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Author Topic: Ashlieonsata's Search for Fandom Related Rp's (FxM or FxF)  (Read 1257 times)

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Ashlieonsata's Search for Fandom Related Rp's (FxM or FxF)
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:20:54 pm »
►º° A Welcome and Greetings  °º◄

◣Author Information◢
◄ Gender: Female
◄ Age: 30
◄Location: U.S Central Time Zone
◄Job: Full-Time Assistant Store Manager
◄Looking for Long term games
◄Seeking Forum based role play games
◄Freeform style
◄Average postings are now varied as I am looking to expand my talents.
◄I tend to mirror my partners writing as best as I can or go beyond depending on level of interest
◄Semi-proficient in spelling but my grammar lacks. I try to make up for it but it just means that I am not a grammar nazi.
◄Looking for someone who posts once or more during the the week.
◄Seeking someone who is understanding of a busy schedule because I have work which calls my attention and a life outside my job with friends 'n family. Also having been hit with lack of a muse hurts too.
◄ Let me know if you get bored with the role play! Talk to me xD I do not bite often haha just kidding, or am I?
◄Can play multiple Npc type characters to make the world thrive in the game.
◄Always seeking M/F or F// types
◄ To ask if I am interested about role playing with you please post down below or send a DM much thanks.

◁ Role Play Characters Overview ▷

⊳Typically play only female characters opposite male characters, this doesn't mean I'm not willing to try F// based games just haven't had good experiences with them yet but willing to try!
⊳Female characters I play are only submissive -there will be tendencies to change this depending on the role play
⊳Personalities vary based on role play scenarios/games
⊳Characters I play will only ever be 18+
⊳I don't usually use pics and if I do they will be character based while I provide in depth description in the game of the character because I feel pictures don't cover everything I wanna have in game itself

My on's and Off's Page
My main search thread for non-fandom based rp's
Apologies and Absences

▻Story Ideas ◅

【The End Begins】
The End Begins
A Marvel Based RP:

After the aftermath of Thanos has befallen most of the world, what happens now that the crew has finally split up and lost some key players? The fact remains that the earth is still in dyer need for its mighty heroes should anything else befall the world again. This time a new set of heroes appear from the cannon who might not even be imagined to fill some pretty big shoes.

This is the basic concept behind the plot, we each pick one cannon or non-canon oc to play out this scenario with a bunch of different villians/heroes involved depending on the character being a true hero or anti-hero.

Themes: MxF, FxF (Options), Sexual tension, Action, Fighting Sequences, OC's Allowed.

【The Missing Link】
The Missing Link
A Swat Kat's Based Rp:

Chance "T-bone" Furlong would have taken his relationship with a specific feline lady to another level leaving  Jake "Razor" Clawson distraught that his pal wasn't spending near as much time with him as he would like. Most of the time he would spend tinkering around the junk yard on new devices for the Turbokat. However, one night he receives a distress call on a old band almost Morse code.

Thinking little bout it he dresses in his uniform without T-bone at his side, using the cyclotron as a ride to the spot in the outskirts of Mega Cat City. He would have his detection device handy watching it and gazing around. When he finds a well and inside a unique egyptian-like  female cat inside. Taking on of his repelling gauntlets shoots down a line but when she comes up he recognizes her and doesn't know why.

Chance having been trying to communicate with Jake shows up at the garage aggravated when he sees the new female who has never seen anything like she's viewing, he gets a bad feeling. Despite this the almost brothers fight it out with words. Before finally, Jake is left alone again.

Suddenly, without warning the PastMaster begins to make appearances all over Mega Cat City claiming that someone has jumped from time and he alone can put it right. Jake then begins to realize that this new woman is from a time long ago, but connected to him though.

Themes: Sexual Tension, Action, Fighting Sequences

【Dark Flight】
Dark Flight
A Gargoyles Inspired Rp:

The night in New York is growing much colder as winter is starting to set upon the city, the night life of the Clan has changed. Xanatos and Fox have their own family now and have created a play in which Goliath's team can rest and create their lives a new. Lexington being named God-Goyle to the new baby meant that the techonological genius took over. Broadway and Angela's relationship was a large part of a new beginnings. With Eliza and Goliath spending more time with one another, one Gargoyle was feeling the weight of being the new clan leader.

Brooklyn decided that intermingling at night with humans wasn't necessarily a bad thing. However, the one night he decided to go out for a flight he got hit with a massive migraine of sorts. Taking a dive that he wasn't expecting and nose bleeding. A past or future memory came to surface of a female creature screaming in intense pain. Once landing he noticed that he was on top of a coliseum of the dead in a graveyard. Swallowing he would have adjusted himself ready to fly again but realizing the vision was so real he could smell her blood as well as his own.

This vision went on even in his sleep atop the castle tower. He couldn't shake the feeling. Not sure who to talk with he turned to a friend or enemy of sorts, Damona. She listened to him and then realized something. This description of a woman she had heard before but told the male he would need her help to rescue the woman. Despite the fact that both had bitter rivalry and reason to hate one another he took her with him leading and not allowing for any backstabbing.

Finally finding a hidden vault that once belonged Anton Servarius, Damona went first setting off a series of traps to keep him from being hurt. Both could hear someone crying and the smell of blood could be heard. Entering the room Brooklyn caught sight of the most beautiful female Gargoyle he had seen. She was bleeding and chained up like a animal. Damona was wery and stopped him. Reminding him that he didn't know what she had been before becoming this. He went wide eyed when he saw the vials this gargoyle had been a normal woman once and his heart broke.

Themes: Sexual Tension, Action, Fight Sequences

【The Lonely Elven King】
The Lonely Elven King
A Lord of the Rings Styled RP: A elven king under the mountain, hidden and lonely would be seeking the one to grip his heart and give it life again. There had been wars and now the world of middle-earth was safe once again. Or was it? Rumor had it a new evil was starting to make a slow spread across the land. There was not much that could help slow it down but a meeting of elf and man again.

Most of the original company had faded and new lords had taken their place in this age. This king a noble warrior of renowned skill unmatched was about to head out from under his mount to meet the evil head on thinking he was utterly alone. That man had brought their treaties ill once summoned to find he wasn't alone once he found the location of the evil.

Yet what he found was more than he could have ever imagined. A stunningly dark woman who controlled a force unlike anything the elves or men had seen before..would he be able to tame her?

Themes: Sexual Tension, Action, Fight Sequences

【Between Time and Space】
Between Time and Space
Sailor Moon Inspired Rp:

Time had moved on for both Sailor Moon and the Scouts. The outer scouts being allowed to live vicarious lives reborn among normal people. There would be something shifting among the paths that existed for them. Haruka, Sailor Uranus, would have been more anxious to be the dare devil than ever before. Floating the boundaries between male or female would allow for unique situations and life events to happen. Having several sponsors because of their racing it would seem as though life would be functioning as per normal. Except in one aspect.. the relationship that had once existed between Neptune was no longer.

They had been very close for several hundred years it had seemed for something to trigger this new found love and change within them. They would always meet and be able to remain fast and close friends. Although, they both longed for some symbol for change between this new found life. That was until something had happened.

A new found evil had taken a woman, known for her vocal talents, and manipulated her voice to become enslaving of mankind. This had caused Sailor Moon and her group to become roused to the situation although, Haruka, personally knew and met this woman before. Having some relations was causing a lack of their judgement. Taking actions into their own hands Uranus would go out on their own..

Meeting the enemy face on without anyone to support them. Would the Sailor Scout of the Outer Ring be able to with stand the new enemy and save a potential friend and lover?

Themes: Sexual Tension, Gender Fluidity (Uranus only), Action/Fighting Sequences, Romance

【A Dangerous Dance in the Dark】
A Dangerous Dance in the Dark
Castlevania (netflix) inspired Rp: Alucard the dhamphir son of Dracula Tepes left alone and tortured by venturing people seeking aid in killing vampires, while he only wanted a friend or two. Left with these wounds and brooding a unique woman came upon the castle in the woods. Having only sought out the ruins of the Belmont's own making. One day on a normal hunt for food and water, Alucard being much darker and lonelier than before would have used his sword to stop whoever it was that was watching him. The blade being clung against by another.

"Demon!" The voice hissed out in a unique sound that would have caught his ears. "I'm sorry but Demon? Surely, you must think better than that as an insult..there are demons and I am not one." His reply cool calm and collected but the amber eyes were focused and staring him down quite intently until she recognized him quite surely at that moment. "Alucard! Adrian Tepes!" She exclaimed with almost a scream. His hands up at that point having dropped the items he carried. Those names never seemed to go over well when he heard them. "Yes but you'll rue the day you spoke them!" He hissed realizing that he had been deceived before.

The woman noticed the bands on his arms, "What did they do to you!? Oh my god!" She growled moving out of the woods. Standing before him was a female, who he had met after being cast away and injured by his own father. A woman who was now a werewolf. She was gentle and kind, "Tasha?" He asked curiously almost unable to believe it. Weapon down on the ground now near his hand. "I-it can't be you should be dead!" Running a hand through her long black hair, "Should be..but a hundred years ago I was bit by a werewolf..and so he did your job for you." Pulling at the collar around her neck she removed it showing a nasty bite. "I'm immortal..and willing to help..if you'll let me"

Would he be able to for go his tendencies after months of pain? Would he fall back in love with her? Was he doomed to be alone?

Themes: Sexual Tension, Action, Fighting, Drama, Romance

Optional Pairing List
Darkgreen-Actively Searching
Red-Not Interested
Bold-Character Preference


Ancient Magus Bride
◄Elias x OC
◄Ruth x OC



◄Toshiro Hitsugaya x Oc
◄Toshiro Hitsugaya x Rangiku-Taken
◄Byakuya Kuchiki x Oc
◄Byakuya Kuchiki x Yoruichi
◄Mayuri Kurotsuhi x Oc

Yoruichi x Kisuke
Yoruichi x Soi Fon


Ulquiorra Cifer x Oc
Ulquiorra Cifer x Nel

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez x Oc

Nnoitra Gilga x Oc
Nnoitra Gilga x Nel

Coyote Stark x Oc


My Hero Academia:

Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) x Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)
Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) x Oc Hero
Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head) x Oc Vigilante

Classic Literary/Horror characters: (select from list and we can discuss!)

Dr. Jekyll/Hyde
Dorian Gray
Sherlock Holmes
Dr. Frankenstein
The Phantom of the Opera
The Invisible Man
The Mummy
King Arthur
Robin Hood
Will Scarlet
Long John Silver
Davy Jones
The wolfman

Arrow (Tv Series)

Oliver Queen x Black Canary-Laurel
Oliver Queen x Huntress

Tommy x Black Canary-Laurel
Tommy x Nissa Al Gul
Tommy x Oc

The Mummy:

Imhotep x Anck Su Namun
Imhotep x Oc

Ardeth Bay x Anck Su Namun
Ardeth Bay x Female Mummy Oc

Batman Beyond:

Terry x Oc
Terry x Inque
Terry x Ten

Castlevania (Netflix show):

Dracula x Oc
Alucard x Oc
Trevor x Oc

Camila x Alucard
Camila x Dracula

Hunger Games:

Peeta x Oc
Finnick x Oc

Oc x Oc


Obiwan x Oc

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren x OC
Darth Maul x Oc
Oc x Oc

▪The Mummy ('99)
▪Marvel Universe (dicuss which ones in DM)
▪Star Wars

Tv/Mini Series/Anime:
▪Penny Dreadful
▪Batman Beyond
▪Ergo Proxy
▪Kakuriyo-Bed and Breakfast for Spirits
▪Ancient Magus Bride
▪Elfen Lied
▪Once Upon A Time

▪Harry Potter
▪Vampire Chronicles
▪Lord of the rings
▪Beautiful Creatures
▪The Hunger Games
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Re: Ashlieonsata's Search for Fandom Related Rp's (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2019, 11:51:03 pm »
Updated the page and added new a/a page link

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Re: Ashlieonsata's Search for Fandom Related Rp's (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2020, 11:20:34 pm »
Updated: Added new lord of the rings based story rp idea

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Re: Ashlieonsata's Search for Fandom Related Rp's (FxM, FxF)
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2020, 06:42:09 pm »
Updated: Added a New story Between Space and Time
Sailor Moon Inspired

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Re: Ashlieonsata's Search for Fandom Related Rp's (FxM or FxF)
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2020, 11:22:25 pm »

Added a new story Castlevania inspired
A Dangerous Dance in the Dark