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September 23, 2020, 06:15:29 PM

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Author Topic: Oceanville RP  (Read 806 times)

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Oceanville RP
« on: December 07, 2019, 09:32:58 AM »
Friday 3.30pm

Mattie sighed the cold metal of the locker flicking on his skin. His blood was rushing to head. He looked at his watch, it had been a full five minutes the bullies should be gone he thought. he kicked the door at the usual height, popping the door open.

The corridor erupted with laughter as normal as Mattie's head hit the cold hard floor. Mattie got up and cried as he ran all the way home. Before he entered his house, as usual, he went to the beach opposite. This was a very strange event for him, yes he lived opposite the beach but he rarely went there. His mother used to work there as a lifeguard and had distilled into him that it was a dangerous place.

Friday 6 pm

Mattie was staring at the ocean, he had not realized just how long it had been since he got there until his phone buzzed it was his mum he should be going, something in the ocean was kind of hypnotizing him. He shook his head before saying " god of the ocean or whatever is calling me, my life sucks, something needs to change please"



After Mattie's soccer game he walked home, his mum was working the mid-afternoon sun was almost blinding him but he wondered on to the beach again, as soon as he stepped on the beach it started to rain, in fact it was the worse storm in living memory, yet somehow Mattie knew it was not going to hurt him. he stood there just starring at the ocean. The storm lasted an hour, after which Mattie returned home



Mattie was quiet at home when his mum came in

" Mattie Hun,  why were you on the beach yesterday, ?" Mattie was more than a little surprised by this, he knew he had been there but it felt unreal to him. he smiled and looked at his mum

" honestly mum I don't know why just kinda happened, his mum knew her soon to well and knew when she was being lied too but kind off wanted to stop him so she sat with him and ruffled his hair

" it's ok Matthew just don't do it again" he smiled and kissed her

Offline Levi

Re: Oceanville RP
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2019, 02:17:37 PM »
Friday Night

Far off in the distance thunder rumbled a warning to those who lived on and in the sea, a storm was approaching fast. This was no ordinary storm it happened but once a year and was known to the mer people as the storm of change. If a mer happened to out and caught in the swirling waters and flashes of lightning then they could or so legend said be granted legs. Something or someone added unknown power to this particular storm of change, and a young mermaids life was about to change forever. Mari was out swimming exploring the coral when she felt the shift in the water, the tides changing and a voice calling hauntingly over the waves " god of the ocean or whatever is calling me, my life sucks, something needs to change please" when the female surfaced to look for the voice however she couldn't see anyone.


The storm hit the water and even though Mari had been careful to stow herself somewhere safe away from the dangerous pull of the water, she felt like she had to be out in it. The silver haired beauty couldn't get the hanging voice from the day before out of her head and for some reason she couldn't help but think she had heard it somewhere before. Mari dared to swim out in search of whatever it was that spoke to her, the waves heaved, the sky boomed and flickered, throwing the mermaids underwater world into chaos. Fish and creature alike were diving into caves and deeper water. All warning the female to stay away.... suddenly a single fork of lighting hit and somehow speared the depths of the water to hit Mari.

It froze her to the spot and then the water began to swirl around her creating a vortex of spinning water, thunder boomed echoing into the vortex and another crash of lightning hit rickoshadding light into the spinning darkness. Mari couldn't see anything , her body thrown round and round until she was completely disoriented, the light so bright she was temporarily blinded. The sound of water and thunder filling her ears and then nothingness.....


Bright morning light pierced the unconsciousness mermaids eyes, she opened pale blue eyes to the sun rising, pain shot through her body and she sat up with a gasp. Mari blinked uncomprehendingly at the sight that greeted her, instead of a beautiful tail of silver scales her eyes beheld a pair of legs! Mari reached out and patted them with shock, they felt real enough! Then memories of the day before flooded her and she sat there dumbfounded the story of the old legend was true, she had been given legs! Why she had been chosen Mari couldn't say but she needed to find out where she was. The female looked around, she had been washed up on the shore, it looked familiar to her but she had never learnt land names. The mermaid decided she should explore but how did she do that? Mari gazed at her new legs in confusion.
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Re: Oceanville RP
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2019, 03:01:25 AM »


" Mum please drop me off at school else I will be late "

" It's a 10 minuet walk. School starts at 8.45 so you have plenty of time"

" If I am beaten to a pulp on the way then yeah I have time"

8.10 am

Mattie dressed in a hoody leaves his house he looks around, seeing no one around he heads for school

Jamie the school bully whose stature resembles a fridge is hold Mattie by his feet
" Jamie, please think about it your beating me just becuase I am new is senseless"

Mattie climbs out finally of the dumpster with help from the binmen, "thank you," Mattie said as he dusted himself down 

" Hey kid " said the gruff binman we have fist aid kit on the van if you want me to sort your bruises "

Mattie looked at him " no thank you, but could I have a lift please"

Mattie hobbled in to the schools main corridor moaning slightly as he made his way to the classroom

Ms Sixton walked out of her classroom she looked at Mattie
" Mr Tennington, your late go to the office"
"Yes miss" Mattie said as muttered " dam school, get beaten up for no reason then do your best to get to school only to be punished"
' no muttering it is not like you"
" Sorry miss"

Offline Levi

Re: Oceanville RP
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2019, 01:34:45 PM »
Sunday night
Mari somehow managed to get off the beach she staggered along the road in nothing more then some sand and seaweed. Unused to walking Mari fell time and time again until her knees were red raw and her feet covered in blisters. Not knowing where to go or who to speak to she simply walked towards the lights of the town. It was dark and there were hardly any cars on the road. Eventually though a car did drive up behind her. It slowed to a crawl as it approaches and then the driver wound down the window with a concerned look on her face. The driver an elderly woman gazed in astonishment at the naked mermaid and asked "Are you alright dear? Where are your clothes?" Mari tilted her head confused, she had never heard a spoken language before, however she could quickly learnt and adapt.

When Mari didn't respond the woman asked "Are you from around here? Do you live nearby?" Mari shook her head and then spoke slowly at first her words were a jumble of noises and sounds as the inate magic of the mer people worked on translation. Finally cohesive words came from the silver haired females mouth "Lost. Storm" was all she managed but the elderly lady nodded in understanding. She climbed out of the car and pulled a blanket from her boot. Wrapping it round Mari she managed to get the younger woman in her car. "You just come home with me for now and we'll get this all sorted out"

Monday 8am

At first Matilda thought she had dreamed picking up the silver haired female in her car last night but when she checked the spare room sure enough the female was still there sound asleep. So she went downstairs and made some calls, one to the police station to ask what to do and then one to the hospital to see if any patients were missing. The police asked if Matilda could take care of the female for the time being and they would come around that afternoon to get more details. In the mean time they would contact the school and get Mari a temporary slot. Matilda went back upstairs to wake the girl. After breakfast they made there way to the local school to enrol Mari temporarily.

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Re: Oceanville RP
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2019, 02:54:38 AM »
As Mattie entered the office the receptionist looked at him over her thick glasses, and smiled "are you here for the tour"

Mattie could bring luck here he knew that he if he were to take some new kid on a tour the office would not have him down as a late, he hethought that as theres a new kid he might not be bullied so much.

He looked around the office, he could not see the student but saw Matilda, he saw Matilda he knew her as on day off a few weeks ago he visited her house with his mother when she was on her rounds.

" Yes " he said as he knew it would help him out he went a Sat with Matilda he smiled at her and was just going to ask if the new person was realitive of hers when the principal came out of her office. She was followed by a beautiful silver haired girl.

" Mr Tannington" said the principal " this is our new student. She is very shy and quiet and is staying with Matilda here.

Mattie smiled at the new girl and looked at her as they walked out of the office " so this is the office, may I see your schedule ? So I can show you the most important places " he looked at her she was in clothing that looked more suitable for Matilda but some how it still fitted and looked good on her.

Offline Levi

Re: Oceanville RP
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2020, 10:52:30 AM »
After leaving the office the pair were met by a young man he smiled at her and Mari ducked her head slightly embarrassed. "so this is the office, may I see your schedule ? So I can show you the most important places " the silver haired girl looked up again at him. What was he asking? She didn't understand his words but he was holding out a hand expectantly. The principal had just given her some sort of paper full of alien wording perhaps that was what he wanted? Mari handed it over without saying a word, she needed to hear more of the language before being confident enough to speak the words herself.

Offline LawshenkTopic starter

Re: Oceanville RP
« Reply #6 on: March 28, 2020, 11:41:24 AM »
He was a little in ore of her at first, then he snapped out of it and gently took the paper looking quizzically at it and then at her. He smiled " we have a lot of classes together" he took her around the school they entered the canteen there were no other students in there but the staff could be heard behind he shutters which were at the far end of the room, one screamed that something was burning them. There a bowl of fruit on a closed counter he takes an apple and puts money in a charity box. " This is the lunch room" he held the bowl in one hand for her smiling " would you like some ? I can pay for it for you!" He smiled

A few minutes later he put the bowl down and started make shapes with his hands which if she could understand was sign language for " are you deaf? he looked at her awaiting answer