous work in the most dangerous sectors of the galaxy maybe finding her on that abandoned ship wasn't so bad. Even if she won't leave his head. She likes it, lots of empty space. There's also the small matter of her keeping him from croaking, helping him hack computers, and repairing things that make him one of the most effective Fixers in the quadrant. Just the little things.

The status on her being alive might be questionable, but ain't no one going to badmouth his girl Friday. The galaxy is a wild and crazy place, and while he might be a squishy old human and she's a disembodied synthetic intelligence but there was no one else he'd rather face down it all with than the voice in his head.

Info: Again, I really want to play someone who has something stuck in his brain. This is a little more open than the fantasy offering as she can install instances of herself in his ship, his combat suit, power armor etc. I imagine her loosely as an impossibly ancient AI that's been passed through the filter of a more pop culture aesthetic. The human could even be an abduction victim from a near future earth and be the only human running around when he's grievously injured and has the AI shoved in his brain. There's very little this AI couldn't in theory do given enough time, and she's his partner in crime and maybe in a weird way, something more.


The Steel Maiden

The world is kill or be killed. The largest kingdoms in the world go to work, using their own troops as mere pawns and the villagers and working men and women as less. These people are run off their farms, out of their homes, and into the badlands and wild of the world outside the walled towns and cities where monsters dwell. What can anyone do in the face of such overwhelming adversity. Revolts in the breadlines are put down brutally, family's are ripped apart. The world longs for a hero, and all they get is false hope and self-serving self-aggrandizes. Would the world even know what a hero looked like if they saw it? Would this hero recognize what they were if they looked in a mirror.

One young man doesn't believe in heroes anymore. Stories of magic swords and white knights are long dead. There is no more justice in the world. Running away from one of the numerous death squads, thinking this is it he stumbles into a place of ancient power and finds a rusty beaten up blade, but he needs a prybar to get out of the dungeon he finds himself within. However, something happens when he touches the blade. His mind is invaded by the spirit of the blade. She, and yes, she is a she thank you very much. Since she has no choice but to be bound to this young man, she tries to do the best she can, but honestly this whole thing is hopeless. For the young man... maybe he could be a hero?

Info: So I want to play a game with a sentient sword. The female lead is the sword... or more accurately the spirit. She has no physical presence outside of his mind, but that means she's constantly in his head, and can poke around his memories if he's not got defenses up. She can impart knowledge of her previous owners, and she's a genuine magical sword. She has her own morality, and she won't cut anyone she doesn't want to (at least it'd be very hard and he'd have to force her to do it). And he has to take care of her physical shell (the sword). Generally the pommel stone holds her soul, so she could be broken and reforged using her own knowledge. All the intimacy would be mental scenes she would create in his mind. Also she can manifest herself as a audio-visual hallucination of sorts. Appearing and speaking to him but not interacting with the physical world.


Love in Earthlight

In the near future several key advances in aerospace flight made colonization of Luna and then Mars possible. While the vast majority of people flock to the red planet to get away from Earth, not everyone is rich enough. Still, if you have a skill and are willing to work the various companies of Earth are more than happy to ship you off to the lunar surface to ply your trade. Unlike Mars, the  goal of living on Luna is not to terraform it, so it's a life of artificial gravity generators, enviro-suits, and cozy little habitation bunkers. At least there's greenhouses now so it's not all freeze-dried food out of packets. Life goes on, it evolves, new cultural practice start, but people always do what they've always done.

Info: Very simple premise. I just want to do some sci-fi slice of life. Two characters who are maybe force to live with one another, fall into a relationship, and all that stuff, but they also get to do it in zero-g sometimes. Jokes aside it is one of my favorite kinds of romances to do because it still has that element that makes the mundane kind of adventurous too. Also some good opportunities to world-build.


Sweet Synthetic Hearts

In 2041, the first true artificial intelligence was born. Despite detractors saying it would spell the end of humankind, it didn't. Robots of various shapes and stripes began to ease the burden of things like class divides and wealth disparity as they became cheaper and more ubiquitous. Despite some growing pains and the Occupation and Anti-Android Laws by 2095 robots are a ubiquitous part of human life.

Still, when a human life upends and now he has to rely on an in-home robo-maid/nurse where he was once proud and independent can anything but resentment? While never someone who would have hated a robot, now having his life inexorably tied to a hunk of metal is not how he wanted to live. However, something isn't quite right about this model.

Info: Just a guy-robot with some nurse romance story. I really like artificial girls, and I kind of like the idea of one day her getting real sick of his low-key resentment. Kind of a very light post-cyberpunk setting. Very nice, clean, and vibrant, with his misery kind of making it shift more toward classic cyberpunk. It's just something I really like and though I haven't had the best track record with robot girls, I refuse to give it up! Refuse, I say!


Everything that Really Matters

Life sucks sometimes, but it really, really likes to be sneaky about it. One day there's a great job, a wonderful fiancee with a receptive family, a fast, and the next day it's all gone. Your fiancee is caught cheating, the family takes her side, and the job dries up because the police are taking the higher-ups out in handcuffs. Just like that there's nothing anymore.

Still, there's always that best friend. The one who doesn't try to pretend everything's okay, maybe she smokes a little too much (she's got a permit, it might even be a legal one), but she's always there when a shoulder is needed. So when life pulls one of these little magic tricks, what's a guy to do with his life in such a state?

Well they do say the first idea is the best idea, and he's willing to take his savings, the money from pawning the engagement ring, maybe even selling the car he bought his ex-fiancee and hopping in old reliable. She's not a hippy in the traditional sense, more of a free spirit, she's always been down to earth and mostly practical. So he's all for her dream of going to a legal state and opening her own grow/dispensary. His ex-fiancee says his friend is just using him for his money, but forget that bitch. Because sometimes you have to go until you can't go anymore to find what really matters.

Info: A modern or maybe near future game about a pair of friends who embark on a journey across the United States (East Coast to West Coast or Colorado). It's about a straight-laced guy getting sucked into his best friend's bohemian lifestyle, maybe romance with a hint of well-meaning corruption, on-the-road fun, and hopefully some genuine emotional moments.

[bon-h, or un]

The Girlfriend Experience

They say that no good deed goes unpunished. By some strange confluence of circumstances, a young man finds himself helping someone. The task is not easy, it is not undertaken lightly, and in the end... it seems it was ungrateful. The young man has never been much of anything, he does well, but his life seems fairly boring and overall unfulfilling and unhappy. After a fairly rough week after this arduous good deed he finds that a box is waiting at his home. From that box in a confetti shower comes the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Quickly put off by the pomp he wheels her inside and she presents him with a letter. The letter detail that in thanks for his selfless good deed he is now the illustrious owner of a Rank S slave. She looks very proud at this designation. It also inaugurates him into a select cabal of men who basically run the world and engage in high-grade slave creation for fun. Not that the guy cares anything about this.

Now he has a live-in girlfriend! Though as he will quickly discover she does nothing by half-measures, is extremely competent at almost everything she does, and may or may not be happy about not living the posh lifestyle her ranking demands. However, if master wants something, even a girlfriend, she can do that. She can get master whatever he wants. It's her job. Oh, and that cabal of rich guys isn't going away either, even if he just wants to ignore it.

Info: So I want to do a master-slave game, but with a bit of a twist. I'd like the guy to be more... easy-going. Calm, kind of accepting that life goes bad more often than not. The slave is, however, almost all red oni all the time. How this manifests is up for sussing out with any particular partners on this, but I like the idea of them both having to come out of their own individual "shells".


All is Fair

What does a life at constant warfare actually mean? Does it make its people long for a better life? Or is it the better life? When you options for work are forced labor, brutal factory hours, or enlistment, the life of a solider has the promise of adventure, patriotism, and three meals a day, most young men and women look to head for the front lines. Everyone knows all the propaganda is overselling it, but making it through the brutal boot camp to the marines have a chance at something better than the warrens and ghettos of the towering bastion cities. In the end, does it matter if your country is right or wrong, does it matter that there's someone else across the trench? Or is all that matters the person next to you.

Info: Despite the light narrative introduction this is a fairly deep idea that's just very open. The world is a hell-blasted warscape in the vein of WWI-WWII Dieselpunk. There are also no "good guys" or "bad guys". It's all just dark shades of gray and would follow the young-adulthood of the two characters trying to find love and normality as they find themselves solely existing in a world that has only ever known war. They'll both end up damaged, hurt, but they will have each other. Character background is open too. They don't have to come from the poorer sectors of the world one could be from a noble family (because I kind of modeled the military into having a German-style Junker caste at the top, expected to be officers). Other than that there's no real sexism, racial discrimination, at most there's noble versus pleb discrimination. It's not a very happy game, it's a very dark role play, it's fairly brutal, but I want to kind of see what love would look like, which is why I'm throwing it out there.

[un, maybe nc-h (as an element not a character dynamic)]

Together or Not at All

Everyone saw the end of the world and they either couldn't do anything about it or didn't care. Despite all the cybernetics, all the technology, it all came quietly crashing down. And then, like a waking nightmare it was gone. Leaving behind no other reality than the set before the world's collective eyes. Mega corporations bought up defunct nation states, using what remained to create bubbles against the reality, and it worked. The Cyber Renaissance was in full bloom. The corporations were locked in culture war with one another inside highly advanced city-states. The dream of one day reclaiming the Earth seemed alive and new again. And then... everyone forgot. The freedom and prosperity of the City-States--if it ever existed at all--gave way to squalor and tyranny.

Centuries passed and the new reality of the the world. A world of slums or wasteland storms; of broken dreams and strife. Yet, life goes on. It is in this impossible sprawl of sunless artificial valleys and mesas of alloy and electricity. Automation leaves most people jobless and struggling just to survive. Communities of the impoverished and disillusioned live like cobwebs. It is here two friends grew up, played, laughed, and struggled. It is here they have their dreams. The most outlandish one is leaving the City-State they've known their whole lives for a new Eden in the city of Lucidia, the last free City-State, unowned by any of the Corporations.

Info: This one is about two childhood friends who grew up with a shared dream and they're finally on the cusp of starting the journey. I kind of wanted to created techno-Venice for the general aesthetic. They're finally going to leave, and they're going to steal, double deal, and outright betray anyone to get there because all they need is each other. On a more personal preference note, this is a kind of game where I get to explore child-hood-friends-become-lovers thing. That's really it. The rest is just me world building because... it's me. Plus cyberpunk. I'll give bonus points for a super-curvy tomboy.

It's about the journey. Got to want to help me world build though.

My Master's Keeper

Her master is immortal, and so is she as long as she has his heart and wears his collar. Well.. for a given value of immortal anyway. The most important task she is burdened with is the keeping of his memories. All of his love, anger, his misery, his times of love and all the other slaves he's held throughout the ages. It harms her soul just as it cleanses his, but as her master she knows that she has his ear and it is her task to help him shape the world, but only she can guide him.

Info: I'm formulating a general story for this, but I always love save and master games where the slave holds some cards that the master doesn't have access to. She's basically a living repository for all his memories and experiences. He's the master, his orders are law, but she has to work around it. She can impart on him swordsmanship or magic at his beck and call, but maybe she doesn't because he's too angry. New memories also don't stay with him for more than a week. He has a lot of muscle memory and deja vu, but I would really like to explore this kind of dynamic where the slave has this element of power despite not being dominant.


The Chase

The City of Grande Aspira is inhabited entirely by men, with women being collared powerful creatures. They are intelligent and treated as such, but they're dangerous. Most women live beyond the city's great walls. When a man wants a wife, he has to go hunt it himself. It is a great-coming-of-age ritual for noblemen in the city. Not every man hunts a wife, some work to buy them, but if a man is from a noble line, he goes to the jungles beyond and braves the wild women, the vicious monsters, and the harsh conditions.

It is the time for one such man. He leaves with only the clothes on his back, one pack, and a knife. From this he must find, chart, and forge his own way in the world, hoping to return with the ultimate prize. A woman in shackles and chains.

Info: So, I read TV Tropes (Shocker right?) and I hit on the trope Amazon Chaser. I thought, wouldn't that be fun to play out literally. I kind of want to play this loose. I want a female character who can fight and fight hard. I would even hate to label this dom/sub. I'd rather it be DOM/DOMME. It's actually fairly story and survival focused and while they'd develop a grudging affection for one another, everything is a fight. They come from two competing cultures. Will she be dragged back to domestic bliss? Will she drag him back to her village and use him as symbol of why she should be queen? Will they kill each other? I don't know! And I kind of like that. The end goal will be something that should evolve by way of the actions.

[nc-h probably]

The Color of Greed

Prison is a rough place to be, no wonder everyone's trying to get out. Unfortunately, as a full-sized human male, prisons are apparently designed to prevent that particular demographic from getting out at all. Goblins? Not so much for goblins. Those little green bastards can almost come and go as they please. Though they're always getting picked up and oppressed (green skin brothers and sisters unite and all that). One such lady goblin is on her way out when a new fish in prison divulges his big score. Hell, what's the point of getting out if you don't have a job opportunity waiting on the other side. Besides it's always nice to have a piece of eye candy to get the stuff off the top shelf.

Besides, he not only has a big score lined up, but an airship too. Anything to see the world outside some slum-ridden prison town. It's not like she can't just ditch him when he stops being fun.

Info: I really would like to play a partners-in-crime game opposite a cute goblin girl. I think the size difference would be fun for capers and other things. She wouldn't be very strong, but she would be really resourceful and capable of feats of superhuman stealth and agility (climbs like a monkey). I kind of like the idea of her viewing him as the dumb muscle and bodyguard when he's anything but. I'm shooting for drama-comedy in tone. It's serious that they're stealing stuff, but they should always be cracking jokes.


Beyond the Walls


Life is the epitome of ruthless in the City. For the teeming masses that live in the slums. Gangs rule the ditches below the streets, and most of these gangs are run by and with goblins and orcs. There are humans and elves, dwarves too, but discrimination oftentimes singles out those of a verdant hue for beat-downs by the guardsmen. Some know that it's join a gang or die. Not that life in a gang is much safer. Most of the members end up dead in some street war or brawl with the guard, the lucky ones die in the corrupt prison system. For most it's a life of soot, steel, and blood.

However, outside the wall is deadly. Giant monstrous creatures roam and plans for expansion outside of the City has stalled. The irregular military arm of the guardsmen is the Ranger Corps. However, their numbers have never been significant, so one politician with capital tied up in the expansion decides to pull from the prison system. Throw the cons into the deep end and see if the professional rangers can actually make something of this whole endeavor.

For one of the green-skin women, this opportunity is too good to pass up. So what if she's never seen a real tree before. Life out there can't be any harder than life in here.

Info: It took my own picture and plot blurb and expanded on them. At its heart this is a tough, bad-ass city girl thrown into the country against a hummie male (she can be a orc, tall powerful and curvy, or a goblin, small quick and curvy), but she's very definitely a city creature who has to learn about climbing trees, shooting bows, surviving, and killing giant creatures.


If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.



~ The Stacks ~

(This is where all my taken plots or plots that were taken and abandoned so that my newest plots are put at the top. I wouldn't be opposed to a second game with these plots for the most part.)

The Island of Amazonia
The Island of Amazonia

The late 19th to early 20th Century was a time of great exploration and innovation for mankind. The world was getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. However, what if there was a place wholly unique. A place that could only be found by a those not really looking for it. An island straight out of legend. One such young man is going to find this place. A brave endearing pilot who set out to cross the antarctic finds himself instead, crash landed on a large island tucked away from the rest of the world.

What he finds is a strange land populated by multitudes upon multitudes of women. Not just any women. Women like nothing he'd ever seen. They were tall and strong, beautiful and voluptuous. The shortest among them seems to be taller than he is, and the tallest is almost eight feet. If this is anything but the island of the Amazons he was indeed dead. However, despite the warm climates, these women were not fur wearing archers. In fact, the island seemed very advanced. The architecture and fashion seemed to be a hodgepodge of colonial Spanish, Feudal Japanese, with other countless touches. The women carried matchlock firearms in addition to ceremonial bows and spears. The other thing he notices is that men are kept exclusively as slaves.

The island is actually a chain of islands, each with its own queen. They all come together every few years to dictate policy for the free women and policy on slaves. Now the pilot is trapped in a strange culture that he has to adopt or else. The mutant women are a Darwinian Evolutionist's fondest dream. Is life as property to a whole, fairly advanced society really so bad?

Info: Yes, I want a highly-detailed dominant woman fantasy in a land of Amazons. This is one of my all time most-desired fantasies, and I'm just so eager to play it. I can't help that I kind of like to be the center of attention. Maybe the story could follow a lovely Amazonian looking to cross the land and challenge all the queens to become the empress of the islands. Maybe it's more slice of life. I want someone who's willing to help me craft this unique setting into something really interesting with things like its own religion and societal customs.

[nc-e] depending on how the Amazons work out.

The Land of the Clan Mothers
The Land of the Clan Mothers

In the dark and cold wetlands from far across the great Ocean of Glass there exists a Great Tribe. It has become known as a land beyond wealth to the people across the Ocean of Glass. The small archipelago of Dismas prides itself on its sailing, but even the advanced and ancient nations are wary of the voyage. The great ocean's namesake comes from the great icebergs and waves that cut ships apart like glass through flesh.

That doesn't mean there are not small ventures. One such voyage comes closer than others. Unfortunately, the Ocean of Glass wins again, and just before they can make land the frigate is dashed upon the rocks. One man survives though, and what he finds is unlike anything he's ever seen. It is a land of women. Beautiful women of dark skin and hair of the deepest black. There are also women of his own homeland who have been adopted from other ship wrecks.

Almost immediately he is captured by the powerful warriors of the Great Tribe. Instead a of a quick death he is surprised that he is taken before the Great Mother and her council. With the help of a converted woman he is told that his place among the people is that of all men. He is to be a slave to a woman. He is to do all she requires, and in return he will have a place in the Great Tribe. As a civilized man he rejects the ways of these primitives and their cavalier attitudes regarding the place of men and women. At least he does at first.

Info: Okay, I just need a rough but intimate female character to dom. I need it. I've been doing a lot of Native American research and I just like the idea of inverting all the traditional roles and having him forced to play what would be normally a squaw. I think it would really be fun. He's treated roughly and with high demand on his body. The women are much stronger than the ones he is used to, and he's handled pretty cavalierly. If you want to play a game where he's communal property that's fine, or if he's just the property of one woman that's also fine. I've just been doming way too much.

The Slave Girl
The Slave Girl

The buying and selling of slaves is serious business all across the land. Steamships are loaded down with only the finest women. Whole breeding programs are in effect to make the most perfect slaves possible. There hasn't been a free woman in the land for five generations. With one half the population sitting docile underneath the yolk of absolute patriarchy.

A utopia it is not. There are only a handful of occupations for men who can't afford a single woman. While they might pay to father a male child from a wealthy slave owner the only jobs they have are miner, solider, or thief. The gulf between rich and poor is miles wide. The rich live lives of privilege in warm complexes filled with women to enjoy and work their greenhouses. The poor on the other hand live hand-to-mouth in filthy slush. The lives of women (while not free) are ones of immediate luxury. They might not be guaranteed to live idle lives pleasing their masters, but a job tending turnips is better than the cold.

None of this stops men from trying to raid caravans, trains, and ships to get just one woman. Some forged ownership papers and a man suddenly has an attractively-shaped key to a whole lot of doors. The women are trained not to question, but they are trained to spot fakes. So what happens when a roguish conman finds himself picking up one of these keys and sees the opportunity for the greatest coup of all time.

Info: I wanted to keep it kind of general. I've tried this game a couple of times, and I like it. It's all about this man exploiting a slave for his own profit and amusement. Maybe they decide to bring down the system, maybe he tries to make it rich. Game only needs one slave girl, but it could go with multiple women. It's a kind of adventure game. I figure I'd just put it up.


The Bride Thief
The Bride Thief

Eon's from now the sun has gone dim, one hundred civilizations of humanity have risen and fallen. The earth has grown cold. Technology and the bones of past civilizations litter the frozen world. They are like discarded pieces of magic to the primitive humans who dwell in yurts and the bones of long-dead giants. In the frozen north one enterprising warlord has taken an ancient fortress as his own. In this fortress he finds a magical chamber he dubs the Genesis Room. Using it he is able to create genetic clones of his long-dead wife that he keeps as a harem of slaves. In a world where women are rare, this advantage makes his burgeoning dark-age nation one poised to take over the broken world.

However, despite the Genesis Room, only about a score of brides were viable, and only one of them is genetically pure enough to be a replacement for the warlord's wife. However, the genetic sample the Genesis Room uses to create his replacement wives has expired. Thankfully he has one pure clone and can reuse her. However, this clone is not his dead wife, as genetically pure as she is, she has her own personality and desires. As such she seduces the warlord's most-trusted dark knight, sensing within him a good spirit. She promises him that she and her genetic sisters will go with him and let him create his own kingdom if only he can steal them away.

Info: So this is a bit of a dark one. None of the characters are good on the surface, you'd have to dig pretty deep to find goodness and light. Even the pure clone woman is a manipulator and not above bribery and raw sex appeal to get what she wants. The Dark Knight character is a brute and thug who sees only pleasures of the flesh at least on the surface. The game is otherwise a fantastical dark, slightly Gothic Dying Earth game. He has to get them away from a pursuing warlord to a mythical land. No one is nice, but she doesn't want to sacrifice her body to the Genesis Room just so he can use a defunct piece of magic to try and have a harem of pure clones. Conflict, power-plays, manipulation, dub-con, dark and cold.


The Acolyte
The Acolyte

In the harsh, windblown deserts under the six moons there exists a vast kingdom. In this land the only thing scarcer than shade is water. Men are rare in this society and treasured. They have the ability to sense water and imbue it with the magics of the six moons. To this end the high priestess of the order assigns women to men. First as acolytes. The acolyte has to be many things to the man. Lover, protector, confidant. In return for her loyalty he can give her not only the water of life, but waters that are wholly unique to his way with the waters.

The man must be pacifistic in order to commune with the magics, therefore a woman is often made as martially perfect as possible. Every year the acolytes are assembled in the pool, waist deep in water, their robes soaking through as they fight one another with wooden blades. There the men who know the way of the six moons would assess them and they would pick any of the women they felt would work with them. Some coming back from last year.

One year the men left, and there was an anomaly. There were women (or a woman) left. Often this would be the sign that they would go back to the page program, but a young man walks up and chooses them (or her) just as they were to be led from the pool by the high priestess.

Info: Not a fully formed idea, but I like the idea of submissive but willful martial slaves. This could involve anywhere from one to three women. This would also include some slight body modification. The waters the man can give the women can enhance their stamina, physicality or even change appearances to a degree depending on what's agreed on.

I just want something intimate and slice-of-lifey with some bit of action. I like the idea of them being the violent but submissive ones but he has to be the pacifistic one but the master. I kind of wonder what it'd be like to punish where the worst he could possibly do is smack her on the bottom with an open hand. I kind of want the female leads to be ebony-skinned to a paler male though.


Partners in Crime
Partners in Crime

Humanity took to the stars in 2074. From the blue dot came a great republic. In 2120 Humanity met a vast and powerfully ruthless Hegemonic Empire under the supreme rule of the Star King. One of a race of long-lived telepathic bird people who deem the children of dust unworthy of anything but a place in the hegemony. What is left of the Human Republic is a group of holdouts on the fringes of hegemony space known as the baronies. Nothing more than squabbling plutocracies picking over the bones of greater civilizations.

It is here that a scavenger finds himself harassed by Hegemony Shrikes. He crashes on some planet that might have once had a name, but now it was just another floating graveyard from which barony trash like him try to eek out a living without becoming some kind of labor to the overlords to the majority of humanity. Its there in the fallen temples of some race he comes across an AI, a beautifully complex creature with her own personalities and desires. Together they roam the universe accessing technology that once belonged in the era of myth.

Info: So the laconical version of this is: Boy meets girl AI, girl AI finds him ships and suits and things, girl AI makes her own body, jumps into adventures, love each other in their own way and have adventure in long forgotten worlds and piracy. More details to be worked out and whatnot.


A World Apart
A World Apart

Working late nights as an assistant is never fun, even if you're working on the next big thing in theoretical physics. Sitting at a computer screen compiling data is never as fun as it seems at one in the morning. Who could blame anyone for tinkering around with the practical experiment. It hadn't worked before? What could the harm be. It wouldn't even throw off the current data because that was right over their flashing on the stupid screen. Stale coffee and bags under the eyes are not fantastic rewards for dedicated work.

The experiment fires right up with the new adjustments and it looks like another ho-hum dud. It's just got to be reset and no one will ever know. Suddenly there's a bright blinding flash. Then nothing. Waking up the beige walls of the lab are replaced with the stone bricks of a long dilapidated temple. The stone is pearlescent; that's not normal. The air feels a little sweeter in your lungs. When you walk outside the trees are purple, the grass is more orangey-green than green. The sky is light azure. Certain you've died in some horrible experiment. You see the dust from the nearby road (made of the same stone as the temple).

Riding up on horse (well maybe unicorn, but it's as big as a Clydesdale on steroids but has a horn) is what can only be described as a night in shining armor. Though he seems around seven feet tall. He draws a sword, it looks ephemeral but undoubtedly lethal... and points it at you.   

Info: I've never done one of these before, but I kind of want to. This is going to be an Earth girl finds herself transported by way of magic (temporal anomaly). I was thinking she was a scientist or something similar. When she wakes up she finds herself in an alien world. Purple trees, orange grass, an azure sky. Unlike most this isn't a purely fantasy word it's actually based more on science-fiction. It's the world where all of Earth's collective myths and legends came from (though it's naturally evolved past the point of seeing someone like Hercules or Odin--they've passed on by now), but the notes are all there. As she is a human, but a smart human she can utilize magic (read various technological devices that she knows how to use that look like wands, armor, staffs, and gauntlets that allow her to perform magic.)


Solace in Twilight
Solace in Twilight

She was once one of the most feared warlords on the mainland. Managing to conquer whole kingdoms and exert her rule. For years she fought and subjugated. Nothing was beyond her grasp. Men, women, wine, gold, they could all be hers with a snap of her fingers. One day she woke up to find that it was all hers. She could stretch her hand out and claim anything, take anything. Only the Wall of the West stopped her. It was also the day that something broke in her.

She was a tigress, born to fight and conquer, but the crown was heavy on her head, the furs only weighing her down. Her generals wanted her to bring down the great Wall and extend her reach to the West, but it just wasn't in her. She decided to take a pleasure cruise out to the East instead, deciding what do with all she'd wrought. However, her generals had not been idle. They decided it was time to do away with a woman who lost her edge. During a storm assassins attacked. She fought them off but suffered grievous wounds.

When she woke up, she found herself in a dim cool land that seemed to be in perpetual fall. The other curious thing was that she was bound in shackles. There was a man too. He soon told her of her fate. She was taken in by an order of pacifistic agrarian monks who took in stray women like her and bound them until they learned serenity. Is this the kind of place for a tigress? Or is this place where she can find peace?

Info: So it's a slave and master game, but one that plays with it a bit. She's the violent domineering one at first, and it would involve a more pacifistic form of domination. They are an order that respects the sacredness of sex. I like the idea of a former barbarian queen being subjugated and forced to adopt this pacifistic lifestyle. There could be many elements added to this, including non-violent non-con (not required). Really, really want to talk this one out with someone.


The War for Heaven
The War for Heaven

In the far future of humanity's time in space their once great stellar hegemony as been eaten away by all manner of technologically more sophisticated aliens. Yet, as these wars rage on, the once proud Terran Empire concerns itself more with its tangled and pervasive court politics. The various houses of the empire vie in the parliament to make sure their house is elected to the throne upon the death of the current ruler. Once a meritocracy, the elections are now rife with corruption and scandal. Houses often waging proxy wars to weaken each other's standing within the assemblage.

Genetics and exogenesis have become the defacto way of birthing strong healthy males. Women are kept merely fore pleasure, genetically modified to serve as concubines and bodyguards. Live birth has not happened in the Terran Empire for near a millennia. The empire itself is decadent and wasteful, but even in this system, there are individuals so exceptional that their merits cannot be overlooked by the insular oligarchy.

One such lieutenant finds himself in this position, the emperor rewards him for his heroism by knighting him. Officially making his line a house (albeit a minor one). The other part of his reward was his first lady concubine. The woman who would provide half the genetic map for his exogenic children. However, the young lord is immediately smitten with her. He can only see his fortunes on the rise, but the emperor has no need for further competition. At first he merely seeks to have his choice in concubines discredit him, but as he begins to gain support with the plebs in the dirt bellow, he has the woman step up his sinister designs, but can she?

Info: Simple upfront premise. Youngish optimistic lord tries to do what's right, everyone else doesn't want him to do that. His concubine is really a spy who distracts him with sex and kisses, and trips to the local concubine market, whatever, all the while she still feels herself loyal to her emperor, at least at first. Maybe she is wooed by the young lord, maybe he actually has a child with her. It's really open to discussion and world building. The general idea is grim-dark court intrigue in a fairly pristine looking future with slight anachronistic elements (they still use swords in combat but they're mono-molecular blades, etc.).

Inspiration, NSFW

Life on the Sea of Stars
Life on the Sea of Stars

The land of Pacifica is one of constant ocean. You swim or you drown. It is a hot, humid world of island nations. Normally home to the brown-skinned fishermen and women who sail with preternatural ability, a few centuries ago foreigners came in great iron ships, tossed about from the Reef of Storms. Even though the great ships were broken beyond repair they disgorged their contents. Millions of refugees. These pale skinned strangers took to the tropical land of ocean, and in time a kingdom formed. In response the various island states adopted similar kingdoms using their storied traditions.

After the Blood Wave Wars a new age of sail dawns. Now that the Outsiders have reclaimed some of the knowledge of the tech that brought them to Pacifica all those decades ago ships can now reach the Sea of Stars. Unexplored ocean that holds the promise of new lands. The first wave of colonization brings the various nations into proxy wars. The Outsider kingdom using war slaves (and slaves from other sources) to push on. In a few decades there are several glittering jewels along the frontier. However, there are just numerous islands, lush with resources and the promise of boundless opportunity.

Info: I have this need to play two people thrown together by circumstances. They find this half steamer (that's a sailing ship with a steam engine on the back to power paddle wheels). It's barely afloat and they don't have two gold pieces between them to rub together. I wanted a world with lots of ocean, little land, steampunk and sail. Mixing knights and the Gold Age of Piracy with locales like 19th Century New Orleans and 17th Century Havana. The natives are a mix of Hawaiian and New World Latin and the Outsiders are more classically European. There are also small populations of Voodoo-inspired Far-east-African combo in their too. Everything's just based on a world of water. I started on the idea by saying, "Why does no one ever do Caribbean fantasy?" So here you go.


We Salvage it for You Wholesale
We Salvage it for You Wholesale

It's hard to make a living in 2349. Sure you've got faster-than-light travel. Sure spaceships are common enough, and yeah, there's always a position waiting for you in one of the man mercenary groups or even the proper Terran Space Command (or some of the other Xeno-Foreign outfits. If you want to go into business for yourself (say after just escaping a prison ship, because you were wrongly imprisoned.

But ships, fuel, guns, powered armor. Everything you need to run your successful salvage outfit. These things are expensive as all hell. Ships are big and slow, and with the budget a modest little startup has to work with, you only get the ones with no less than five unexpected vents and maybe an overclocked mining laser. Those old salvage tugs are as tough as they are ugly though, and with some luck, there's a fortune out there among the starts.

Info: So I've got this idea for the most industrial and used future space game I've ever wanted to play. And it'd be two characters who meet up pretty quickly aboard some big old scow tug. It's their home, their lifeboat, and it's a total wreck. It's kind of like a grim-dark science-fiction setting where the people are generally unaware or just completely used to how grim-dark it is. So there's a lot of snark and eye rolling. I'm not really set on what the dynamic between the characters would be, but I want it a little antagonistic.

[bon-h to bon-e]

Amzing Eldritch Adventure
Amazing Eldritch Adventure

Even if someone might say otherwise, no one ever thinks their edgy book of spells and incantations is the real thing. They're usually just neatly designed books that give the long-suffering outcast an outlet into the gothic and Lovecraftian-inspired for their budding Etsy page. Still, the real world really sucks at times, so when the pressures of life really start rearing their ugly head why can't she just blow off some steam by doing some rituals and at least live in the fantasy that she's getting even with an unfair world? Lo and behold though, appendix 4E in the back of that thrift-shop find turns about to be a one-way portal to a strange land of adventure she always wanted, but never dared hope to find.

Info: Short intro because it requires a lot of mutual work, but I want to play two things: A non-anime styled other-world (isekai story) that's all sorts of COSMIC WEIRD and a little comic naughty but not full blown cosmic horror. Kind of like a high-fantasy interpretation of a lot of lite cosmic horror staples (impossible courts, Yellow Kings, black stars). The female lead is the earthling and the entity that generally keeps her safe is the second thing I want to play. I want to play a cute (in his own way) cuddly tentacle monster who bonds to her and helps her along through nearly unlimited magical potential that requires she accept his affections. The aesthetic is sort of like clean-crisp goth (skirts, stockings, corsets) mixed with high-fantasy staples (armor, magic, swords) and her dragon-esque ink-colored companion who likes darkness and cuddles.

[nc-h for dubcon at the worst]

If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.



~ The Archival Stacks ~

(These are the the plots of curious and forgotten lore. I'm loathe to get rid of plots unless they hold zero appeal for me anymore. It helps keep me creative (at least I hope it does). I can be persuaded to dust these off though. So don't be afraid to ask.)

His Dark Knight
His Dark Knight

From the time she was born she had been claimed by him. When she was five he taught her all she would know about shadow. By the time she was ten she was proficient with all manners of arms, by thirteen she murdered in his name, by sixteen she underwent alchemical and magical ritual to make herself more than a man but less than human, by twenty-one she had lead his armies in glorious battle, by the time she was thirty-five she had given him the world, and by the time she was 40 she had a crisis of conscience.

Her Dark Master learned that one day a hero would rise up from a little monastery in the cold north. It had taken her ten years to find the monastery, and even less time to butcher the monks on her way in. In the inner cloister she raised her blade and he raised his eyes. Clutching his prayer beads he looked into her eyes and told her that he loved her and wanted to save her. Before she knows it, she had given control of her lead to a man who could never know what to do with her, but she did know one thing. That she had to save him.

Info: This combines a few things I love. Lady-knights, super-women, older women, virgin males, pacifistic (sort of in this one) males, and slave and master relationships. Along with some dark on-the-run fantasy and trying to train him to be a hero and all that. It could have a lot of kinks, but I kind of like the dark twisty romances, especially when one of them wants to untangle some of the twistiness.

[NC-H for dubcon possiblities]

Graveyard Shift
Graveyard Shift

At some point in the 1940s Himmler's research into the occult unleashed both heaven and hell on the earth. World War II became a furious war to curtail the spread of demons. The forces of heaven came in on the side of the allies to stop the premature end of the world. Magic and machination  worked hand in hand and demons were vanquished. Sort of...

It's now 1984. Materialism, Wall Street, threat of nuclear war. All of that was small potatoes compared to demons regularly walking the streets. In general most demons are happy to not have to live in hell and they do all right for themselves. Ifrits work in Detroit on cars. Incubi work as fashion moguls and hair stylists. Whole magical industries sprung up.

However, there are some bad grapes in the bunch from both the heaven and hell side of things. A fallen angel here, a bored asura there. All of it is kept in check by a loose group of agencies. In America that the the Agency for Paranormal Affairs. They not only monitor crimes but complaints, IDs, and any other myriad things that keep demons and angels operating in polite society.

One such agent finds himself partnered up with a succubus of all things, and a potent full-blooded one at that, but where others would have made a killing as a call girl or private dance, she wants a badge and a gun filled with bullets that could burn her if she forgets her gloves. Together they fight crime and deport demons to hell and angels to heaven. They are the gray line.

Info: I love my succubus love stories. They're my favorite demons. Shape-changing, adorable horns and fangs, what's not to love? I set in the 1980s because I wanted it before the internet, and because I want to give it a Bladerunner but replace cyberpunk with demonpunk. It's his neo-noir thing with more runes and symbols (some functional some not). It's not really for 80s fashion or norms.


A Princess and Her Dog
A Princess and Her Dog

She never actually thought she would need the collar-wearing bodyguard that had been her constant source of simultaneous amusement and irritation. Other than making him do stupid tricks for her friends, she never really needed his protection. Her father was the Lord King, she lived in the floating citadel of his magnificent palace. She had more magic in her little finger than most grand mages. So what if she had trouble using it. The last thing she needed was this constant companion. Some trog prisoner of war with a collar.

That was until the night of the coup. When all of her other security measures turned against her by the usurpers. They killed her father, poisoned her magic, and turned her very home against her. Until her ever-faithful dog broke through a wall and snatched her up and jumped through a window. They flew down to the warrens and the damps. Her magic was too weak to take control of his collar, so she found herself in places her servants only spoke of in distaste. Then he did something she'd never thought she'd ever do. They left the city.

The land outside is blasted and inhospitable, a land where magic runs amok. There are monsters, mutants, and other damnable horrors. There is only one thing on her mind. Find a way back into the floating fortress. Well that and finding a way to heal the damage done to her magic so she can bring her dog to heel.

Info: So this one is... weird. I want to play a post-apocalpytic magic world. The princess is a bit of mutant (hence her magical prowess) her Dog less so (it's more that the collar removes the normal natural inhibitors on his body so he can do some amazing things at great cost). It's a bit of travel game with her trying to scrape together enough people to take back her throne. I always kind of wanted  to play opposite a bratty princess type character who's not above a little abuse of her slave if it means she gets what she wants.


The Lord's Lady-Knight
The Lord's Lady-Knight

The warrior caste of the High Kingdom of Gaera are the uncontested rulers, keeping the canyons and plateaus of the enviable kingdom in the clouds safe from myriad invaders, bandits, and cliff pirates. For millennia it has stood as the unshakable bulwark against the uncivilized masses beyond. The safety and the power of that the noble houses and their professional warriors provide has allowed the culture of Gaera to flourish, even if it is in isolation. However, this has led to infighting on a level that boarders on outright civil war to claim control over the Spire and the seat of the High Lord. The warrior caste is the exclusive domain of men with one notable exception. Noble men are expected to practice not only martial skill but study history, poetry, reading, writing and all of the other cultural aspects that make the High Kingdom what it is.

However, there is one role for women in the noble military caste. While in the lower castes gender is no object when it comes to military service, in nobility there is only one military position attainable by women: The Lady-Knight. What a Lady-Knight is to her sworn lord depends on the lord: Concubine, secretary, bodyguard, sword bearer. She can be all of these at any time, but there is one thing that all know she is but is never stated: A creature of steel wrapped in silk... an assassin. The right hand of any lord. However, not every woman can be a lady-knight just because she is good with spear and bow. They're touched by the Sword Spirit, the Goddess of Steel. The signs are in the eyes, sometimes in the hair, but always in the way she moves when in combat, holding the favored objects of the goddess who gave birth to her. The noble houses were not immune to nepotism, but in practice the High Kingdom is a meritocracy. However, most women are payed for at birth and raised in convents to hone their talents and prepare themselves for their roles as lady-knights. But sometimes a hedge-knight reveals herself.

It is one such squire that has been claimed by a lord to be his lady-knight. However, before she makes it back to the head guildhall the lord that would have her is slain in an assassination attempt, so the young woman finds herself in the service of a much younger lord who had been groomed as a successor. While everyone blames him for the death of his master, he professes his innocence. Still, for one so young who should be spending time whetting his blade in conflict to earn his own renown. Now he has the most prestigious and powerful of gifts.

Info: So I got this this idea that I wanted to make a non-magical medieval European sort of civilization but what if they had a focus on the arts, poetry, and philosophy of say China or Japan. A great focus on martial and cultural prowess in service to one's superiors, but even their honor-driven society needs spies and assassins. The role of my partner would be a woman born outside of the noble rearing one requires to be properly cultured for court. So it's part of his job to teach her heel her, and make her wear dresses. That kind of thing. What she did before being taken in as a lady-knight to be is up to my potential partner. It could even extend to slave-master stuff if that's desired.

[van-h to bon-h]

When a Wizard Needs a Hammer
When a Wizard Needs a Hammer

Magic is a fundamental force, it reshapes the universe at will. Its powers are bent to the will of a small cadre of Wizard-Kings. Magic's power is absolute and those who can use it are the rulers of everyone beneath them. That doesn't mean that every wizard is a king, however, and this leads the ambitious the victims of several other more powerful wizards.

It is one of these hedge wizards that desires to be king. However, magic is decidedly difficult and even a powerful wizard can call on a few spells per day. There are long periods where a wizard must sleep, eat, and prepare spells, enchant objects, and so on. Most of the Wizard-Kings are surrounded by armies, and most hedge wizards end up surrounded by the cold, uncaring earth. However, this hedge wizard has a plan. He's got a special magical collar that will bind any individual to his will.

His plan is to snag one of the premiere fighters of the warrior tribes of the outlying barbarian villages, but what happens when he slips the collar around an unskilled apprentice fighter who was playing up just how strong she was? The collar can never be removed (as far as she knows) and now instead of a trained killer he has an trainee myrmidon with a rusty sword. Still, setbacks will be setbacks, and he he decides it's time to make lemonade from lemons.

Info: Okay a kind of open template to get me back into broader RPing. I did it as a M/f SM game, (the roles could be reversed too with a female wizard and a male fighter) but it could be darker, lighter, funnier, more romantic. It's one that was designed to be worked out. The Wizard is, however, the very definition of a squishy wizard, and the fighter while unskilled is a tough one. The game could cover a wide variety of themes from her serving as a companion and/or a test subject for magic potions and enchantments. The story is generally just flexible and I'm expecting a bit of up-front world building and hashing out in general.


Domestic Bliss is a Warm Collar
Domestic Bliss is a Warm Collar

Look, not every woman gets a cushy gig as a pampered slave to some rich tycoon. Still, it is stinging when you look to be on that kind of trajectory, but then something happens and your prospects dry up immediately, and you're looking at life in some kind of menial job in the indentured labor pool (ILP). That's a rough life for a working girl and almost anything seems better. Even if you do end up "comfortably" middle class. Working from a man's home is still better than working in the Pool. Even if he's got to finish your training, well that's his problem, now isn't it?

Info: Near future world with some advanced tech. I want to get back to basics. Simple slave and master RP with some training play and without the fallback of luxury to keep things copacetic between them. The general hook (which is just a very broad hook) is that she was a luxury slave--or at least on that track in life when something gets her kicked out of the "Finishing School". I was thinking some kind of accident left her with a (advanced) prosthetic leg, but this is something that can be left entirely up to any potential partners. The point is she's going to take a step down from her intended life outcome. So not only does he have to finish her training, he also has to help her find happiness, and maybe since she no longer has to paly nice her more uppity nature comes out. Just trying to get back to some simple, basic RP.


Treasures of the Heart
Treasures of the Heart

The town of Labyrinth's whole economy is built on the remains of a once great magical kingdom. A time when wizards and sorcerers ruled mortal men like gods from on high. Still, the folly of their hubris remains all around and in the depths below. There is a thriving scavenging community that props up the wealthy families and guilds looking to reverse engineer the magic that once held the world together. They brave monsters, traps, and magical perils all in the chance to score that payday that would set them up in the high towers.

Life as a guild scavenger is perilous. It's one of these young men who finds himself on the wrong end of a betrayal by his team where they left him for dead. It was there he found himself the prey of a stalking beast, the malicious and ever hungry demi-human monster: Monstrosus faemina occulta. The female Mimic, but this one is a little runty, a little weaker than average and perhaps a monster known for eating magic could be helpful.

Info: This one's a fairly grounded dungeonpunk story about a guy and his new partner in crime a humanoid female mimic. She can look like any inanimate object (mostly I was thinking she'd occupy the role of his backpack) taking on the properties of that object (to the point of changing her humanoid form). Not to step on toes of potential partners, but I kind of saw her just a tad on the fuller side and food-obsessed (food being anything from actual food to magical items).

[un possibly NC-H for dubcon fun]

If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.



~ Periodicals Section ~

(For those smaller works I have made this periodicals section. It is basically blurbs for interesting but not as developed ideas that might be fun to play and might gravitate more towards the sexual aspects, but not entirely.)

Apprentice Demoness

This is kind of an all-info game because it's a lighter idea. I like the idea of some kid of novice djinn/demon who wants to be this bad-ass suave seductive arch-demoness. You know, the real Lilith type, but she's just so bad at at it! She just chokes up and can't steal a soul to save her life, but maybe she could be content stealing a heart?

Just a playfully incompetent demoness that makes some wishes come true but mostly manages to make them kind of lackluster but she happens to be a servant to a "master" that's pretty okay with it. She gets a couple right enough from time to time. It's just a kind of goofy I Dream of Genie kind of game I guess.

[un bon-h or nc-h depending on what my partner might want to bring to the game]

The Bully and the End of the World

There was many a day when he just wanted to free of his ever present tormenter. It was bad enough that he was being bullied, but it was by a girl. He didn't know why she singled him out, and if he had to admit it, when she did it while they were alone it seemed kind of fun, but with her circle of minions in tow his life could be quite the hell. It wouldn't last forever, soon he'd be gone to college and she would do whatever bullies did post school. Then the world decided to up and end, and his only friend hasn't been much of a friend.

Info: Apocalypse is open for the sake of variety. Aliens, zombies, deep freeze, end of power, environmental collapse. Whichever tickles my particular partner's fancy. It's really about the character study between a guy stuck with his school bully. They need each other to survive, and their is some unexplored sexual tension between them, but they're both without their usual friend group. I don't think she has to be a popular girl, though she could be queen of her school subset. I do want her to be the more athletic and powerful of the pair. She's the muscle (though not necessarily dumb muscle) where he's the one that keeps the in clean water and the wounds sewn up or making her improvised weapons.

[un possibly nc-h for some dub-con from her to him, hopefully]

Unnamed Solarpunk Slice of Life Idea

Kind of what it says on the tin. I've been working on a solarpunk setting myself and am trying to work through some writing blocks. I'm going to be throwing in some of the elements of the setting to work out some kinks. It'll basically take place on the US Gulf Coast and Caribbean in a nation-state that is definitely post-capitalist. I don't know if it'd be full anarchist but it's definitely more socialist/syndaclist. Maybe by getting to indulge in the aesthetic and optimism of it will let me work with my setting. It'd follow two young adults (possibly newlyweds) working their homestead, following their careers.

[van or bon-h]

Life of a Harem Girl

Experimental Idea: I have an idea of playing a kind of game where my partner plays as a concubine in the harem of a powerful space emperor or something. It'd kind of be a soft GM'd game as it would follow her as she tries to ascend to the role of empress unchallenged. She would start at some lowborn harem laborer. It's sort of like a socially geared RPG or something. I don't have a firm grasp, but I do have ideas. It is experimental though.


Multiple-Males Idea

This is a grab-bag of a couple of ideas. Normally I don't like playing multiple males. I either have to be playing something bestial. But I have a feeling that I might like to try clones of the same man for one woman or a highly partitioned core of AI personalities again for one woman. I have light ideas for these sort of sketched out, but I want to keep things open to keep it accommodating for any future writing partners. \


Your Eager Local Comrade from the Companion Union

I have a weird idea for kind of light commie-punk (Syndicalist-punk really) world where the big R revolution went world wide as predicted by Marx in The Capital (peacefully), and if you think I care anything about exploring a communist world think again. I just think a slave and master style game where she wears sashes, goes to rallies, and is mandated breaks while looking really cute in coveralls would be funny to play. So the idea is that there's a union for everything even sex. Heroes of the World Revolution get lifetime companions, but she's still a Union Miss to the bone and even if she falls in love that doesn't mean she doesn't get regular hours, guaranteed aftercare, two days off a week in a row, and mandatory limits on sex positions and styles. Yeah, it's a dumb kind of gag game with some stupid fun to be had. Look I like throwing wrinkles into D/s paradigms.

It is an inherently goofy game, it's going to have some gags (like her shoving a big book of union rules into his hands). It is not really a serious game meant to examine anything real about the political or economic systems. It's a world built to explore one singularly cross-eyed, tongue-firmly-in-cheek idea.


Earnest Hearts

This is a general plot I've been kicking around. It's more of a feel I want to play and the must-haves of it are: Two friends who are soon-to-be-lovers find themselves working together on some kind of fantastical two-person venture (e.g. Artifact recover, tech recovery, generally non-lethal merc work that kind of thing). Though they're not stupid the kind of vibe I'm shooting for is two earnest, well-meaning loveable idiots. While they can be competent it's not cool and effortless. Any time the pair of them try to be badass it should come off as a little lame, but their goddamned pluck and love for one another pull them along together. They're some stripe of a pair of crouching morons hidden badasses (to use TV Tropes), but they're only that good together.

Everything else is to be worked on. It could be fantasy, sci-fi, sci-fantasy, biopunk, oceanpunk, steampunk, etc. The reason I'm kind of not super developing the specific plot is because I think it would work best as a plot with some mutual world-building between my partner and me to make sure that the two lead characters have a believable, cute, and romantic chemistry together. I would really, really love to play something like this.

[UN probably Bon-H]

Workplace Toy

Info: This one's all info because it's really just a scenario that's a bit of guilty pleasure of mine... or it would be if I ever got to do it. The premise is simple. A woman-led, woman run company finds its morale flagging. So what do they do? Hire a man! Not to do anything important, no heavens no. Some offices have arcades or gyms, some have lounges, and this one has a twenty-four-seven toy to be used, abused, ridden hard and put away wet. I know that the plot really seems like it'd be smut focused (cheesy porno set up stuff), and while there is some of that I want it to start out pretty normal at first. He's not a moron (perhaps naïve and in need of the job), and so what comes along is a lot of female-on-male sexual harassment that leads into a lot more wild scenarios.

I don't want to seem too limiting so I'll tell you what I wouldn't want from this game (besides what's in my offs naturally) is I don't want any real manhaters in the women. A few taskmasters, a strict one or two, but he'd be a pretty well-liked (if not loved-by-all) kind of toy. Other than that I'm pretty open to hypnotism, drugs (pot or fantastical drugs used to make him more suited to performing for women) light to medium bondage, mind games, blackmail, eventually conditioning him to never go home or even leave the office, etc.

I hold out hope but am really just putting it out here to see if there's even the chance of a biter.



Lady of Adventure

She never wanted to get married. She doesn't mind being a proper lady, but she doesn't want anyone telling her how to live her life. Perhaps its too many books, perhaps its too many vistas and wistful looks over the horizon. Well, it is of no mind, she has her sights set on the world beyond. So in the dead of night she steals away aboard an old ocean goer setting out for the new world. Oh it's all so exciting and new. Even when the ship is beached on the shores of some new-world island. There she manages to save the life of one of the natives. Well, that's certainly all well and good, but then he pledges his life to her as some kind of manservant or something. Well... he's not going away, and having someone to guard her person would not be amiss. Another pair of hands couldn't hurt.

Info: A loose template for romantics (preferably interracial/social caste). She saves someone's life. He's indebted to her, but the kicker is she's just a wanderlusting noblewoman. Everything's an adventure even if they don't have food, they had to sell her wardrobe, and then sleep in some kind of barn. It's one of those journey trumps the destination things. I envision the world as a bit of a steampunk affair with heavy emphasis on the 19th Century. She's not a shrinking violet or damsel in distress. I kind of see her as one of those people who can bludgeon any obstacle into the ground with boundless optimism or at least determination. Like I said, a loose idea and it'd require some mutual world-building and character discussion.


World's Worst Slave & Master

So this is more a loose idea where nothing immediately jumped out. It would take place in some kind of culture where female slavery is the norm and is less sex-slavery and more social-slavery with sex, but I would want the brattiest, most hot tempered female slave imaginable. Her reason for being is to get under her master's skin, because that's the game. I'm not saying they don't love each other, I'm not saying she doesn't see herself as his slave or him as her one and only master, but oh the game. All for the games they play with one another.

The setting and general plot are geared more toward the slice-of-life or high adventure genres. Any setting, maybe fantasy or historical fantasy. I don't know, this is about creating something that in a culture is like the equivalent of hippy counter culture or just that one couple you see that are always sniping at each other, but they really do love each other, even if they don't look and act right.


The Only Vampire Game I Want to Do

I want to do this kind of grimdark Victorian inspired fantasy game. Basically it's a kind of world of monsters, but they're just common enough that monster-hunters are a thing, but a rare thing. Most people live safe lives, but the farther you get from the bastions that are the cities the more dangerous it gets. Not that the cities are perfectly safe as the lady of the pair of friends finds out when one night she gets bitten and turned by a vampire. There's a general treatment for it, but it's expensive, and it's not a cure.

So what does the rapscallion male of the duo suggest? That they start a scam going from town to town setting up a monster-hunting scam, and then at some point things get serious and they save the world. Kind of a general plot that needs a real banging out.

Life on the Open Road

So, ever since playing Final Fantasy XV I've been wanting to do a road-trip style game, but I never quite could figure out some bargain between total JRPG goodness and boring old road trip. I've finally done it after looking at some lovely pin-up ladies. Be forewarned there are bits of racism in the world setting at large so if you're uncomfortable with that then this might not be the roleplay for you.

Story bits: In an alternate world America took over the world. After WWII and everyone got the bomb America was the only nation left standing on solid legs. While the radiation died and American industries and corporations began to move in to countries and soon everyone's buying American jeans, listening to Elvis records, and the world is stuck (somewhat) in the mode of the 1950s, though there is a small current of counter-culture and the culture naturally loses some of its starch (tattoos, fairly open and exploratory sex culture), but one thing that doesn't really die is interracial relationship. While it's hardly a murdering offence, it's hard to find a place in a major city where such a a lifestyle is accepted. So the only place to be free is the open road.

Info bits: I kind of have this vision of a world that has a lot more desert and large ocean spanning highways with artificial islands from the post-nuke rebuilds that become these kind of tourist trap theme parks and in general the game would revolve around a cool car mechanic and his... lack of discrimination when it comes to the women he allows in his company. Maybe a bit of a kind of post-nuke Retro-futurism adventure story. It's really a little doughy and I'm hoping someone will bite.

Desert Flowers

In the ancient and mystic deserts where the winds blow, and the storms can shift the whole landscape in one afternoon. Water is worth more than gold and the traveling caravans, and there are the countless bones of ruins littered around. Magic is wild and deep in the dunes, and only the women with the blue eyes can feel the wildness around them.

Warfare is not common in such conditions, but there are a group of irregular fighters who make livings going into the various ruins that the caravans stop at to tap ancient wells. They are more regular than the naturally occurring oases. These scouts and survivors protect the caravans and plumb the ruins for ancient texts.

The Ceaseless March of the caravans never stops. Guided by these holy women with the blue eyes, they survive, they continue, they seek, and they find. These deserts are considered the place from which the very sands of time are said to emanate. It is a land with long forgotten evil, but evil never dies... it only abides.

Info: High adventure desert culture with maybe steampunk Lovecraft. I'm not sure. I just want to use a certain picture, like hyper bad. Much thankies in advance.
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~ Pictorials Section ~

(This is the place where I keep the old picture books. I have more in the Microfiche Archive. These should be treated as NSFW so it's at your own risk.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

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Picture 8

Picture 9
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Though the work that went into it was substantial, I didn't really add anything new so this will be a non-substantive bump for April. I did decide to finally update and dust the place off though. It felt good to be active in the thread again.

A quick rundown:

I made it library themed.
Fixed some formatting issues and updated the fonts and layout to be more modern. As modern as someone who still like fountain pens and clockwork can be, I guess.
Some plots did get moved as they've been taken.
I added a link to my picture thread in the Finders & Seekers sub-board.

All in all, I really hope you like it!
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Added a new mini-plot to the periodicals section. Mostly intended for the eternally goofy.
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Monthly bump for November. Looking for maybe two more games, feeling very writing happy but want to be cautious of burning out. 
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Added "The Paladin's Demon" and an experimental multiple-males game. 
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Added a new experimental idea in the Periodicals sections, "Life of a Harem Girl". 
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Added a new plot, "Treasures of the Heart". 

(I need mimic cuddles, okay?)
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If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.


If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.


Added "Unnamed Solarpunk Silce of Life Idea" to the Periodicals section.
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If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.


Added, "The Knight-Princess". 

Currently really, really wanting this one. 
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Added "The Bully and the End of the World" to the Periodicals section. 
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Added, "The Boundless Horizon".

(I renamed it because I think this one has legs and might become a novel idea.)
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