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September 27, 2021, 09:08:35 pm

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Author Topic: Freya's Crazed Ideas for RP  (Read 468 times)

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Freya's Crazed Ideas for RP
« on: September 21, 2019, 08:42:03 pm »
Hi, I'm a newbie around here. You can call me Freya or Val whichever suits your fancy. I made a few plot ideas and I wanted to see if anyone is interested in doing a bit of one and one with them.

I have my O/O in my signature and well, I prefer to play these as either an FxF or FxFutanari for the purposes of any romance or sexual encounters. I would be willing to change to M/F in either role. Yes, there's romance in these. I kinda want them to last a while, not rush straight into the erotica stuff. I prefer PMs over threads but, I can do either. Just PM me if you're interested in any of these or something similar. Thanks for taking a look.

A more futuristic setting, the girl works for a company and accidentally discovers a secret military or corporate project. However, when she first discovers this, the place she works out is attacked by mercenaries of a different company and she sees all this intercorporate espionage that goes on between various companies for the first time. (If you ever heard of Shadowrun think of situations like that) One of the mercenaries is sent to watch over her and make sure that she doesn't reveal what happened and to tell his boss if she does. However, the other team gets involved and just straight up wants to kill her, cue him being dragged into the fight for some reason. Now, he's hunted by the other team too and his former team is after him for an assumed betrayal (By saving her even though that might have been unintentional) so they stick together, cue romance, intrigue, mercenary fighting, and shady corporate stuff?

Medieval Fantasy setting, Very similar except with a more cultist vibe to it all. The noble girl discovers a cult meeting in or near the main royal palace. (She's like the daughter of a Count or Duke and this occurs at a party for the king or queen, something like that) Instead, the guy is a cultist, they discover her but, they can't actually do anything to her. They intimidate her and then the guy is made to be her new butler or something similar. Cue her knowing he is a cultist and her knowing what will happen if she blabs. Things progress for a time like this, until political intrigue hits. Her family gets killed but, he saves her due to him secretly starting to enjoy being near her and all. (hints of feelings maybe?) The pair escape and become hunted and the cult becomes a more background thing secretly influencing situations on the whole in the kingdom which they see and react to since they both would know about the cult and it's basic plans. Maybe they work together to stop the cult? Maybe work with them as some kind of revenge against whoever murdered her family? Various other later ideas.

Modern Fantasy, College setting. Girl finds the guy in the alley and is wounded with strange burn marks on his back that has seared through his clothes. The burn looks almost acidic and bubbly. She wants to take to the hospital and he says No, they can't help him. She takes him to her place to heal and she discovers a world of magic and the supernatural that has always gone on just under the surface. A couple of key quotes here, "We live in the age of cell phone cameras boy, fuck-ups aren't tolerated." and "These laws are the reason when you woke up a few days ago, you had no idea about any of this!" I'm thinking it becomes a story of protection on the part of the male role, he has inadvertently dragged her into this strange world of magic and secrecy bubbling underneath the world she knew and now he has this duty in his mind to protect her. Especially since, she saved him after he was attacked, not sure what attacked him exactly but, could be any number of supernatural things.

Girl's kinda on the dark side of things, an outcast at school. Hated by her family for being wrong somehow. Her life is constantly in turmoil due to unforeseen things and even when things seem to go right, it's only because others were stringing her along for a harder fall. Cue the appearance of the Demon who has been feeding off her turmoil and causing the issues upon her, she's a good source of power for him and thus he cannot let her die. He saves her and treats her and acts like a normal human at first even going as far to date her, his goal at the start would be to give her the ultimate fall, one so dep it shatters her completely and feeds him with an intense power from that. However, even Demons have the capacity for love and as the act continues, he finds himself actually falling for her and even stopping in its tracks some the bad things that might still happen to her even though it would feed him. She could possibly not even know he is a demon at all, instead of viewing him purely as her savior or maybe she does, and she's resistant? Perhaps that resistance to his charms is what strives him to try harder and prove his sincerity for her which though for his plan actually rubs off on him truthfully as well?