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October 29, 2020, 02:44:05 PM

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Author Topic: Off the Deep End(any one welcome)  (Read 1231 times)

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Off the Deep End(any one welcome)
« on: September 16, 2019, 08:43:55 AM »
True Love is Blind (M/any, sci-fi, culture shock, modern, military)

Can also be reworked into medieval/fantasy with MC being Ragnar, a demon.

I love a nice wierd story, so here it is. An alien, in no way human, crashes in the mountains and is rescued by an earthling. This person could be any race that originates on Earth, so long as they could blend into modern society.

Or not, if they live in the mountains. It's set on earth today, but there may be other inserts, like Stargate.

I have no expectations of post length or frequency, though I will always reply within 48 hours, and one-liners won't happen.

I can do it here, through email, on Discord, or on my forums.

Also, it would not be an extremely action-heavy story.

Name: Ga'dreg
Nickname: Lizard (but don't call him that.)
Race: Torran GMO gladiator/heavy laborer
Sex: male
Age: 22
Appearance: Height: 8'. Length: 10'. Build: skinny. Skin: jet black. Eyes: 45 degree slant, yellow, with cat pupils. "Hair": black dredlocks to back. Tail: 6' + 1' blade, muscular. Extremities: walks on toes. Hands and feet human proportionate for body, but only 3 toes, as one is similar to a raptor's. Every digit has 1" claw, except inside toes, which has 6" claw. Head: Catlike ears, crest that extends into a row of spines to end of tail. Wide mouth with dislocatable jaw, carnivorous teeth. two diagonal slits for nose. Other: 8" spikes on forearms, curved backward, bladed on front for cutting, flat on back for climbing. 1' spikes on shins, similar shape.
Skills: Torran kickboxing/wrestling, sword dance, sidearm marksman, rifle marksman, aerospace pilot, 0-G combat, knife throwing.
Powers: nearly bullet-proof, concussion-resistant, can run up to 60mph for extended periods, doglike smell, catlike hearing, line of nerves on arms can detect micro changes in air density, dreadlocks detect nerve impulses, like electric eels. Full-spectrum vision. Capable of 2-ton lift/carry. His body is thermoconforming, like a naked mole rat. This means it quickly equalizes to any ambient temperature, neutralizing thermal sensors.
In Star Wars universe, has zero midichlorians, rendering him unable to use the force, but also undetectable to force users and immune to force attacks like throw, choke, or lightning.
History: Ga'dreg was built from the individual amino acids to be the ultimate heavy-laborer and gladiator. He served grudgingly, as this resulted in high intelligence, until a pirate captain bought him. At this point, he slaughtered the command crew and took over as captain.
Personality: cunning. Those who don't know him would say he is cold and calculating, but he values life above all else, the mission second.
Quirks: speaks in a sibilant rasp. Favorite Music: Metal in general.
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Re: Looks Can be Deceiving(xeno MxF, with some fandom possible)
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2019, 03:29:19 AM »
Girl Gone Wild (F/any Culture shock, medieval-modern, with modifications)
Simple enough. She's fleeing from the Tornit that raised her. YC is the coast guard swimmer or fishing boat/Ferry crewperson who saves her.

Name: Ayla (Kane)
Race: Caucasian
Sex: female
Age: 16
Appearance: 6'1" tall. Hair length: waist when pulled back.

Skills: tracking, traps, stealth, naturopathology, running, jumping, swimming, dual-wield, knife combat, javelin, bear-speak, minor animal communication.
Powers: If they can be called that. Naturally heightened senses, strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes.
History: She was abandoned in the woods when she was five. A tornit found her and raised her. Their intention was to flay her alive. But when the time came, she held them off. In response, they threw her into Favorite Channel. Upon being hauled from the water, half-drowned, by a Coast Guard swimmer, she nearly killed him in a panic.
Quirks: The only human word she knows is her own name, but she's a fast learner. She views humans as a threat, which, when she sees an attractive enough man or woman, will result in highly conflicting emotions
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Re: Off the Deep End(MxF, FxF, FxM)
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2019, 09:50:55 AM »
A bit about me, because better late than never, right?
I have about 20 years experience in roleplaying and co-op fiction, most of it on forums like this. I've always been better at creating female characters than male, for reasons I cannot fathom. These reasons may be connected with my autism. Yes, this does dramatically effect my writing style, more in the back-and-forth than the storytelling itself.

Despite any appearance otherwise, I am extremely flexible with characters and plots. Although it may not show in my wording, I am happy to change anything that needs changing.

I don't care about the gender behind the curtain. I'm here for illusions, not reality.
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Re: Off the Deep End(MxF, FxF, FxM, FxFu)
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2019, 12:21:34 AM »
Other characters:
Time periods: medieval-modern. Mostly modern
Genres: action, fantasy, scifi, cyberpunk, military, zombie apocalypse, western
Specific Universes: Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, House of Night, original settings

All profiles are extremely flexible, more guidelines than actual rules.

Josefina Valentina Ayala (FxF, modern, DC, and/or Harry Potter)
Miguel Angelo Perez de Ayala (MxF, modern, Marvel, and/or Harry Potter)
Victoria Avery (F/any, vampire/supernatural, original universe, 1600s-modern) Any part of her history can be used for plot.
Thomas Avery (MxF, vampire/supernatural, original universe, 1600s-modern)
Serena Mador (F/any, mermaid, original universe, fantasy, scifi, cyberpunk, and/or action)
Richard Beck/Tremor (MxF, Marvel, action, and/or military)
William McTavish/Turbocharge (MxF, Marvel, action)
Danielle Bressler/Black Sparrow (fxf, fxm, Marvel/DC, action)
Anaronë Undomiel Delryl (F/any, medieval-modern, fantasy)

Patricia Wilika (F/any, modern military, action and/or zombie)
Carina Petrov/Evanescent (F/any, Marvel, action)
Adam Lane (M/any modern, high fantasy)
Zoe Washburn (F/F, F/Fu. Modern, western, House of Night)
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Re: Off the Deep End(MxF, FxF, FxM, FxFu)
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2019, 12:45:01 AM »
The Elementals.
These are the elements themselves, enchanted by mages with life. They each have unique weapons and personalities defined as often as possible by puns. Each also has a unique origin story. They live on into modern times.

Ice: Dwelyn Kald, Norse, NA
Light: Qaumaniq Daystar, Inupiat native, FxF, FxM. Clothes
Darkness: Taaktuq Daystar, Inupiat, MxF (good luck). Clothes
Air: Dolt'ol Skydancer, Athabaskan native, FxF, FxM
Earth: Claudia Underhill, Bedouin, FxF, FxM
Metal: Hosaam Zarrar Asatoh, Arabian, MxF
Rock: Rocco Diamente, modern Andes mountains, MxF
Fire: Pelé Firenze, Hawaii  (the goddess in disguise), FxF
Lightning: Hikaru Kaminari, Japan, M/any
Water: Serena Aquarius, Roman, F/any

More Pictures
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Re: Lonely Boar(any one welcome)
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2019, 08:26:01 PM »
A More Systematic Approach

Dungeons and Dragons
Ruby Rendark, Stonechild, F/any
Mika Okomoto, Tiefling, F/any, also Magical Girl genre

Whitewolf/World of Darkness
Zakiyah, Ananasi, modern, F/Fu, exotic/F, exotic/Fu
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Re: Off the Deep End(any one welcome)
« Reply #6 on: October 02, 2019, 04:59:53 PM »
Added my system characters

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Re: Off the Deep End(any one welcome)
« Reply #7 on: October 03, 2019, 10:06:12 PM »
Updated with character profiles

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Re: Off the Deep End(any one welcome)
« Reply #8 on: October 07, 2019, 09:23:40 PM »
Added plot hook for Anaronë Undomiel Delryl